Coronavirus and influenza – differences and features viruses

Diagnosing coronavirus in humans causes communication difficulties with similar flu symptoms. COVID-19 virus and influenza are acute infectious diseases, causing respiratory difficulties human organs. Both diseases can lead to death. running forms. To date, the number of cases over 197,000 people became coronavirus – from 41% of them recovered. In turn, seasonal flu every year up to 15% of people worldwide get sick. At risk elderly, young children, pregnant women, people with various chronic diseases, which is also observed with coronavirus infection. With influenza and COVID-19 virus a person exhibits the following similar symptoms:

  • temperature rises;
  • there is pain in the throat and joints;
  • weakness and fatigue occur;
  • tormented by cough and runny nose.

These viral diseases especially affect the upper airways and are transmitted by airborne droplets through coughing and sneezing, as well as through contact through hands, objects and surface. Prevention is compliance respiratory hygiene – frequent hand washing with soap, covering your mouth and nose with elbow or napkin while sneezing.


Differences between coronavirus and influenza

Even with similar symptoms of coronavirus and influenza, there are differences in signs of these diseases. transmission rate virus – with influenza, the infection is transmitted and detected in within 3 days, with coronavirus 5-6 days. The flu spreads and transmitted to others faster than the COVID-19 virus.
Risk group – less frequent coronavirus infection children get sick, when they get the flu mostly representatives of the younger age group.
Mortality – with coronavirus critical and severe there are more cases (15%) than with influenza (5%). Accordingly, the mortality rate due to infection 2019-ncov is 4% of the total number of infected, and with seasonal flu 0.1%.

Symptoms of coronavirus, flu and colds

Similarities and differences in symptoms of coronavirus, flu, and colds

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