Cough in an infant without fever andrhinitis (causes and how to treat)

Infant cough is a symptom of many
diseases, including infants. Often cough
accompanied by other reactions of the body: temperature,
weakness, runny nose. In this case, the diagnosis is almost always clear –
colds. Однако кашель у грудничка без
температуры и насморка
 вызывает опасения у всех
parents, so how to understand its cause is more complicated. To correct
help the baby and not create treatment side effects in his
body, you need to know what can be caused by just such

Cough in an infant without fever and насморка

Causes of cough without fever and runny nose in an infant and
ways to fix it

First, a cough can be:

  1. Wet (wet cough)
  2. Dry cough

1. The most common cause of this phenomenon is allergy.
Allergen for babies can be dust, pet saliva,
indoor pollen, any food product. Allergic
the cough is worse when the baby comes in contact with allergens, and
at night, while the baby does not have a cold and temperature. Under suspicion
allergic cough, you must show the child to a specialist.
It is important to limit the interaction of crumbs with allergens.

2. Cough of some children up to one year can be the norm.
Физиологический кашель у грудничка без
температуры помогает очистить дыхательные пути от лишней
mucus. In this case, the baby can cough up to 20 times a day. If he
sleeps well, is not capricious, behaves usually, parents do not need

3. Dry air in the room where the baby is, often
cause his cough. Aggravation occurs during periods of inclusion
heating appliances. Determine the condition of the air will help
special device – hygrometer, the moisture indicator should not be
below 40%. To help the baby in this case, it is necessary
thoroughly clean the apartment in a wet way and use

4. A foreign body that is in the airways
грудничка, способно вызвать cough. Small children can play
choke a small object or part of it. If the child coughed
sharply, with asthma attacks – immediate help is required.
To release the airways, you must put the baby on
knees, tilting his body down, and edge of the palm to knock on
back, and then, opening his mouth to him, take out the object. Even after
as the airways of the baby are released, additional
inspection by a specialist.

Cough prophylaxis

To avoid having an infant any
kind of cough, parents should take measures to prevent it from
the first days of a baby’s life.

  • It is important to wash hands frequently, both for parents and children;
  • contact with infectious patients should not be allowed
  • should abandon flowering plants and pets on
    the period of the first year of the infant’s life;
  • it is necessary to carry out frequent wet cleaning of the room and
    provide fresh air for infants
  • need to harden the baby from the first month of life;
  • Do not allow smoking with infants;
  • It is important for a nursing baby to eat and take in full
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Если вызванный любой reasonsой кашель протекает у
грудничка без температуры и насморка длительное время,
вызывает рвоту, не дает ребенку уснуть, необходима
консультация врача
. In rare cases, such a cough can
talk about a serious infant disease, and self
treating a young child is very dangerous.

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