Coronavirus Control Measures

In connection with the spread of coronavirus infection in the territory Of the Russian Federation, the necessary measures are being taken to resolving the situation and supporting the economy in the country. Control measures with coronavirus directed to:

  • prevention of greater spread of the COVID-19 virus;
  • care for people with coronavirus infection and people with suspected 2019-ncov;
  • maintaining the stability of business and the economy.

Coronavirus Control Measures in Russia

According to the official website of the administration of the Russian Federation, developed and approved measures to combat coronavirus in Russia, including crisis plan, quarantine mode, flight restriction, control at the borders, distance learning in educational institutions, high alert, pandemic in the world and ensuring the stable development of the economy. Anti-crisis the plan involves the remote issuance of sick leave to people in quarantine, and the organization of a special payment procedure; remote sale of over-the-counter medicines; organizing a green corridor for food imports and essential goods; continuous availability monitoring essential goods in retail outlets; cash allocation 23 billion rubles to support medicine and pharmaceuticals; remote payment of benefits; prevention gratuitous dismissals; attraction of mobile operators for tracking by geolocation, people in contact with the sick coronavirus Quarantine mode – provided restrictive measures in violation of the quarantine regime and avoidance of liability (lawsuit, forced placement under quarantine, etc.) Flight restriction – termination air traffic by countries of the world because of the coronavirus pandemic and the call for cancellation of trips to foreign countries. Control at the borders – restriction of entry into the Russian Federation of foreigners and stateless persons through land borders and suspension of rail links with some Asian and European countries. Remote training – recommendation for the transition to distance learning schoolchildren and students introducing free admission kindergartens. High alert mode – for prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection in regions of Russia introduced high alert, which implies the abolition of mass events, the transition of educational institutions for distance learning, abstaining from overseas travel, quarantined for 14 days upon arrival from countries with coronavirus outbreaks, prevention employees to work with symptoms of SARS, taking a measurement temperature of people in public transport, clinics and at jobs. The world coronavirus pandemic – Rospotrebnadzor conducts regular preventive and prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus from the moment it appears coronavirus infection in Wuhan (China). Stable economic development – the provision of tax deferrals in the field of air travel and tourism, expanding soft loans and increase in subsidies for small and medium-sized businesses; supporting large enterprises affected by the situation with coronavirus, providing financial support to regions to combat spread of infection 2019-ncov. Full details on accepted Coronavirus control measures in Russia can be obtained official website of the government of the Russian Federation on coronavirus infection.

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