Condoms are not able to protect against AIDS

In 1981, a doctor from Germany, Prints, as a result of experiments, revealed
pattern that if you use condoms for a year
in pairs of 100 pieces, provided that one sexual partner is
carrier of the AIDS virus, then thirty-five cases will happen
infection of a healthy partner. After 5 years only 12 people
will be able to continue the experiment. And after another 5 years, only one
the subject would save himself from the disease. Let’s see, is it
is it really or is it an exaggeration.

The AIDS virus has a size of 0.1 microns, and syphilis – 1.5 microns.
The dimensions of the latex range from 5 to 50 microns,
which is significantly larger than the size of the virus.


Therefore, the conclusions suggest themselves to be protected,
Of course, it is necessary, but it will not save from infection. According to statistics in
UK 40% of patients die completely infected
accidentally thinking that a condom will save them.

Based on research conducted in the United States, it has been established that
the likelihood of acquiring HIV is 31% and higher. Therefore, in order not to
get sick aids need to make love with proven
partners or generally abstain from sexual intercourse with unfamiliar
by people. Those who promote safer sex are insolent liars. Those,
who continue to believe in great protection against infection
using a condom, paying with health or what
terrible, life. Therefore, it is better to refuse such temptation and
maintain your health.

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