Conflicts on the playground: how not to bring tofights?

Not so long ago in one city there was an unpleasant incident.
At the playground. Kids don’t share toys,
родители вмешались – в итоге из банальной quarrelsы все переросло в
a huge scandal, in the course went even fists.

Вот видео, конфликт произошел на игровой
площадке между родителями:

It would seem that the situation is somewhat comical, but
менее побои были зафиксированы, заявления в милицию написаны,
and the decision of the court is already in the hands of all the participants of this
incident. how избежать такой ситуации в будущем и
teach your children how to behave in children
Let’s figure it out in order.

The baby has grown up and now he wants to spend more time
со  своими ровесниками. But he still does not know how to behave
other children do not know how to interact with them. Important
the task of parents is to teach their child to be friendly,
kind and tolerant In most cases, kids copy
поведение своих родителей и quickly перенимают их манеру

Learning to avoid conflict

конфликты между детьми на детской площадке

Consider a few typical situations that
happen to every parent:

  • Other people comment to your baby

Probably, you often had to hear strangers
allow themselves to express their opinions about the behavior of your
child: “Why do you climb into this puddle, you get dirty?”, “Do not
cry like that, see, your mother is nervous! ”or“ Don’t pull your castle
on the jacket, you tear it off! ” This behavior allow themselves to
mostly elderly grandmothers who complain that children in
our time is allowed a lot.

Remember, you are the main protector of your baby and therefore
should always be on his side regardless
 No one calls you to swear or fight
because of this, but the child must feel your support. If you
Hear similar words to your child, you can just
laugh it off with the phrase: “Yes, he is unwittingly” or “He just plays like that”, ”
we are in a good mood today. ”

Try not to bring this situation to conflict, but
alone with the baby to discuss what happened and explain why
an unfamiliar aunt so expressed. It will be easier for him to accept criticism.
from you, rather than from this aunt.

  • You came to ride on a swing, and they already
    are busy

Скажите своему крохе, что пока качели are busy, он может
ride down a hill or play in the sandbox. Soothe him
assurances that he will ride them, but a little later.
You can “take a turn” and come back later. BUT можете предложить
to the child on the swing something in return, if he gives up his place,
for example, play with your toy.

Be sure to explain to your kid that not only does he want to ride
there are other children, so everyone on the playground should
friend respect and be able to give. Patience and skill
подстраиваться под обстоятельства важная часть
child rearing.

  • Baby hit


This is the most embarrassing situation on
walk. Remember, no one is ever allowed
beat other children! 
Even if it happened in
the result of the game or clashes between children, neither children nor
adults are not allowed to beat your child. Let him a hundred thousand times
wrong and you yourself think that he is behaving badly
 но только вам можно
решать, как его за это наказать

Speak out against such communication, hold the child close to you and
ask if it hurts him too much. Restrain your anger but
Be sure to make a remark to the one who hit the baby. Can
say so: “You can not fight!”, “Never so never behave!”
and “He (or she) just wanted to play with you, and you immediately fight.
Let’s play some game together so that no one

No need to take your child away and say that his
offender is bad or harmful, that play with him is no longer necessary.
Children’s offenses are short-lived, most likely, tomorrow they will be
bosom friends.

  • The child took the toy

If this situation occurred and your baby calmly responded
on her, you also should not focus on this. Take away
toy when you are going home. But in the case where your child
Dissatisfied with this behavior, crying and asking you to help, you must
solve this problem.

Can попытаться уговорить его «поменяться» на время игрушками,
say so: “Let Olya play with your doll, and you take her
cubes. Most likely, Olya herself will not agree to such an exchange and
will hurry to give someone else’s toy. BUT если не согласится? Then you can
just go to her and ask her to return with the words: “Sorry,
please, but this toy is my daughter and she does not want it to anyone

It is not necessary to be good for other children, infringing
interests of your child. The toy belongs to your baby and he
he himself has the right to dispose of it at his discretion. If not
wants to give, let him not give. Do not forget that baby
это ваша частичка, поэтому его желания должны стать

  • Your child himself selects toys.

Other people’s toys seem always more interesting, so kids want
play with them even more than with their own. What to do when your
the baby does not act in the best way and takes away from other children
their toys?


Explain to him that you should always ask permission
the owner of the toy, and without that touching other people’s things
can not.
 Go with him to the cherished master
toys (or to his mom) and politely ask: “You can play your
machine (train, rubber elephant or a beautiful ball)? BUT
we can give something else in return. ” Let the kid learn from you,
how to build relationships with other people. We read
If a child ни с кем не дружит: борьба с
child solitude

  • Little pussy picks himself up


If your child began to behave like a real bully
(pushing children, throwing toys at them or pouring sand on them or
грязь), бездействовать ни в коем случае can not. Kids are very sensitive
monitor how adults react to their behavior, so your
discontent should be expressed quite clearly.

