Coronavirus through the sewer

COVID-19 can be distributed through sewers. This option considered by researchers from the Chinese Institute of Virology Академии Наук в Ухане на основании нескольких фактов.coronavirus through the sewerПрофессор Чжан Цивей указывает наone of the earliest symptoms of coronavirus is diarrhea, and the infection can be transmitted as airborne droplets, and fecal-oral. During flushing feces (containing RNA virus) infected become on the surface of the water, and how the consequence is the likelihood of it falling onto any surface, skin and clothes. Therefore, people in a radius are exposed dangers of being infected. Zhang insists on the need disinfection and thorough ventilation of the bathrooms. His opinion shared by American colleagues who examined the stool of a man, returning from Wuhan. Another good reason to Such a conclusion is the case in 2003. Then SARS SARS infected three hundred residents of the house due to malfunctioning water supply systems. The hypothesis of feces as carriers coronavirus, remains to be confirmed, however ignored hygiene is still not worth it. Read the hotNews on our website and stay informed.

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