Contact lenses are not so harmless – they arecause dysbacteriosis of the eye, contributing to eye infections

Update: February 2019

Continuous use of contact lenses contributes to change
natural microflora of the eye – this is the conclusion reached by scientists from
Langon Medical Center (New York). It is for the reason
microbial imbalance patients with contact vision correction are more
prone to eye infections.


Microbiologists from the United States from 20 people took a smear from the conjunctiva and
conducted bacteriological research. Among these volunteers
there were 9 people who wore contact lenses constantly.

Comparing the results of analyzes, microbiologists concluded that
in subjects using lenses, the composition of the microflora of the eyes was
identical to the composition of the microflora of the eyelid skin and some types of bacteria by
the number was 3 times higher than normal. Most users
lenses were seeded Pseudomonas bacterium, which can lead to
corneal ulcer.

If any foreign object gets into the person’s eyes,
the body perceives it as alien and it cannot pass
without a trace Given that lenses have to be worn regularly, even
they are not harmless. American microbiologists are now trying to figure out the exact
reasons for changes in microflora in carriers of lenses. Supposed to
Consider 2 main hypotheses:

  • the first theory is the pressure of the lens on the eyeball with prolonged
    reduces local immunity
  • second theory – frequent touch of fingers to the surface

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