Colic in infants: symptoms and how to relievebaby from pain

Intestinal colic is one of the most urgent problems in the first months.
baby’s life. Intestinal colic is called abdominal pain associated
with increased flatulence in the intestines of a child. It’s connected with
adaptation of the gastrointestinal tract to the new conditions
post-uterine development. The child begins to show anxiety,
which usually ends with unrestrained, prolonged crying.
The first colic in infants may appear in 2 – 4
weeks after birth and usually go to 3 months.

Колики случаются у совершенно здоровых children, которые имеют
good appetite and normal development.

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  • 2 Causes
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  • 3 Help with colic
    • 3.1 When will it pass?
  • 4 Massage against colic or how you can help the child
  • 5 Videos: Massage with colic
  • 6 Video: how to help a child with colic?

Tatyana Prokofieva (pediatrician, candidate of medical
sciences, mother of three children), tells about intestinal

Symptoms of colic

  • Unreasonable concern of the child;
  • The baby presses the legs to the tummy, which speaks of cutting,
    cramping pains in the stomach or intestines;
  • Screaming for hours, almost always
    in the late afternoon, although the child had a good day
    appetite and he is healthy;
  • Sometimes it releases gases;
  • Pallor may appear;
  • Crying and anxious baby begin soon after.
  • A sign of food intolerance is frequent green.
    mucus stools (or, conversely, constipation).


  • Incorrect feeding technique when baby is together
    with milk swallows air. (how to breastfeed)
  • If the baby is bottle-fed, bottle
    must be at an angle of up to 45 ° so that air accumulates around her
  • Overfeeding. Consumption of large amounts of milk can
    to cause gas in the stomach and regurgitation. In this case,
    It is better to feed the baby more often, but in small portions.
  • Unsuitable mixture (See how to choose the mixture correctly).
  • Wrong diet nursing mom.
  • Colic is more common in children if the nursing mother smokes.

ВНИМАНИЕ, если кормящая мама при ГВ пьет чаи
containing fennel, cumin, lemon balm, anise, then colic in infants
can be avoided altogether! Keep this in mind!

Products causing colic

Breastfeeding mother who feeds the baby better
exclude from your diet:

  • Cabbage;
  • Spicy dishes;
  • Corn;
  • Cow’s milk and some dairy products;
  • Bow;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Nuts;
  • Products containing caffeine;

(См статью о питании и что можно кушать кормящей
— читать статью)

If the occurrence of colic is associated with the listed products, then
после их исключения из рациона мамы колики проходят
1-2 days after their exclusion.

Help with colic

При коликах новорожденному ребенку помогут ниже
перечисленные способы, которыми родители могут заниматься в
home conditions independently without recourse to
to doctors:

  • Before each feeding the child should be laid out on a firm
    flat surface on the tummy;колики у грудничков что делать

  • Hold the baby upright after feeding and wait for it to
  • Make a warm compress with ironed diapers.
    Heat the diaper with an iron and bind her baby belly. This grandma
    the method is very effective during acute attacks of colic in
  • Also moms can put a hot diaper on their belly, and
    from above, on the heated diaper belly put down the baby.
    IMPORTANT! The diaper should not be piping hot, but
    then you just hurt the baby;
  • Clockwise massage the tummy with light movements.
  • Press his belly to his chest;
  • When the baby has colic, put the baby on
    back and hold your palm to his tummy;
  • After feeding, give dill water;
  • You can give the child tea with fennel (teas can be given starting from
    first month);
  • Remove the gases by the vapor tube;
  • If intestinal colic bother babies on artificial
    feeding, we recommend trying to replace the mixture;
  • Use medications prescribed by a doctor (list
    medicines for colic).
  • Massage your baby’s tummy.


колики у малыша массаж животика

When will it be?

Despite anxiety and concern, parents should understand that
колики и газики — обычное явление у новорожденных,
и к 3 — 4 месяцам это пройдет, т.к. to that
времени ЖКТ ребенка будет развит уже достаточно хорошо.

от колик

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Massage against colic or how you can help the child

Video: massage for colic

Video: how to help a child with colic?

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