Constipation in an infant (constipation treatment)

Frequent reason for the sleepless nights of young parents
is a violation of the work of the emerging intestinal tract of the child:
colic, flatulence and constipation. From the last according to statistics suffers
every fifth baby. Usually unpleasant disease prone
artificials or mixed-fed babies, but also
infants are at risk. What is the cause of constipation and
infants, how to avoid it, what emergency measures can be
apply and how to ensure your baby comfortable digestion – tasks
of paramount importance. Non-serious attitude of parents to this
problem or use of medications that are not consistent with the pediatrician and
treatment methods are fraught with crumbs with a mass of complications in the senior

The content of the article

  • 1 What can be considered constipation in a baby?
    • 1.1 Signs and symptoms of constipation
  • 2 Causes of constipation
  • 3 Treatment of constipation
    • 3.1 Tummy massage
    • 3.2 Mechanical bowel stimulation
    • 3.3 Glycerin candles
    • 3.4 Enema
    • 3.5 Laxatives
  • 4 Preventive measures
  • 5 VIDEO: what to do with constipation

запор у грудничка

What can be considered constipation in a baby?

Constipation in a child up to a year from a medical point of view.
Difficulties in defecation or absence of emptying are considered.
intestines for the last day.
it понятие достаточно
blurry, as closely related to a specific age of the child:
bottle-fed babies and infants frequency
and the consistency of the chair will vary significantly. For example, for
newborns under the age of one month is emptying
intestines in as many as there were meals. it при
breastfeeding option. For ребенка-искусственника норма – всего
2 – 3 bowel movements per day.

Of great importance is the instability of the bowel of the baby.
Without the help of a specialist it is quite difficult to determine when a baby
suffers from constipation, and when the reduction in stool frequency is only
physiological feature of the development of a small organism. therefore
It is important to control not only the number of “adventures”, but also
consistency, odor, density and color of feces, the behavior of the child before and
during a bowel movement.

Cal baby up to six months has a semi-liquid consistency. is he
yellow, odorless, may contain particles
undigested breast milk in the form of cheesy blotches. Have
Artificial feces more dense, may have a characteristic
peculiar smell.

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Signs and symptoms of constipation

The main thing to pay attention to is common
condition of the child and the consistency of feces. To the symptoms
pointing to constipation include:

  • a child with constipation is naughty, crying;
  • restless behavior of the child during bowel movements: crumb often
    straining, but straining does not lead to any result
    expression of pain on the face, attempts, crying;
  • any attempt to empty the intestines is accompanied by shouts and
    restless movements of the baby;
  • feces for constipation in infants hard: either has the appearance of peas,
    either its first portion is like a “traffic jam”, and it is followed by
    mushy mass;
  • incomplete bowel movement;
  • regular stool delay for 1 – 2 days;
  • restless sleep;
  • refusal to eat;
  • the absence of gases;
  • causeless crying;
  • bloating;
  • tightening the knees to the chest;
  • vomiting.

The manifestation of one or two of these signs does not yet indicate that
that babies have constipation, but if you have several symptoms
be completely confident in the diagnosis and start treatment. First
turn sure to contact your pediatrician, observing the child.
It is necessary to exclude the likelihood of bowel reactions to the received
drugs, new foods, the beginning of complementary foods and other factors
provoking difficulties in the gastrointestinal tract. Be sure to spend
diagnosis of dysbiosis, allergic reactions and other pathologies
digestion. Nursing mothers should urgently introduce products into the diet,
activates the motility of the smooth muscles of the intestine: boiled
prunes, beets, pumpkins. For детей после полугода можно при
no allergies also use these products as
complementary foods.

вид кала при запоре

If the child is calm, do not refuse breast or bottle.
and emptying the intestines does not cause him discomfort, then this is exactly
no constipation Have новорожденных материнское молоко или смесь может
digest so well that they just go to the toilet

If the listed problems are still present, then before
to treat constipation, you need to find out the causes.

