Colonoscopy provokes appendicitis

Update: February 2019

Representatives from the University of North Dakota (USA) believe:
the coming weeks after the colonoscopy are the most
�”Dangerous” in relation to the inflammatory process in the appendix.

Appendicitis is likely to occur in such
however, there are no specific reasons for this. Noticed
the role of mechanical pressure and the action of the applied medicinal
preparations in order to prepare for the study.


Although colonoscopy is a common procedure,
all side effects need to be considered. In a study of Americans
393 thousand patients participated. According to the documentation
the subjects he underwent colonoscopy in January 2009.
– June 2014

As a result, the doctors noticed that the risks of appendicitis in
four times during the first week after the procedure
those in subsequent years.

Recall that colonoscopy is a method for diagnosing diseases.
colon in which the introduction and promotion
special equipped with backlight and optical camera
instrument (see preparation for colonoscopy).

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