Immediately make a remark to him so that he stops himself
to lead. You can say, “You will like it if you
будут сыпать песок?» или «Детишкам неприятно, когда ты так
doin Do you want to play with them? Then behave yourself! ” BUT перед
those who are offended by your baby, you need to apologize and say
that he did so inadvertently and it will not happen again. It will be better
if he does it himself, but without undue pressure with your
parties. Be sure to read the article how to teach
child apologize –

  • Kids independently understand their

Do not intervene in a dispute between children when it occurs in
calm form. But if you feel that the tension is growing and
the situation is heating up, try to turn their attention to
foreign object. Например, скажите: «BUT куда эта собачка вдруг
ran? “or” Who can guess how many legs have a bug? “.
Here the main thing is to divert their attention from the quarrel.

No need to try to figure out who is right and who is wrong. Then you
will have to take someone’s position and thereby offend someone from
kids The best option is to offer the children to go.
ride the hill together or see what ladybugs
Climb in the grass near the house.

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bite each other?

Teach your child to cope with difficult
ситуациями и принимать самостоятельно решения, при
этом, не обижая и не притесняя других детей – это главная
parental task. 
Your baby will grow up moody
selfish or become the owner of a large number of friends, depends
mainly from his upbringing.

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Video tutorial

Psychotherapist Olga Popeiko on the air of the TK SOYUZ broadcast
�”Learning to grow love” from 10/03/2015.

How does a child behave at the playground? Peacefully
играет, подвергается нападкам или является агреquarrelsом? how
parents respond to children’s conflicts? Answers see this

What to do if your two-year-old child offends
other children in the playground? If a boy hits or bites
other children are offending girls? Of course, the parents of the child
feel in such situations is not too comfortable. how
to behave correctly? how избежать конфликта? What if you
angry at your baby? In this video, we detail
discuss this situation:

how себя вести с детьми? how себя вести с другими

Тезисы из video:

0.38 First: tell your child how to lead in principle
yourself in conflicts. Second, when conflict deserves your
attention. There are two degrees of conflict: first, when two
child swear at each other or shout. how себя вести в таких
situations? 1.20 Embrace and calm the child first. All reasonable
actions only make sense when the child is calm. If parents
friend of the child are beginning to contact you at this time, just
отвернитесь и продолжайте успокаивать.BUT потом расскажите ребенка,
what needs to be done next. 2.06 It often happens that a child
flatly refuses to apologize. What to do? Playing the situation
so that the child understands how great it is that they apologized to him and
offered another option. This is a wonderful feeling and a great experience. 3.28
Your children swear and you decide to intervene. When you connect to
children’s conflict, always say “our children.” Kindly and
Strongly assigning other people’s children. «Наши дети поquarrelsились, я буду
help your child, and you mine. ”4.20 Squat,
Listen carefully to everyone. Ask: what did you want to do
together? Task: push the conflict forward, not find out who
right So that they continue to play. Neutralize conflict with words
�“Our children” and “we will help to understand”. It is important to say that everything will be
OK. 6.20 Your task is to make them laugh a little. And say further
�”let’s play”. If you offer something interesting, they
quickly this will go on. 7.30 we often treat children as
accessories. My accessory is beaten here, broken, I’ll go figure it out.
The intervention of the parent at this level gives nothing. If a child
in tears – warm him with your love. BUT потом уже сможете
tell all.


Each of us is somewhat selfish. But one thing when
this egoism is healthy and correct, and quite another – when it
goes beyond and turns into excessive self-love and
greed as a consequence. This is especially true of children. Sometimes
spoiled by loving parents who definitely want to
Only the best, our children show a keen reluctance to share and
they think only of themselves and their own well-being. It would seem that
take with the child, because over the years his personality will change many times.
However, often children’s greed over the years is not only nowhere
Disappears, but progresses with incredible force. Let’s fight
with this problem and educate our children with generous and kind
by people. Well, some of our tips will help you deal with it.

My child is greedy – what to do? Fight or make peace?
Causes of Childish Greed

Everyone knows the picture: the baby does not want to give his toy to someone
to another, but parents insist: “We must share! Are you really greedy?
Then no one will play with you! ”So they render to their
child’s “disservice”, and destroy the nascent necessary
personality traits –

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