Contraindications for uterine myoma

Update: October 2018

Special studies conducted in Russia have shown that
several decades ago among women over 35 only
30% developed uterine fibroids. Today this disease
occurs in 80% of women after 30 years. And often most
women uterine fibroids are asymptomatic.

If a woman is voiced by such a diagnosis, for many of them he
like a bolt from the blue. And often the misconception about
this disease condemns the patient to unjustified surgical
interventions and hardships. A woman with such a diagnosis
should know what not to do if there is fibroids and what exist
contraindications for uterine myoma in women.

What is absolutely contraindicated in uterine myoma

Treatment of uterine fibroids with progesterone should not be all

The effectiveness of the use of progesterone and its analogues in
myome is not proven, and many gynecologists are not recommended, except
cases of a combination of fibroids with endometrial hyperplasia. There are 2
opposite opinions: some doctors believe that Duphaston and his
analogs can not be taken with myoma, others – what is possible.

On the one hand, it is claimed that low progesterone levels
are the cause of tumor growth, on the other hand, that during
pregnancy, with high levels of progesterone occurs
intensive growth and fibroids. Therefore it is not clear, you can take
drugs with progesterone with myoma or not. After all, the reason for the development
fibroids lies in a general hormonal imbalance, and the role of progesterone
in this matter remains not fully understood.

Supporters of the rejection of the use of Duphaston with myoma
claim the following – progesterone, in their opinion, is one of
major growth factors of fibroids (there have been studies for over 10 years
back). A simple proof of contraindication Duphaston with myoma
the uterus is what an “anti-progesterone agent” is like
Mifepristone is one of the effective drugs in the treatment of
Myoma is a progesterone receptor blocker, when used
which after 3 months the size of the fibroids is significantly reduced. AND
still continue to use progesterone throughout
treatment of patients with myoma. In fact, progesterone grows fibroids,
and after such treatment, the woman is sent for surgery to remove

Since this question remains controversial today,
to take Duphaston or not, this should be decided by the attending physician in
in each case individually, taking into account the hormonal background
a woman, etc.

It is strictly unacceptable to begin conservative treatment,
if a:

  • There is a suspicion that this sarcomatous degeneration
  • The combination of fibroids with uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer
  • If the fibroid is large (12 weeks or more) and its growth
    is progressing
  • Если миома резко деформирует полость uterus
  • Fast growth (for 3-4 weeks for 6 months)
  • Menorrhagia that cause anemia
  • With submucous myoma – only surgery
  • If there is suspicion of distortion and necrosis of the leg of the subperitoneal node –
    observation or operation, usually immediately operation for

There are also general contraindications to conservative therapy:
history of thrombophlebitis and thromboembolism, varicose veins of the lower
limbs, arterial hypertension, cancer (any) and surgery on
about this in history.

Do not use GnRH agonists before surgery for
myoma nodes removal

Preparations of this group reduce myomatous nodes, and
enter the patient in an artificial menopause. The use of these tools
целесообразно только при маленьких узлах 3-5 см. курсом  3-7
months. But the appointment of GnRH agonists on large nodes is completely
irrational, the most negative consequence of their use before
operation is that myoma nodes after such treatment
decrease and detect them during surgery fails. Further
this is fraught with relapses, as from the smaller nodes in the subsequent
new nodes grow, and the disease is exacerbated. ANDспользование
GnRH agonists are advisable only for small nodes, and
after the removal of large myoma nodes, it will suppress
the remaining rudimentary knots and will help the uterus completely

It’s very dangerous and completely unacceptable for a woman to watch
how myoma increases

Very often, women over the years do not visit the gynecologist, they see how
They grow belly and seek help only when
the disease is in such a stage that no organ-preserving
therapy will not help. Women often avoid resorting to
gynecologists, because initially scared that some doctors
сразу рекомендуют удаление uterus.


