Coronavirus Prevention

Coronavirus prevention measures are being taken worldwide to contain the spread of infection 2019-ncov. Passing airborne, the coronavirus epidemic quickly turned into pandemic. According to statistics, today the number of cases coronavirus in the world is more than 534 thousand people, mortality increased to 24 thousand. World Health Organization (WHO) called for preventive measures and published recommendations on how not to get coronavirus. In turn, Rospotrebnadzor developed prevention rules for a new coronavirus infection.

Rules for the prevention of coronavirus infectionPrevention coronavirus in humans

On the official website Stopkoronavirus.rf, created for informing the population of Russia on the issues of coronavirus, are given 7 steps to prevent coronavirus infection.

  1. Do not attend public places – shops and any retail outlets with a large congestion people, sports and cultural events, do not use By public transport during rush hour.
  2. Do not touch your face – avoid touching the mouth, nose and eyes with your hands, refrain from any contact with unwashed hands.
  3. Keep distance – don’t be close to people with acute respiratory symptoms diseases that sneeze or cough.
  4. Wash hands – often needed wash hands with soap under warm running water for 20 seconds, use antiseptics for the treatment of hands.
  5. Disinfect – Wipe surfaces, gadgets and office equipment with alcohol-containing agents, ventilate the room.
  6. Limit contacting – refrain from shaking hands, kisses and hugs when meeting a friend or loved one.
  7. Follow the rules of personal hygiene – use only individual items when washing and bathing.

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