Coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus pandemicMarch 11 World Health Organization formally A coronavirus epidemic has been declared a pandemic. On the early spread of the covid-19 virus experts predicted an increase in the number of infected and warned of the possibility transition of the coronavirus epidemic into a pandemic. We will understand what is dangerous coronavirus pandemic and how to deal with it.

What is a coronavirus pandemic?

A pandemic is a booming epidemic accompanied by the rapid spread of infection by the territory of one country with a further transition to neighboring states right up to the expansion of the world scale. The coronavirus epidemic escalated into a pandemic due to with an increase in the number of countries where infection2019-nCoV. To date, the covid-19 virus recorded in 114 countries. Coronavirus infected people exceeded 126,000 people.
Declaring coronavirus a pandemic means complexity surveillance of the spread of the virus and transmission paths in the general stream infecting people with 2019-nCoV infection. WHO attributes this to the fact that in In the coming days, an increase in coronavirus infections is expected. and its lethal outcome, as well as geographical expansion manifestations of the covid-19 virus.

What to do with a coronavirus pandemic?

WHO formally announcing the coronavirus specific pandemic recommendations on combating the virus is not reported, citing countries’ own efforts to prevent proliferation. At This was reported by a number of actions to avoid infection with coronavirus:

  • wash hands frequently with soap (at least 20 seconds under running water);
  • refrain from traveling outside the country;
  • Do not touch the nose and mouth with your hands;
  • avoid crowded places;
  • wear a mask in public.

If you feel a deterioration in health or you have symptoms of coronavirus, seek medical attention immediately covid-19 virus test unit.

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