Contraception method – non-hormonalbirth control pills

The choice of contraceptive drugs is huge, but despite
existing hormones of the new generation, many women
prefer to use non-hormonal contraceptives

Хорошие негормональные birth control pills обладают
a lot of positive qualities and widely in demand. Pills
affordable and can easily be found on sale.

Негормональные birth control pills: как они

It is worth noting that non-hormonal contraceptive pills are not
are pills as such or as is commonly believed. They are not
taken orally (i.e., through the mouth) and introduced into
vagina. In the end, it turns out that non-hormonal contraceptive
The tablets are part of a large group of spermicides, to which, in addition to
Tablets include candles, sprays, gels, creams and tampons. Mechanism
action of non-hormonal contraceptive drugs lies in
the active substance, the main component.

The active substance in non-hormonal contraceptive preparations
is usually benzalkonium chloride or nonoxynol (but
perhaps any other). It is listed chemical
compounds adversely affect tadpoles, damage them
membrane, due to which sperm are destroyed, and, accordingly

In addition, non-hormonal contraceptive pills cause
thickening of mucus in the cervical canal, this property practically deprives
possible sperm to get inside the uterus, and in the case of their
penetration of the “place of deployment” they become lethargic, as
lost their energy while overcoming obstacles in the form of
viscous mucus.

Another additional effect of spermicides, in particular
non-hormonal birth control pills, is their ability
to form on the mucous membrane of the vagina a thin film that plays
a protective role, that is, protects the female body from the “occupation”
fungus and some diseases that are transmitted through
intimate contacts.

Non-hormonal contraception (spermicides) is most commonly used.
in combination with other methods (condoms, vaginal
diaphragms, cervical caps), which increases the efficiency of those and
other contraceptives.

How effective are non-hormonal pills?

To evaluate the effectiveness of any method of protection against
unplanned pregnancy, enjoy the Pearl Index. The
the index shows how many women out of 100 could
get pregnant by using some contraceptive
method. The lower the Pearl index, the higher the contraceptive activity

For comparison of efficiency, the Pearl index is taken into account when
unprotected coitus, which is 80-85. The показатель
testifies that the effectiveness of non-hormonal contraceptive
tablets is 3-21. Thus, it becomes clear that
негормональные birth control pills недостаточно надежны и их
use preferably in combination with other barrier

Who is suitable for non-hormonal pills?

In order to decide which non-hormonal contraceptive
tablets should be used, it is necessary to consult with
gynecologist. Of course, women themselves sometimes decide
or another method of protection from unwanted pregnancy, but
Often such a choice can be fatal (for example,
self-administration of combined oral contraceptives with
existing risk factors and / or various pathologies may
end badly). Негормональные birth control pills
shown in the following cases:

  • some gynecological diseases (myoma significant
  • the impossibility of a temporary or absolute introduction of the IUD;
  • rare sex;
  • women who feed their baby with breast milk;
  • endocrine disorders (diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease
    glands and others);
  • in premenopausal age when the menstrual cycle
    becomes irregular, and the ability to conceive is reduced;
  • allergy to latex (condoms) or hormonal
    препараты (см. какие хорошие birth control pills — как

Pros and cons of non-hormonal tablets

To decide which are the best non-hormonal contraceptives
pills should be familiar with their positive and negative
by the parties. Even the same drug, but presented in different
dosage forms may manifest themselves in different ways (for example, itching
when using cream “Farmateks”, but its complete disappearance at
the transition to vaginal tablets “Pharmatex”).

Advantages of non-hormonal contraceptive pills
  • have no contraindications;
  • possibility of use at any age;
  • addition to the lactational amenorrhea method;
  • additional lubrication (lubricant replacement);
  • do not have a negative effect on the body unlike
    contraceptive pills after the act (Postinor, Eskapel – side
  • no need to take daily hormonal
  • reduce the risk of infection with sexually transmitted infections;
  • significantly reduce risk of unwanted pregnancy in the case of
    damage to the condom (you must use the pill immediately
  • almost no side effects;
  • decreases the risk of cervical disease.
Disadvantages of contraceptive non-hormonal pills
  • planning intercourse literally by the minute (apply
    directly in front of the coitus);
  • It is forbidden to take a bath or shower for some
    time (the time period is specified in the instructions for each
  • the likelihood of side effects (itching, irritation
    skin, etc.);
  • undesirable to use with regular sex life
    (Possible violation of the normal vaginal microbiocenosis and development

Противопоказаний негормональные birth control pills почти
do not have, except for allergies to the components of the drug.

Негормональные birth control pills нового поколения

Benzalkonium chloride 

The drug is represented by several dosage forms: in the form of
vaginal tablets (12 pieces the price is 250 rub), candles (10 pieces the price
300-380 rub), cream (350 rub) and vaginal tampons (2 pieces).

Suppresses the activity of Trichomonas vaginalis, herpes virus 2
type, Staphylococcus aureus, gonococcus and chlamydia. Activity
drug persists for three hours (pills) and four
hours (candles). The drug substance becomes active after 10
minutes, you must comply with the stipulated time before intercourse.

Лучшие негормональные birth control pills

Gynecotex 12 шт 100 руб. Erotex  5 шт. 110 rub. Benatex
10 pieces. 250-300 rubles Gynecotex выпускается в виде влагалищных
tablets, having the form of a ring. The package contains 12 pieces.

Gynecotex активен в отношении стрептококков, стафилококков,
herpes virus, Proteus, E. coli, Klebsiella, gonokokkov,
mushrooms and Trichomonas.

Does not affect lactic acid bacteria. Vaginal tablet
should be entered on the front wall of the vagina no later than 5 minutes before
sexual contact. Contraceptive action lasts 4 hours.


Benatex 10 pieces. цена 250-300 rubles

The drug is represented by vaginal tablets. Renders
antimicrobial action against gonococci, streptococci,
staphylococcus, chlamydia, trichomonads, fungi.

The pill is injected deep, reaching to reach the cervix.
ten minutes before coitus. Activity препарата
persists for 3 hours.

Benatex - нового поколения

Erotex 5 шт. цена 110 rub.

In addition to the contraceptive effect has an antimicrobial
act. Candles are inserted into the vagina 10 minutes before intercourse,
activity means 3 hours.


The drug is released in the dosage form – vaginal
suppositories (pack of 10 pieces). Active against gonococci,
Klebsiella, Proteus, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Escherichia coli,
mushrooms and Trichomonas.

Contraceptive action occurs 10 minutes after administration.
and persists for 4 hours.



Патентекс Овал и Nonoxenol

Патентекс Овал 10 pieces. 220-250 руб., Nonoxenol 6 шт. price 200
rub., 12 pieces 300 rub.

The drug is presented in the form of suppositories, which are introduced into
vagina. It has a fairly high contraceptive activity,
индекс Перля соответствует  0,3 – 1,6.

Patenteks Oval prevents infection with certain diseases,
sexually transmitted. The candle must be inserted into the vagina
later than 10 minutes to coitus.

Патентекс ОвалNonoxenol
 Potassium Hydroarthritis 

Traceptin is produced in the form of tablets, which are introduced into
vagina, in one blister contains 50 pieces. Traceptin, как и
the above non-hormonal tablets, has
противозачаточное и антимикробное act. Pill follows
put in the vagina 10 minutes before coitus. Using
side effects are possible: itching and burning.

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