Constipation in an infant – what to do?

Update: December 2018 Practically in the first year of a child’s life
every 5 or 4 children suffer from constipation
parents and doctors. When there is stagnation of feces in straight
gut, difficult for them to exit, the child groans and strains, and
emptying does not occur – parents survive and sometimes do not know
with constipation in infants what to do? In this article we will talk about
possible causes of constipation in infants, on ways to solve
problems of difficulty, delayed, systematically insufficient
the act of defecation in babies.

The most frequent, easily eliminated causes of constipation in babies
are – lack of water entering the body of the baby,
lack of milk from the mother, abrupt change of nutrition of the child (transition from
breast feeding, maternal nutritional changes,
complementary feeding) and more serious, such as allergic
reactions, developmental defects or malfunction of the digestive organs
and other diseases.

What is considered constipation in a newborn, child under 1 year?

In order to determine if a child has constipation or just
individual feature, there are criteria by which you can
to classify changes in the baby’s stool:

  • Stool frequency – stool delay for 1-2 days can be considered
    constipated, if it is systematic and the child shows anxiety,
    naughty, crying, straining, grunting during bowel movements
  • The consistency of the chair – from the table below, only
    Type 1 and 2 should be considered as constipation (the rest with 3-6 options
    norms). If fecal masses are lumps (sheep feces), excessively dense
    and hard, lumpy feces even in the form of sausages – this also follows
    interpret as constipation.
  • If a child is worried during a bowel movement,
    groans, is experiencing obvious difficulties with the act of defecation – it is not
    always a sign of constipation.

Запор у груднчка что делать

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To determine constipation in infants, should be considered
a combination of several factors. If a child has 1-2 type
consistency of feces, he poops with a delay of 1-2 days, while crying
and grunting is constipation.

If the baby is emptied every day, but 1 time, the consistency
feces in the normal range, but the child grunts, strains, it is not yet
means that he needs to put an enema, glycerin candles, fight
with constipation in other unnatural ways.

During the act of defecation, most babies groan heavily,
straining, twisting legs, showing other signs of difficulty in
pushing feces out is normal for children of the first year
of life. In infants, intestinal functions are only formed, and
the babies are still unable to properly control the bowels, therefore
Strenuous attempts at defecation may be a variant of the norm. If
baby’s normal appetite, he looks healthy, rarely
defecates, but the consistency of feces is normal and behaves
restlessly only during the act of defecation – not worth much

In all other cases, with anxiety during stool and
rare emptying should first exclude provocative factors
such as taking any medication, allergic
reactions, changing the diet of a nursing mother or feeding for
children who may contribute to constipation
baby What to do if you have problems with daily
emptying the baby? Parents should definitely contact
the doctor for the diagnosis of dysbiosis, allergies or other disorders
digestion, to exclude more serious pathologies.

Possible causes of constipation in infants

Children with episodic cases of constipation not caused by any
diseases, always look healthy, develop correctly,
good weight gain and a change in intestinal function
may be due to reasons that are fairly easy

  • If the child rarely poops, perhaps he is lacking.
    fluid, especially true for infants who are
    artificial feeding. To change the situation necessarily
    should water the baby with water. Famous doctor-pediatrician Komarovsky
    constipation in infants strongly recommends giving children water, even
    when breastfeeding, given the dry air in heated
    rooms and heat in the summer.
  • Malnutrition nursing mothers, which is
    abuse of flour bakery products, rice,
    rich thick broth, refined products, meat
    semi-finished products and other products that cause constipation and
    adults and children. And also use for feeding dairy
    blends with iron.
  • Taking some medicines with a mother or child is
    antibiotics, antispasmodics, NSAIDs, anticonvulsants,
    iron preparations, muscle relaxants, antidepressants, bismuth preparations
    and so forth
  • Lack of milk in the mother can also cause stagnant
    явления у baby
  • Introduction of complementary foods usually normalizes bowel function, but such
    happens not always, sometimes new products, on the contrary, can
    promote the development of constipation. Should analyze each again
    introduced product, baby reaction (see how to properly enter
    lure the baby).

In rare cases when the baby’s stool remains soft, but
the child is lethargic, apathetic, lags behind in development, each time he experiences
difficulties with defecation, while there are other
signs of disease, one of the symptoms of which may be constipation
in infants or newborns:

  • Hereditary predisposition, congenital diseases
    (tumors, megacolon), intestinal developmental defects (diverticula
    bowel, colon doubling, anal atresia),
    diabetes mellitus, adrenal insufficiency, disease
  • Disorders of the digestive system – the pancreas
    (enzyme deficiency), biliary dyskinesia, kinking
    gallbladder, liver disease.
  • Rickets in infants (treatment), myasthenia gravis, diseases of the nervous
    spinal cord system
  • Lactose deficiency, food allergic reactions – with
    this constipation can alternate with diarrhea and copious
    spitting up.
  • Hyperparathyroidism, hypokalemia, hypothyroidism, hypercalcemia
  • Dolichocolon, dolichosigma

The tactics of the infant with constipation

  • Pediatrician examination
  • Frequent breastfeeding with breastfeeding
  • Arthropod to solder in the amount of one feeding, broken
    per day (between feedings)
  • A child over half a year to give apples and vegetables (see how to introduce
    to feed the child)
  • After the year, the child must be fed with soup (see nutrition
    child after year to 1.5 years)

How to treat constipation in an infant?

