Coronavirus protection found

Recently, American epidemiologists have found that the soviet TB vaccine helps resist the spread of coronavirus in countries where it applied. A former member of the commission agreed with this hypothesis. on biological and chemical weapons Igor Никулин.BCGВакцинация БЦЖ обеспечиваетbroad protection against respiratory infections, therefore, in countries where vaccination data spread, low infection rates noted coronavirus. Many states use this method. vaccinations since ancient times, and some have already stopped doing BCG vaccinations. There are countries such as the Netherlands, USA, Italy, Belgium, where they have never been vaccinated against tuberculosis. According to statistics, it is in these countries that there is a high level coronavirus infection.
According to a study by scientists, the Covid-19 pandemic is the most those countries where the ubiquitous vaccination with this compound. The combination of reducing the incidence and mortality makes BCG vaccine a potential new tool in the fight against coronavirus.

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