Colonoscopy can be replaced with a video capsule.

Update: February 2019

In Israel, the company Given Imaging patented his invention –
PillCam technology, which in the near future will be in some
cases replace colonoscopy. This procedure will be assigned to
patients who avoid endoscopic examination of the intestines
due to the pain of the procedure and discomfort.

Just a few years ago, a real revolution in gastroenterology
produced capsular endoscopy, offering to doctors and patients
examination of the small intestine in difficult to visualize
departments. Today, an improved endoscopic capsule gives
opportunity to use it instead of traditional colonoscopy

Moving through the large intestine “video capsule”, equipped with
light source, microscopic video camera, battery,
radio transmitter, for 8 hours takes pictures of 2 frames in
give me a sec. Vidiocapsule is excreted naturally.
The received images are transferred to a special receiver.
device mounted on the belt of the person being investigated.


Колоноскопия будет заменена капсулой

Such a pill-chamber can detect intestinal polyps,
sources of bleeding, ulcerative colitis of the intestine, rectal cancer,
bowel cancer. However, experts clarify that such capsular
endoscopy is not able to completely replace the standard procedure
colonoscopy, because the quality of the received images is inferior to

The price of one such pill-chamber for the study of thick
the intestine reaches 500 dollars and will be applied to patients
experiencing for various reasons difficulties in passing
endoscopic examination.

Scientists do not stop at the achieved result and continue
work by upgrading the endoscopic capsule. It is calculated that
будущее поколение эндоскопических капсул  будет способно
make drug delivery and biopsy.

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