Components of food packaging spoil childrenteeth

Update: February 2019

Employees of the Institute of Health in France have identified quite
interesting fact. It turns out that there are 2 components, actively
destroying children’s tooth enamel:

  • bisphenol A – is present in a significant amount of almost
    in all foods (because it is contained on the inside
    plastic container side)
  • Vinclozolin – is in fungicides (means to combat
    fungal plant diseases)

They presented their research at the Munich Congress on
endocrinology. Thanks to previous research
found that bisphenol A and vinclozolin acting as
endocrine glands have a significant effect on hormonal
mammalian system, while increasing the likelihood of disease
reproductive system, which can later develop into cancer.

Experiments were conducted on animals and it was revealed that they
able to destroy tooth enamel. Similar things suffer around
18% of children aged 6 to 9 years. As a result of this
diseases increases the threshold of sensitivity of teeth to various

To carefully study the whole mechanism, scientists decided
organize a series of additional studies. They fed on
thirty days of rats with bisphenol A or a mixture with
vinclozolin in the ratio in which it receives the usual
person. They then obtained samples of the teeth of the rats and conducted an analysis, in
the result of which it was found that these substances affect
two genes responsible for the mineralization of teeth. Then they experienced
by getting a mass of cells in which calcium is not destroyed, but
teeth растут, как полагается.

These cells contain 6 hormones, including testosterone and estrogen,
and activate genes that promote enamel renewal. And
testosterone makes a significant contribution to this process. As a result
ученые пришли к выводу, что teeth разрушаются в результате снижения
activity of sex hormones.

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