Cook a young zucchini for babies


  1. Simple and healthy vegetable
  2. Cooking methods
  3. Conclusion

Dishes and mashed zucchini – a great option for complementary foods for babies. Fresh and young vegetable does not provoke an allergy, quickly prepare and is well absorbed even in infants.

What are the beneficial properties of this affordable vegetable and how many minutes you need to cook zucchini for babies – the answers to these questions you will receive in this material.

Simple and healthy vegetable

The best way to teach babies to regular foods is to introduce complementary foods. Zucchini is the right fit for this responsible role. Zucchini puree cannot replace the baby’s mother’s milk, but it will prepare the digestive system of the peanut for a solid food.

Zucchini consists of 90% structured water (cellular juice), which is well absorbed by the children’s body. Big healthy vitamins combined with low calorie content product, make it a champion in popularity among other vegetables. There is not a single diet that rejects the use of this tender vegetable.

Due to its low fiber content, zucchini are indicated for feeding even infants, as they do not irritate the gastrointestinal tract of the baby.

Cooking methods

In the summer, buy or grow courgettes on courtyard the site is not difficult. In winter you can use frozen vegetable.

Dishes from zucchini are prepared from young fruits, the size of a palm. The fetus should not have damage: cracks, dents or growths. Grade the product does not matter.

Before cooking, the fruits must be washed well, peeled and cut into circles.

Important! Store zucchini need to hold a couple of hours in the cold salted water to remove residual fertilizer.

For the first feeding, you can bake zucchini in the oven, boil in water or steam. Young not overripe fruits quickly prepare and in 7-10 minutes will reach the desired condition.

Then they are ground through a sieve or ground with a blender. Density adjust the dishes yourself by adding vegetable broth.

Advice! It is not recommended to increase the heat treatment time, because you are preparing your child a dish rich in vitamins.

For each meal you need to make a new portion of the dish, so you you can use only part of the vegetable marrow at the same time – the remaining freeze until the next feeding.

When your kid learns a new dish, you can try prepare multicomponent complementary foods. For this in zucchini puree add the apple grated on a fine grater, boiled carrots or potatoes. Be sure to read when You can give bread to the baby.

Useful recommendations – how to introduce meat babies.

Advice to young parents – since how many months a baby can give a banana.


Remember, everything needs a measure! Do not rush to sharply introduce your crumbs with new types of food – do it gradually, controlling baby stool.

Start with small portions of complementary foods – one teaspoon will be enough. Do not feed breast milk or infant formula immediately after vegetable or fruit feeding – these products are incompatible. Now you understand how many minutes to cook zucchini for babies.

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