Cot-transformer: the pros andminuses

Parents usually start preparing for family replenishment.
in advance, buying the necessary things for the first time for the child,
making repairs in the nursery or preparing a cozy place for crumbs in
his bedroom. At a certain point, every mother has a question.
about how to choose a quality and safe crib for your
newborn baby. The range of stores is huge, so
you have to think carefully and read countless reviews,
to find the best option for yourself and your baby.

кроватка дрансформер для новорожденного

If you have a small apartment, because of what it is very important that
the child’s sleeping place was as compact as possible, it is worth considering
option of purchase of a bed transformer. She represents
collapsible design that easily folds into others separately
standing pieces of furniture.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of
crib-transformer? About this we now and you
will tell.

Достоинства cots-трансформера

  1. These models allow you to increase the bed for
    growing up baby. To do this, simply unplug the cradle and
    additional elements from the base, that is, teenage bed.
    Yet not every product has this function, so be
    careful when choosing.
  2. Many transforming beds are completed with diapers.
    tables, shelves, drawers, dressers – all this is not necessary
    purchase separately, which gives a good savings.
  3. Благодаря дополнительному оснащению получится держать под
    hand all that is needed for dressing and swaddling a baby.
  4. Many more beds have built-in pendulums. Due to such
    mechanisms occurs motion sickness during movements of the crumbs. Cradle
    swinging, and the rest of the design remains fixed.


  1. Although the length of the bed can be increased with growing
    child width does not work (it averages 60
    cm). In 4-5 years, the crumbs will already become cramped. Pick up the mattress too
    will not be so easy because of the non-standard size of the bed.
  2. Keep in mind that almost all models have small shelves and a dresser,
    A large number of things add up there will not work.
  3. The construction of the transformer is heavy, therefore, cleaning under
    it is not easy. If the child casually throws something under the crib,
    To get this item will also be difficult.
  4. Many mothers complain that some models are too
    high changing tables, because of what they are inconvenient to use.
    If you are short, you should pay attention to
    this nuance.

Transforming cot – beautiful furniture, which also has
good functionality. If in this model you have noted for yourself
There are more advantages than disadvantages in the store. Remember: this
shopping for baby. Choosing a cot, special attention
should be given to assess the quality and safety of the structure.

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Photos of transforming beds

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