Cooking pumpkin puree for babies


  1. Alternatives to pumpkin do not exist yet
  2. Is it worth buying pumpkin puree in a store
  3. General cooking and cooking tips
  4. Can mashed potatoes be harmful
  5. Is it worth adding sugar to pumpkin puree
  6. Conclusion

Once your baby is a little older, you can begin to make variety in his nutrition. This age starts at four to five months.

It is during this period that the child begins to feel a deficiency of elements, which he lacks in his mother’s milk. At this age, the system digestion is ready for additional feeding.

Despite the fact that doctors recommend starting to administer an additional diet from six months, most mothers begin do it a month or two earlier.

The best treat for your child at this age will be pumpkin. Therefore, we consider the advantages of this wonderful dish and learn how to make pumpkin puree for babies.

Alternatives to pumpkin do not exist yet

How to make mashed pumpkin for babiesOf all variety of fruits and vegetables presented on shelves supermarkets and market stalls should focus on tender puree that does not cause any allergic reactions – puree from pumpkins.

Neither potatoes, nor carrots, nor apples, namely a pumpkin rich in vitamins, trace elements, fiber and home-cooked conditions.

Pumpkin perfectly regulates digestion and if allergies are not characteristic of your child, what sometimes happens is to give it can be several times a week. Homemade Pumpkin Puree for babies may like not only the taste, but also bright, sunny color.

Is it worth buying pumpkin puree in a store

The only advantage that relieves mom of the process cooking should not be taken into account. Can products can contain dyes, and information may not be available. No no guarantee that the cooking product has been used fresh, while in the market you can buy a good pumpkin and process it yourself. So let’s say store products, definitely not!

General cooking and cooking tips

How to make mashed pumpkin for babiesConscious mom make sure the baby’s food is safe and tasty. All recipes that cooks offer are simple. If you do not know how to make mashed pumpkin for babies, then There are three classic ways:

  • Bake, an oven is used for this, or, in extreme cases, microwave;
  • Cook in a pan;
  • Steam.

In order for the maximum vitamin to remain in the children’s delicacy, The latter method is recommended. When choosing fruits Avoid large sizes.

Young pumpkin has less fiber and is easier to peel. If the peel is removed poorly, then before making mashed pumpkin baby, the fruit must first be soaked in warm water.

Can mashed potatoes be harmful

Pumpkin puree can rarely cause a child an allergy. Also, pumpkin and its products are contraindicated in humans, who suffer from diabetes and digestive diseases, namely an ulcer and gastritis. Prior to the introduction of complementary foods It will not be superfluous to consult a pediatrician.

Is it worth adding sugar to pumpkin puree

There are conflicting opinions on this issue. Some parents make mashed potatoes with sugar, others without it. If listen to the advice of doctors and specialists in the field of children’s nutrition, then sugar intake for infants should to be minimal.

However, how the baby will grow up, and get used to new ones products, the recipe for mashed potatoes can be improved by adding new Ingredients. The apples should be the first, then the pears.

But with plums you need to be careful. Also categorically not add raw berries to be pre-exposed heat treatment. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with how to properly introduce complementary foods to the baby.

Find out when you can give a cucumber to a baby.

Valuable advice for moms in an article on how to check if mixture of babies.


Remember that even porridge should not be abused, but at first one or two feedings per week will be enough! Important to know how prepare mashed pumpkin for babies.

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