Causes of constipation

In the early stages of constipation it is enough
It is easy to fight by simply eliminating the causes of constipation. TO
these include:

  • Lack of fluid

it чрезвычайно актуальная причина запора для младенцев на
artificial feeding, especially in hot summer or winter, when
indoor dry air due to heating devices. Sure to
increase the amount of water consumed by the child. Popular pediatrician
TOомаровский настойчиво рекомендует допаивать даже находящихся на
грудном вскармливании newborns.

  • Irrational feeding of a nursing mother, unsuitable
    to kid адаптированная смесь, недостаток продуктов, stimulating
    работу ЖTOТ (свекла, тыква, курага, инжир, яблоки, персик, абрикос,
    prunes and others)

Choosing a mixture for the child-artillery, you should stop
choice on baby food without iron in the composition. In case of feeding
Mom breast milk should be excluded from the diet of refined
products, tea, coffee, semi-finished products, rich fatty broths,
bakery products, rice, nuts, bananas and other products,
which “fix”. List of products nursing mom.

  • Taking certain medicines as a baby or nursing

Constipation is possible when taking antidepressants, antispasmodics.
antibiotics, bismuth and iron preparations, NSAIDs, anticonvulsants
drugs, muscle relaxants. Acceptance and cancellation of any medications like
mother, так и крохой, обязательно должны быть предварительно
agreed with the pediatrician.

  • Lack of breast milk

Causes the so-called “hungry constipation” in an infant. AT
In this case, all food consumed is absorbed into the walls of the internal
organs and blood, and the intestines simply have nothing to process.

  • ATведение прикорма

Чаще введение прикорма способствует нормализации работы ЖTOТ, но
It is also the cause of difficulties with the chair. Should be carefully
monitor the bowel response to new dishes. Также раннее
введение прикормов может способствовать запорам.

  • Abrupt change of power

This is possible with a sudden loss of milk from the mother, replacing
one adapted mixture to another, or the wrong transition from
one type of feeding to another. Usually constipation disappears after
adaptation to new food.

  • Psychological constipation

it отнюдь не миф, как думают некоторые. The body of a child
being in unusual or uncomfortable conditions (for example,
when the crumb breaks up with mom), responds to stress with just such
in a way. Also, a child may be afraid to recover due to pain,
which at this moment arises. AT этом случае необходимо
try to return the normal pasty consistency stool
baby, keeping to a diet.

There is another cause of psychological constipation.
— ребенок может манипулировать таким образом взрослыми. If a
any signs of constipation in a baby cause his parents to panic and
parents begin to constantly regret, console and fuss around
child, the baby can consciously hold the chair. The only
The treatment in this situation will be a calm attitude towards
the problem.

  • Cold or infectious diseases

Increased body temperature can cause significant
seal the feces and cause constipation.

It is extremely important that constipation itself can relate to
one of the signs of serious diseases and pathologies, therefore
It is important not to engage in self-treatment, but
consult a doctor. To such заболеваниям

  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Анатомические дефекты ЖTOТ.
  • Diabetes.
  • Нарушения в работе ЖTOТ.
  • Rickets.
  • Diseases of the nervous system.
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Dysfunction of the spinal cord.
  • Liver disease.
  • Lactose deficiency.
  • Allergic reaction to protein in cow’s milk.
  • Food allergies.
  • Hypothyroidism.

Diseases that lead to constipation. TO
Fortunately, these diseases are rare. TO ним можно отнести
dolichosigma, Hirshprung disease and lactase deficiency.

  • Долихосигма – это удлинение сигмовидной guts. Emptying
    bowel slows down due to kinks and excess pressure
    sigmoid colon itself and the rectum;
  • Hirschsprung disease occurs due to innervation disorder
    intestine. it приводит к тому, что некоторые участки кишечника не
    work and are in spasm;
  • Lactase deficiency occurs due to the absence or
    small amount of milk sugar splitting enzyme (lactase).
    AT данном случае запоры у малыша будут сменяться поносами.

