Coronavirus Protection – Unusual Ways

During a shortage of medical masks from coronavirus, the most ridiculous and absurd objects to protect against infection. Resourceful Chinese even in a global pandemic situation scale do not cease to amaze the whole world with their tricks. Whether is it fear for your life or just an unusual method to stand out – judge you. We bring to your attention a selection of creative Coronavirus protection methods:

Unusual and strange honey coronavirus protection:

  • Plastic helmets from pet bottles — an alternative to foil caps. From direct contact with infected will protect 100%, even there is ventilation in top for air circulation. Possibly inventive the Chinese heard the news that the virus penetrates through the mucous membranes sections of the eyes, so they decided to protect themselves in this way: Plastic bottles as a helmet to protect against coronavirus infection
  • Mask of bra, underwear, pads are the most sophisticated way to protect against coronavirus. Entrepreneurial people got to women’s underwear and facilities intimate hygiene. There are no comments. Underwear for protection against coronavirus
  • Fruit Masks— the perfect way to protect against COVID-19 infection: environmentally friendly a clean mask with the possibility of a snack on the road, if suddenly hungry. The advantages of this type of protection: edible, quenches thirst, refreshing. Citrus fruit masks are very popular. among the inhabitants of China. On the streets of China and other countries is now relevant use masks from pomelo, orange and grapefruit. Fruit masks from coronavirus
  • Coronavirus Package – absolute isolation from the external environment. People in packages prefer protect yourself from SARS-COV-2 infection, so they create own ecosystem. Coronavirus Protection with the Package
  • Training mask from Coronavirus – Looks very elegant and futuristic, but unlikely to protect against COVID-2019 infection. Training masks used to add extra burden to the lungs, restricting access of oxygen. In this way, athletes train endurance. It is not recommended to use them as a means for protection against coronavirus. Do sports masks protect against coronavirus?
  • Unusual mask from coronavirus – scary, weird and funny. In the Middle Age, doctors put on a special hat with an extended beak for protection against the plague. Now, such masks have become relevant to the grudge of the day. Fancy
  • Masked animals from coronavirus – frugal owners of dogs and cats dress their pets in medical masks and muzzles to protect against infection. On the Internet, it has become relevant to photograph animals in such images, after the picture of a cat in a medical mask on the streets China. Coronavirus masked animals

All of these methods are absurd. We do not recommend apply such protective measures against coronavirus. Wear the right ones medical masks and respirators from COVID-19, use antiseptics and alcohol solutions for hand disinfection, observe preventive measures indicated by Rospotrebnadzor.

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