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When mom begins to accustom the baby to ordinary food, it is important to Caution to choose products. Digestive system treats apples well, so fruit purees and compotes like can not be better suited for the first feeding.

Cooked compote from fresh or dried apples for children are a little different from what they usually cook adults. Knowledge of the features of cooking apple compote will avoid unpleasant consequences.

At what age can you give compote

Compote of dried or fresh apples can be given to a baby with 6 months. Extra drinking is required in hot weather, when diarrhea, and also at high temperature.

Also, pediatricians recommend giving berry compotes for babies, if he is on artificial or mixed feeding. He may not want to drink plain water, but the sweet taste of compote obviously he will like it more.

Having learned how to cook stewed fruit from apples, mom will succeed avoid problems with dehydration.

Apple picker

It’s better not to save on apples, because the stomach of a small child may poorly tolerate poor-quality product. Dried fruits have either dark orange or light beige (depending on the method production). They should not be smooth and glossy, but also too shriveled and stale segments do not buy either worth it.

Ideally, apples can be dried in the summer season on their own: cut into slices and send in an open oven to the very low heat for 4-5 hours. Preference should be given. domestic varieties, it is necessary to stock up in the period from August to October Is the main harvest season when the most in apples vitamins.

The second method of drying is in the fresh air. Spread slices on the prepared surface and leave for several days until drying out. It is important to ensure that insects do not crawl along the fruit, but also every 2 days they need to be turned over. Both ways suitable for an apartment, but in the second case there will be a little more vitamins than with heat treatment.

Cooking Compote

Apple compote for babies begins by soaking apples in cold water for half an hour. This will remove dust and possible dirt. Then the steps are as follows:

  • Soaked apples are washed in running water;
  • For 1 glass of dried apple slices take 5 glasses of water;
  • Everything is placed in a pan and brought to a boil (always under cover);
  • After boiling, the burner is turned off and the pan is left in side for an hour, so that the compote is infused.

Babies should not add sugar. If really want to sweeten, then over time you should try the mixture apples with a pear. Sugar is prohibited for children under 12 months of age.

If you cook compote from fresh apples, then everything is done the same way. Only proportions change: for 1 glass finely chopped fruit take 3 cups of water. Give preference sweeter varieties, as fresh apples have less fructose than in dried.


Before you put the compote in the refrigerator, you should store it only there. To extend the shelf life, after cooking it is necessary strain from pieces of fruit. Learn how to make compote from currants for babies.

Useful advice – is it possible for a dogrose broth to infants. cooking fruits still gave away all the vitamins of the liquid. Before using compote is heated a little in the microwave. Store it no more than 36 hours.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that you should accustom to compote gradually, and over time, you can give up to half a liter of such a drink in a day. But only if there is no sugar in it. And the question of the choice of fresh or dried fruit is decided as follows: fresh fruit compote apples for babies are best prepared in season, and from dried ones in winter and in the spring. So the child will receive a maximum of healthy vitamins.

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