Only a doctor will be able to detect such constipation in infants, and
what to do in this situation also solves only


Constipation treatment

The first task in treating constipation is to determine its cause.
and eliminate it. To improve the normal functioning of the intestines
newborn are needed:

  1. Medical examination.
  2. When breastfeeding more frequent attachment to
  3. For ребенка на искусственном питании – допаивание специальной
    baby water (not boiled) between meals, while the volume
    liquid should be equal to the volume of one portion.
  4. For младенца старше 6 месяцев – введение в рацион яблок и
  5. For ребенка после года – суп, как обязательное блюдо в
    daily diet.

TO общим рекомендациям при борьбе с запорами также relate:
correction of mother and baby nutrition, increase in the number
consumption of liquid, changing the nature of complementary foods or changing
adapted mixture to the one that contains more

Отдельно следует остановиться на вопросе complementary foods. Independent
experts have long proven that store juices, mashed potatoes and other
�”Jars for children”, regardless of the manufacturer, are made with
adding quite harmful substances and preservatives and are
the strongest allergens for a child. Try to find some
времени для приготовления действительно полезного complementary foods. Of
ordinary carrots or apples will turn out many times more useful and
fortified puree or juice. Saved on the purchase of dangerous
�“Agushi” money can be spent on a convenient blender or
juicer that will facilitate cooking for
complementary foods.

Enemas and laxatives should be used.
only as a last resort.
They wash out of the intestines
useful microflora: potassium, vitamins, protein, microelements;
help reduce intestinal muscle tone, lead to disruption
the reflex of natural bowel cleansing, impede the absorption
beneficial substances. Before using these emergency panics
measures should try softer and harmless ways
which in most cases give a positive result. To such
methods include:

Tummy massage

It aims to relieve spasm, increase intestinal tone and
activating its peristalsis. Performed by soft strokes with
light pressure on the belly of the baby. Movement must be performed by
clockwise. You can additionally put crumbs on the tummy
ironed towel or diaper. Just follow up
so that it is not hot, but warm. It also helps to warm
baths and maternal body heat: just gently press the baby
tummy to your own belly.

Abdominal massage for constipation:

Mechanical bowel stimulation

Performed by irritating the anus. Can
carry out with the help of a cotton swab, richly lubricated by children
cream The wand is shallowly inserted into the anus and gently.
turn several times. Usually happens in a few minutes
bowel movement.

During the procedure there is a risk to scratch the epithelium with a stick.
anus, so you need to act extremely
Carefully, in light movements, do not abuse this method.

For similar purposes, a special vapor valve is provided.
tubule. It is also gently injected into the rectum, which allows
activate the process of defecation.

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Glycerin candles

Can использовать специальные ректальные свечи для
newborns. They quickly soften the feces and help cleanse
intestine. For a newborn, 1/3 of the suppository is sufficient. Him
you need to carefully cut and, smoothing the sharp ends with your finger,
slowly and gently enter into the anus.

If an hour after the introduction of the candle the child never
empty your intestines, you should call a doctor.
suppositories can cause discomfort: burning, itching,
allergic reactions, so glycerin candles also include
to emergency measures.

There is an old and supposedly effective “grandmother” method of treatment.
constipation, in which instead of glycerin candles use a piece
soap. You need to know that this is a very dangerous way: soap contains
alkali and other harmful substances that can cause a direct burn
guts. Even when using baby soap is difficult to guarantee
that it is manufactured without hazardous components.


Enema считается экстренной мерой освобождения от запоров.
Syringe (20 – 30 ml) with cooled boiled water or broth
medicinal chamomile, injected to a depth of no more than 1.5 cm in the anal
baby’s hole and slowly inject all the liquid. Required
fluid temperature is about 37 ° C. It is advisable to dissolve in water
for an enema, a pinch of salt and add a few drops of pharmacy
glycerol. When buying a syringe, stop choosing not to
plastic, and on a rubber or silicone tip, they
less traumatic. Pre-tip syringe need
lubricate abundantly with baby cream or butter. Water too warm
do not use: it is simply absorbed into the intestinal wall, and
the desired result will not be achieved.

