Constipation in newborns with artificialfeeding

Often young mothers whose children are on artificial
feeding, сталкиваются с неприятной проблемой – запорами у
babies. First of all, mommies should not panic, because
запоры при искусственном feeding – довольно распространённое
phenomenon. It is better to pay attention to the reasons due to which
there is constipation, and methods that will help eliminate or avoid
this trouble.

запор у младенца на ИAT

Causes of constipation in a newborn

Pediatricians publicly declare that constipation occurs more often in
детей, которые находятся на искусственном feeding. The main
The reason for this is an unnatural milk mixture with a high content.
fatty acids and artificial additives. Not yet adapted to
digesting such a difficult food baby digestive tract
begins to “resent.” The digestion process is delayed, and
the small intestine is unable to empty it in time. Exactly
bottle feeding is the main reason

Experts identify a number of reasons affecting the violation.
digestion process and timely bowel movement:

  1. A sharp transition to a new type of food (in this case –
    artificial feeding);
  2. Low fluid intake, its lack;
  3. The use of different feed mixtures and their frequent
  4. Dysbacteriosis (See article about dysbacteriosis).

How to recognize constipation in a child?

Ознакомиться: Стул ребенка на ИAT 

To determine whether there is a difficulty act
defecation, parents need to monitor the amount of emptying
your child. So, if:

  • There is no defecation for 2-4 days (See how many times
    like a baby in 1 month);
  • When you try to empty the newborn reddens, strains,
    puffing, crying;
  • Baby’s tummy is too tight and swollen –

then you are more likely to say that

In most cases, moms do not rush to seek advice from
to specialists, but they start “home treatment”: they give the child more
some water, use baby soap to irritate the rectum,
doing a tummy massage. Often such actions end.
by success. However, if the difficulty in defecating a baby
There are quite often, it makes sense to turn to a pediatrician. Doctor
will give advice on how to eliminate this problem, and
If necessary, prescribe the appropriate treatment.

(Clickable. The picture leads to an article about the symptoms and treatment
constipation in newborns)

лечение запора у грудных детей

How to eliminate constipation in a newborn?

Before you start fighting constipation, you need to visit
a pediatrician who correctly identifies the reasons for the delay
defecation and prescribe appropriate treatment. The pediatrician will also give
valuable advice on catering and activities that
need to take to eliminate constipation.

  • Observe the correct diet.

The baby should receive formula at a certain time and in
equal quantities. No need to force the kid to drink everything
the contents of the bottle, if he does not want. With artificial
feeding важно рационально организовать режим кормления.
It is desirable that the newborn receive food every 3
hours See the article how much a newborn should eat.

Modern experts agree that in breast
feeding правильнее всё же кормить младенца по требованию. AT
in the case of “artificialities” this does not quite fit. Do not forget,
that artificial milk formula is digested longer and harder
digested by children’s intestines. And frequent feedings can
спровоцировать появление constipation. Therefore, watch the frequency
feed and stick to recommended amounts.

  • Often spread the newborn on the tummy
    (recommended from 2 weeks).

This contributes to the discharge of gases and reduces the likelihood
occurrence of problems with defecation.

  • Делать массаж живота.

The technique of such a massage should be owned by every mother. Nothing
tricky and difficult in this. It is necessary in circular motions
clockwise to stroke the baby’s tummy (intestinal area, not
affecting the liver area). See article tummy massage

ATидео: топ 6 массажных движений при запорах
у новорожденных

  • Давать младенцу побольше жидкости (воду,
    Dill water).

ATходящие в состав молочных смесей компоненты очень часто
cause children thirst. AT связи с этим необходимо своевременно
to satisfy the need of an “artificial artist” for a liquid. Doing so
preferably in between main feedings.

  • AT случае дисбактериоза – принимать препараты,
    нормализующие микрофлору кишечника

If a district pediatrician identifies constipation as a cause
dysbacteriosis, then be sure to prescribe a course of drugs that improve
intestinal microflora. Such drugs need
take strictly on doctor’s prescription and in strict accordance with
indicated by the dosage!

If all the proposed methods did not help to cope with problems
bowel movements, the pediatrician can prescribe laxatives.
The most common is Duphalac and its analogues. Good
Rectal glycerin suppositories are also transmitted by newborns. These
drugs can only be taken after consulting a doctor.

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