Compote of dried apricots for babies


  1. Beneficial features
  2. Compote Benefits
  3. Cooking method

Absolutely indispensable for babies in their first year of life is only breast milk. However, if mom doesn’t have enough for the correct weight gain by the child, the baby is being transferred for artificial feeding.

Even the best adapted mixture will not be equally easy to assimilation, like mother’s milk, due to a heavier structure cow’s milk. Mom will have to face a hard problem stool in the crumbs. One of the harmless remedies and prevention of constipation is the use of stewed fruit from dried apricots.

Beneficial features

In addition to the properties of causing relaxation due to the high content fiber, dried apricots, like fresh ones, are rich in:

  • Magnesium;
  • Potassium;
  • Calcium

The first two elements contribute to the good activity of the head brain, and the latter is involved in the structure of the musculoskeletal system. Potassium also helps to remove sodium from the body, which in excess amounts is extremely dangerous.

Finally, dried apricots is a great way to prevent and control with the problem of hard stools. It does not create an acidic environment in the stomach and does not stress the pancreas. Kids themselves often quickly get used to the mild taste of sweet berries, and with pleasure eat mashed potatoes and drink compotes from them. The fruit is missing such an indicator of how the reaction to strawberries in infants differs.


Compote Benefits

All compotes are generally more recommended for infants than juices for reason:

  • Soft structure;
  • Lower concentration of acids;
  • High fluid content.

Compotes are an indispensable way to deal with intoxication during illnesses (as with them into the body a large amount of fluid and nutrients comes in, and pathogens are excreted simultaneously with urination bacteria. Know also how many months you can give juices to babies.

Check out material on whether or not to babe water. Compotes from dried apricots add to the body all useful elements that are rich in fresh apricots. It happens gently without irritation of the gastric mucosa. A large amount of sucrose and fructose in dried apricots will save you from the need to additionally sweeten the drink.

In the hot season, dried apricots compote is wonderful a means of quenching thirst and preventing the body from dehydration. Like dried fruits and fresh apricots, compotes from dried apricots are successfully used to combat constipation. If mommy is everything while she is breastfeeding, she can drink compote herself.

Cooking method

Like all other dried fruits, dried apricots are dried without prior rinsing. Therefore, you must first wash the berries in warm water. Even better for the same purpose, soak them in warm water, and then strain and rinse.

Before cooking, it is better to soak dried apricots in boiling water in order to reduce cooking time to a minimum and do not digest healthy vitamins. Put softened in boiling water berries, and cook for 10 – 15 minutes over low heat under a lid. No need to sweeten.

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