Modern analogue of an enema with a milder effect – means
Микролакс, предназначенное специально для newborns. It
It is a micro-enema based on a water-saline solution.
с добавлением glycerol. The effect of microlax comes through
quarter of an hour after application. Must first get acquainted with
instructions for use, and not to enter the tip into the rectum
further drawn line.

These methods may be used as acceptance
emergency measures, especially with regular constipation. Frequent
use of enema disrupts the work and favorable microflora
intestinal tract and causes dysbiosis, which will have to be treated

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to kid


Taking laxatives is only necessary when
nothing else helps.
Грудному to kid до года
most laxatives are contraindicated. An exception –
Duphalac syrup and similar lactulose-based preparations. For
call evacuating duphalac must be given to the crumbs in
volume of 5 ml. If the baby feeds on breast milk, the remedy may
apply and nursing mother.

Шестимесячному to kid можно принимать препарат Форлакс. Him
a big advantage – the duration of use is up to three

Before using any means remember that
medications can prescribe only treating
doctor, and emergency measures are allowed to apply only at extreme
: когда все методы лечения запора оказались

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constipation for children under 1 year

Often, small children have a stomachache. TOак помочь to kid?
What are the best treatments for constipation for an infant? If necessary
use drugs or you can do with folk
by means of? All these questions are answered by the pediatrician “Home
Doctors “with extensive experience Galina Orlova:

Preventive measures

The easiest and most effective treatment is
disease prevention. The health of children under one year old requires
constant monitoring and attention. Do not wait for the first signs of constipation,
Immediately begin preventive measures.

  • A simple but effective way is very useful: before feeding
    put the baby on a tummy for a few minutes, wear after eating
    crumbs for a few minutes in a column;
  • Do regular gymnastics. For этого уложите грудничка
    on the back, gently and gently lift it bent at the knees
    legs and press lightly to the tummy. Repeat several times
    avoiding sudden movements. It is also helpful to do the exercise.
  • Provide the necessary amount of liquid to the baby. Instead of tea and
    juice is better to drink special bottled baby water. Boil
    it is not necessary. With the introduction of complementary foods, juices should be diluted.
  • If the baby is more than 4 months old, juice is excellent for constipation.
    from prunes. Two teaspoons is enough. After
    полугода можно употреблять пюре from prunes. Equally effective
    both fresh fruit and dried fruit. Can добавлять ягоды
    prunes in compotes;
  • Do not wrap your baby. Overheating, along with dehydration, is one of
    the main causes of constipation. It is also true for colds and
    infectious diseases: if the baby has a fever, how can
    water it more often, otherwise constipation after an illness cannot be avoided;
  • Effective drinks from constipation – dried fruit compote with dried apricots
    and prunes, raisin water. For ее приготовления достаточно
    pour boiling water over a spoonful of pure raisins and insist in a thermos;
  • Prefer vegetables with a “laxative effect” and
    high in coarse fiber, fruit rich in potassium. it
    figs, green apples, prunes, dried apricots, beets, carrots, peaches,
    apricot, pumpkin. These same foods should be introduced into the diet of nursing
  • Extremely useful for intestinal microflora preparations with
    bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, dairy products,
    natural yogurts. is heи показаны как to kid, так и маме;
  • Try to give your baby chest as long as possible, especially important.
    first half a year. If this is not possible, give preference
    fermented milk adapted mixtures;
  • If necessary, treatment with antibiotics, along with their
    start taking medication for prophylaxis

No need to panic, if the baby constipation.
The first step to recovery is to identify and eliminate the causes.
diseases. But do not self-medicate and do not use
grandmother’s methods of treatment without consulting a doctor. More often
Enough nutrition, drink more fluid and do not forget about
Massage and gymnastics to the disease retreated. In an emergency
help Duphalac, glycerin candles or enema. Max out
attention to the treatment of constipation. The formation and normalization of the gastrointestinal tract
In the first year of life – the key to the future health of the child.

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VIDEO: what to do with constipation

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