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  1. Causes
  2. Symptoms
  3. Treatment
  4. Alternative treatment
  5. Prevention
  6. Conclusion

Because of their immature immunity, newborns are subject to attack of various diseases, one of which is conjunctivitis.

This is an eye infection that often occurs in babies at the most first months of life.

The disease may be the result of poor-quality prophylaxis. eye pathologies in the maternity hospital when the required primary toilet the baby was not performed. Whatever the reason, yourself treating a baby is prohibited, he needs a qualified help.


Depending on the causative agent, the disease is divided several species:

  • Viral;
  • Bacterial;
  • Allergic.

How to treat conjunctivitis in infants?

It is quite difficult to distinguish between these species, since they accompanied mainly by one clinical picture.

Of paramount importance is the overall picture of circumstances, previous development of inflammation in the eyes.

If you introduced a new product into lure and immediately your eyes began watering is evidence of allergic conjunctivitis. A similar conclusion is made when a child has anxious symptoms after playing with just a stuffed plush toy, hugs with an unfamiliar dog.

The main causes of conjunctivitis in newborns are:

  • Immaturity of immunity;
  • When the unformed mucous membranes completely repel the viral and microbial and attacks are incapable.


The main manifestations of this ailment are basically the same character. Regardless of the causes of the disease, eyelids and the baby’s proteins swell a lot. Eye opening pus.

In newborns, conjunctivitis is often associated with unformed to the end of the tear ducts, resulting in fluid accumulation and reproduction of harmful viruses. Disease accompanied by:

  • Redness of the organ of vision;
  • The appearance of a whitish film on the eyes.

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In the case of purulent conjunctivitis, the symptoms are as follows:

  • Swelling of the eyes;
  • Tearing;
  • Bonding eyelids, especially in the morning during waking baby.

In addition to the above symptoms, a baby can sore throat, lymph nodes enlarge, there is a slight increase in temperature.


How to treat conjunctivitis in infants?

Conjunctivitis may help treat a newborn. pediatrician and ophthalmologist who will advise and prescribe proper treatment, having studied the individual characteristics of the child and mothers. Treatment of the disease requires compliance with important points:

  • Eyes should be washed often;
  • Use special drops prescribed by your doctor;
  • To lay a special ointment for the eyelids;
  • Remove discharge and crust from the eyes;
  • Perform lacrimal massage.

Rinse with a mild solution. potassium permanganate or furatsilina. With a viral infection, there may be prescribed pain drops. Twice a day before to put the child to bed, you should lay the ointment with antibiotics for eyelids.

In the acute form of the disease, tetracycline 1% ointment or perform frequent eye instillation with 0.25% drops of chloramphenicol, Albucid 30%. But, before performing these steps, it is recommended rinse the baby’s inflamed eyes with disinfectant solutions. It is forbidden for the baby to put blindfolds on the eyes or patches, this will contribute to the conditions that provoke the development of infection.

With allergic conjunctivitis, it is necessary to determine allergen and protect the newborn from contact with it. If it for some reason fails, the doctor will prescribe antihistamines inside and out.

Alternative treatment

How to treat conjunctivitis in infants?

Traditional medicine has accumulated many recipes that will help relieve the condition of the baby with a similar disease.

First of all, with conjunctivitis it is recommended to use breast milk of a nursing mother, which in itself is natural antibiotic. For washing the inflamed eyes, it is necessary drip a few drops of milk into the baby’s eyes.

It is also advisable to perform a massage, it will help when lacrimal child’s channels are blocked. Perform the procedure should be up to 6 once a day with light movements. It is important to massage from the outside corner eyes to its inner edge.

Folk medicine men recommend use in case of conjunctivitis the baby has a decoction of strong tea, and preferably chamomile.


Do not forget that to prevent the disease should observe preventive measures. Prevention by prevention of neonatal conjunctivitis includes large complex of manipulations that must be used in women’s consultations at pediatrics and maternity hospitals.

These include diagnostic procedures, treatment of viral diseases in a pregnant woman, disinfectant treatment means of the birth canal, cleaning the eyes of newborns.

You also need to know how to care for the eyes of the baby. For this should be washed daily with warm water, necessarily boiled. Better when it will be a weak broth daisies. Perform actions using different cotton swabs.


Conjunctivitis in infants is difficult to treat, so with any signs of disease should be shown immediately child to the doctor and carefully perform the prescribed procedures. Doctor will tell you how to treat conjunctivitis in infants.

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