Contraindications for uterine myoma

But progress does not stand still, and today there is
alternative methods of combating myoma, for example, embolization
uterine arteries – a unique modern method of treatment of fibroids. it
clogging of blood vessels at which it stops
blood flow in the uterine arteries, leading to the drying of fibroids. Wherein
здоровые ткани uterus никак не страдают, поскольку в матке очень
strong circulatory network which will nourish healthy tissue for
expense of ovarian and other small arteries.

However, this method is not suitable for women who want
get pregnant Given the high prevalence of this disease
всем женщинам следует один раз в год делать УЗAND женских половых
organs and visit a gynecologist. In case of detection of nodes, do not wait
their sprawl, and immediately take action.

Can I do a massage with myoma?

With this disease, you can not allow the heating of the small area
pelvis any manipulations, creams, gels. Massage refers to
a procedure that has a warming effect that stimulates
blood circulation in its area. Massage any
parts of the body is possible, in addition to the waist, thighs, buttocks, lower abdomen. AT
этих областях массаж при миоме uterus категорически недопустим.
Также противопоказано при миоме uterus проведение гинекологического

Можно ли загорать при миоме uterus, посещать баню, солярий?

Heat overheating of the body in the lower abdomen is unacceptable. it
Saunas, saunas and even hot baths may not be included.
safe. And also it concerns sunbathing at
Myome, you can not sunbathe under the sun or in the solarium. Also for this
the reason you can not conduct thermal physiotherapy

What can not be in myoma, which should be avoided?

Женщина с миомой uterus должна знать все о своем заболевании (см.
миома uterus- симптомы, лечение), в том числе и о противопоказаниях
при миоме uterus. How should a woman protect herself with such
a diagnosis that should be avoided.

  • ANDзбегать поднятия более 3 кг., тяжелой физической работы,
  • ANDзбегать гормональных всплесков, которые чаще всего вызываются
    stress, worries.
  • ANDзбегать нежелательной беременности, поскольку аборт
    (consequences) is the cause of the growth of fibroids due to a sharp
    hormonal imbalance, in addition, abortion can
    provoke other gynecological inflammatory
  • ANDзбегать употребления большого количества жидкости на ночь,
    поскольку это провоцирует отек uterus.
  • It is not advisable to independently select such a diagnosis.
    contraceptive methods other than condoms.
  • Be wary of any wellness procedures,
    Before this, you should report your diagnosis to doctors offering
    эти procedures.

Можно ли забеременеть при миоме uterus?

Конечно, женщина с миомой uterus может зачать и выносить ребенка,
There are a lot of such cases, and it all depends on the place.
the location of myoma nodes, their number, on the nature
formations. However, you should be aware that the appearance of fibroids reduces
probability of conception and often combined with infertility (see the reasons
and treatment of infertility).

The main reason for conception is not so much due to
a mechanical obstacle that is created by the tumor, and with
hormonal disorders leading to myoma. Not the last role
also play various inflammatory processes of the female
reproductive system, leading to both myoma and infertility (see
Chlamydia in women: symptoms, treatment; inflammation of the appendages:
symptoms, treatment; obstruction of the fallopian tubes; polyps in the uterus:
treatment, symptoms, etc.)

With a large enough myoma in the case of pregnancy increases
the risk of complications such as miscarriage in the early stages or
preterm delivery in the later stages. Numerous studies
влияния миомы uterus на внутриутробное развитие малыша показывают,
that this benign tumor most often does not interfere with normal
the development of the child and the woman can give birth independently.

But during pregnancy, fibroids may or may not grow.
The opinion of many gynecologists – the growth of fibroids occurs not so much in
by hormonal surges, and how much by improving
кровоснабжения uterus,  поэтому часто при беременности
there is also an increase in fibroids. AT некоторых cases это приводит к
удалению uterus во время кесарево сечения. And also often have to
прибегать к кесарево сечению, в cases наличия даже небольших

Подавляющее большинство женщин с миомой uterus, благополучно
get pregnant and give birth to healthy children. Often during pregnancy
myomas are resolved or removed during cesarean section and
woman after childbirth forgets about its existence.

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