Coronavirus – details about COVID 19 and what you need do not to get infected

How to choose a more reliable mask against the virus COVID 19Unknown the virus in China we considered only another local epidemic, but it erupted to a global scale. Everyone can get infected, Covid-19 applies to all countries, regardless of its climate Conditions: Whether it’s cold Russia or the hottest cities of the United Arab Emirates. The virus does not choose favorable conditions for infecting people. The coronavirus hypothesis dies at 45 degrees denied: the maximum survival rate of COVID-2019 is 75 degrees. At this temperature, not only the virus will die, but also itself a person’s life may be at risk.

Common myths about Coronavirus:

  • The virus is not afraid of low and high temperature – it is adaptive to all climates;
  • Disinfection with a chlorine solution is not help – COVID-19 has immunity;
  • NcoV-19 – not a biological weapon – this is the result of a mutation in the RNA chain that happened when two different strains.

This virus is similar to “Influenza” and “SARS” as symptoms and transmission. Covid-19 is intractable and You will not find a cure for it at the nearest pharmacy. Mortality often manifested in the elderly. The disease is leaking as follows: the virus enters the respiratory system of the body, causing a dry cough, while the body temperature rises above 37.7 degrees. In critical situations, complications: sepsis (fever, blurred consciousness), pneumonia and even critical lung damage, which can be fatal outcomes.

How to protect yourself from coronavirus:

  • First of all, observe personal hygiene
  • Use replaceable medical masks in order to limit the spread and infection;
  • Rinse fruit thoroughly, do not to eat food that was at room temperature is very long;
  • Wear rubber if possible gloves in contact with commonly used items in society (ATMs, elevator buttons, payment terminals in stores, public toilets, door handles, railings, etc.)
  • Keeping distance with others people – do not shake hands, do not hug, do not kiss, do not talk at close range;
  • Refrain from intimate communication;
  • Do not attend public places (Cafes, clubs, educational institutions, banks, etc.)
  • Protect yourself and your loved ones from contact with animals and birds;
  • Keep mucous areas clean bodies (eyes, nostrils, oral cavity, genitals, and anal hole)

By following the above measures, you will protect yourself from the COVID pandemic 19.

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