Colic Medication List

Infant colic is what the future fears so much.
mummies, and that already experienced parents recall with a shudder. This
the period is imprinted in the memory by the heart-rending cries of the infant and
a sense of utter impotence.

колики у младенца чем лечить

Colic in newborns – the phenomenon is absolutely normal. Contrary to
common opinion about the failure of the diet nursing mom, colic
practically does not depend on the composition of breast milk. The reason for them
occurrence lies in the immaturity of the infant intestine and
lack of enzymes for digesting food. Reasons to shout
a lot of babies, because shouting is his only way
communicate your needs. If you notice that daily in
the same watch the baby strains his tummy, presses his legs and loudly
crying, not calming down, even if you take him in your arms – know
that this is IT, and it’s time to get puzzled by the choice of medicine for
colic in newborns.

Here is an article about colic and symptoms – read

This article is about drugs only.

All existing colic remedies that you may
offer in a pharmacy, the effect can be divided

  1. Preparations for the prevention of colic.
  2. Preparations for cupping colic.

Application of the first does not guarantee that this trouble will bypass you.
Rather, the seizures themselves will be less frequent and shorter. Prophylactic effect
drugs due to the fact that they reduce gas formation.
The active ingredient is plant extracts of dill,
fennel, anise, which have this useful property.

The second should be applied precisely at the time of the attack to
stop it. They are made on the basis of the substance Simethicone,
which removes the surface tension of the intestinal walls. Simethicone
breaks down “gaziki” into smaller bubbles, thereby reducing
the discomfort. With the advent of the child in the first-aid kit is better to have and
то, и другое лекарство от colic in newborns.

Средства для профилактики коликов

1. Plantex

The drug is based on the fruits of fennel. Pack of 10 sachets with
granules for the preparation of the solution. Granules dissolve easily in
warm boiled water. For 1 sachet of Plantex you need 100 ml.
fluid. Newborn babies can drink 1-2 sachets,
dividing them into 2-3 doses in the intervals between feedings – complete

2. Dill water

Ready dill water is served in glass bottles of 15
ml. A child older than 2 weeks can be given 1 tbsp. spoon 3-6 times
day. You can buy baby dill tea. In this case, tea bags
you need to brew and give brew. Varieties of children
There is a lot of dill tea, it will definitely be found in any
You can also make dill water yourself –

3. Baby Calm

Israeli drug that is a mixture
vegetable oils of dill, anise and mint. Before use oil
the mixture should be diluted with boiled water, pouring it to the indicated on
vial mark. The finished emulsion can be dripped 10 drops straight into
mouth baby before each feeding. Keep the bottle in need
the fridge. Details of the drug – instructions for

Preparations for cupping colic

1. Espumizan L

Препарат с действующим веществом Simethicone. Medicinal
form – emulsion. It is possible to apply “Espumizan L” from the first day.
life, giving the child 25 drops of the emulsion before or after feeding,
as well as during an attack of colic. No side effects from
the drug does not happen, so the duration of its use does not
is limited. More about Espumezan …

2. Sub Simplex

Это тоже препарат на основе Simethiconeа, но в форме
suspensions. Newborns can be given 15 drops of suspension
during, and better after feeding. If the child is on artificial
feeding – the suspension is added directly to the adapted mixture.
Подробно об Саб Симплекс

3. Bobotik

Действующее вещество то же – Simethicone, но на этот раз в
the form of drops. Apply “Bobotik” can be from 28 days of life, giving the baby
8 drops after feeding. When colic symptoms disappear
drops should stop. Details about Bobotik

Все препараты Simethiconeа содержат вкусоароматические добавки.
It’s hard to say how pleasant it is for a newborn baby.
the chemical taste and smell of a banana, but usually the kids quite agree
take the right dose of the drug. Parents need in this case
watch the baby. If the baby’s body is allergic
reaction – taking the drug should be stopped.

кишечные колики

It happens that in the case of colic in newborns prescribed
probiotics, that is, preparations containing intestinal bacteria. Opinions
doctors regarding these drugs and the phenomenon of dysbiosis
very different. In the case of colic, these drugs are not
effective simply because the cause of colic is functional
intestinal immaturity, and not in the lack of some bacteria. To that
It’s much better when a baby’s intestines are sown
microflora in a natural way.

Each child’s body is unique, so you can never
tell in advance which remedy for colic will help exactly your
baby Поиск эффективного средства обычно происходит путем
busting. One drug didn’t come up – try another one until
until the relief of the state of the beloved tummy becomes apparent.
Даже препараты Simethiconeа, несмотря на одно и то же действующее
substance, due to different dosage forms act differently,
so you need to look for the version of the medicine that will be suitable.
exactly your child. The most important thing is to be patient and
radiate calm. The period when the baby suffers from colic,
Lasts from about 1 to 3 months of life. These are only 2 months that
very quickly forgotten and you will quietly enjoy communication
with a favorite baby.

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