For starters, you should eliminate the most obvious and easily fixed.
Possible reasons are to adjust the mother’s diet
drinking mode, it is possible to use a humidifier in
heated period, replace the milk formula with another one or change it
nature of complementary foods. If this does not lead to a result,
conduct a thorough diagnosis by an endocrinologist, a gastroenterologist,
neurologist, exclude serious pathology and disease. If a
there are any violations, you should consider all
recommendations of doctors and treatment of the underlying disease,

Do not rush to use enemas, especially laxatives.
funds (except Lactulose can not use any laxatives
remedies for infants), they weaken the natural reflex
bowel movements, reduce the absorption of nutrients,
lead to loss of potassium, trace elements, vitamins, protein, and
reduce intestinal muscle tone. Before treating constipation in breast
child, you must first try to help the child with others
harmless, natural ways, you must give the child time
for self-training:

  • Spread the baby on the tummy more often. Запор у новорожденного ребенка
  • Abdomen massage – very good to do a tummy massage with
    the subsequent coup of the child on the stomach. To do this, do
    круговые движения по часовой стрелке или гимнастику —  ножки
    press to the stomach or make a movement bike. Sometimes helps
    just putting a warm diaper over your tummy or when mom
    put the baby on his stomach. Warm body or diaper relaxing
    act on the baby, calm the nervous system and stimulate
    intestinal peristalsis.
  • You can also press down while the child is straining
    legs to the stomach. If a при упражнениях выделилось немного
    bowel movements, continue charging or massage, wait, let the baby
    deal with the problem yourself.
  • After 6-8 months, the problem of constipation can be solved with
    adding prikorma in the form of mashed prunes, apricot,
    apple, peach puree, as well as freshly squeezed (but strongly
    diluted) juice from this fruit, compote or decoction of
    dried fruit. Begin with 1-2 tsp of a spoon, according to the result
    determine the optimal dose.

If a вы любите своего малыша, уделите ему немного больше
time, do not buy your child store juices and mashed potatoes,
make it yourself, your baby doesn’t need much at all.
Many independent examinations have long exposed manufacturers
claiming to be healthy drinks and mashed potatoes. No use in
there are no such juices, moreover, very often they are the strongest
allergens for kids, especially the Agush juice series. Better to take
fresh apple, pear, plum, peach, and carrot yourself
squeeze the juice out of them (then dilute with water) or puree,
using a blender or micromelnichku.

Intestinal dysbiosis

Some experts believe that dysbiosis is contrived
diagnosis for more profitable commercial implementation of medicinal
drugs for its treatment or maintenance laboratories
determination of intestinal dysbiosis.

But, very often against the background of the intake of some eubiotics,
prebiotics, probiotics in children, normal stools and symptoms
dysbiosis, constipation and diarrhea in infants leave. So if the problem
constipation gastroenterologist sees in violation of intestinal microflora,
the use of such tools is advisable (see the entire list
probiotics, analogs Linex).

Drugs and other emergency remedies
constipation in children of the first year of life

The fight against constipation in babies should be aimed at elimination
the reasons for its occurrence, and not to enter the system of mechanical assistance,
some struggle with a symptom, manifestation of any disease or
indigestion. The delay of the chair more than a day, with
anxiety, crying baby, should be a reason to call
district doctor. With constipation in infants, what should parents do,
How to help your baby to facilitate emptying? Before the examination
and establishing the cause of constipation, as an emergency
The following methods to promote emptying are allowed:

Anal irritation

This can be done by simply stroking the skin.
around the anus. You can also do this tip
gas tube, pre-lubricated with petroleum jelly. One more
The method of such mechanical stimulation is the following
manipulation – gently insert a cotton swab into the anus,
greased with glycerin, and slightly twist it. Among the methods
used by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers when there wasn’t
No other means and methods are a neat introduction.
тоненького кусочка мыла в анус baby However, the last
research and observation of doctors argue that it is impossible
use neither soap nor soapy solutions for microclysters, nor
salt (hypertensive) microclysters for children, especially for

Glycerin candles or Microlax

Although of all candles for constipation, glycerin candles are considered
Safest and featured for young children, most
педиатров не рекомендуют их использовать для infants Their
use is justified only in emergency cases when others
funds do not give effect, and only after consulting a doctor.
Candles with glycerin or Glycelax can cause itchiness in a baby,
burning skin, allergic reactions.

It should be remembered that you can not put more than 1 candle per day, if
1 hour after the candle with glycerin no effect, should be called
the doctor. You only need to purchase glycerin candles for children or
use 1/4 of an adult candle, cutting it along. After
A glycerin candle in a baby can have multiple rich

One of the modern laxatives of local action
It is considered Microlax for newborns – this is a ready viscous solution
for introduction as a microclyster. In the instructions for this
drug indicated that it can be used for newborns
children and infants, while introducing the solution should only
half the length, on the tip there is a mark.

Enema and microclysters

This is also considered a non-natural way to stimulate.
emptying to be avoided especially systematic
holding the enema. Before deciding on this method, also
should consult a pediatrician. For enema for constipation
baby uses room temperature water – for
newborns 30 ml. and up to 120 ml. for children up to a year. To
make such an enema, the tip of the pear smeared with cream or
petroleum jelly, put the baby on the barrels and gently inject water into


This popular prebiotic can be recommended by a doctor when
the presence of intestinal dysbiosis or as a prevention of constipation. On
today is the safest remedy
use for constipation in infants. Lactulose (Нормазе 200 руб,
Lactulose Штада, Прелакс 150-200 руб, Порталак сироп 300 руб.,
Гудлак 220 руб,  Ромфалак, Дюфалак 300-400 руб, Lactulose
Poly, Livolyuk-PB) is a mild laxative, to
which does not occur intestinal addiction and it is long
reception has the ability to restore the broken microflora

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