Clothes for babies from birth to 7 years old LuckyChild – bright design, style, fashion, quality and low price

Lucky Child (Lucky Child) is an original, high-quality and
inexpensive children’s clothes of the Russian production. Sliders,
booties, overalls, hats, blouses, T-shirts, pants, dresses,
jackets. Elegant and casual models, everything for newborns and for
kids up to 7 years.

детская одежда Lucky-Child

Features clothing Lucky Child

Children’s things of this brand are certified, they, unlike
products of foreign brands are produced in full compliance with
Russian requirements that are among the most stringent
in the world.

Things for the smallest – only from soft 100% cotton. AT
overalls, sliders, blouses first size seams only
outdoor that do not rub. There is a top zipper
limiter, so as not to pinch the neck of the child. Cuffed
use wide soft rubber bands that do not crush. Models with
buttons strengthened, fasteners will not be pulled out “with meat”, in
difference from overalls of many other brands.

The design features of Lucky Child clothing allow you to quickly
dress and undress the little restless who is spinning,
spins, bounces unwilling to wait longer than one minute. ATсе
things are made of smooth soft fabrics.

Every thing is a design work, every model.
original. Brand designers create harmonious combinations of colors and
proportions, such clothes help to instill good taste and
foster self-confidence. The kid who is dressed in “Lucky
Child, ”will quickly find his style when he grows up.

Why do parents and children like Lucky Child?

Lucky Child

  • Beautiful, unusual designer clothes: an interesting finish,
    prints, pockets. Pleasant to the touch fabrics, comfortable things in which
    comfortable to run, play.
  • Big choice. Many models and colors, full size
    range for children from birth to 7 years.
  • Quality fabrics and dyes – no allergic reactions and
    color “prints” on the skin. ATсе модели хорошо переносят стирку,
    Do not fade, retain shape.
  • High-quality manufacturing. The clothes fit well, the seams are neat,
    applications are firmly held, the smallest are carefully worked out
    the details.
  • Low price – Lucky Child brand items stand 1.2-3 times
    cheaper than imported clothing of similar quality.

A few examples (photo clickable)

Lucky Child


Buy clothes Lucky Child can be in
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Lucky Child in Made in Russia

Participants of the reality show “Made in Russia” by their own example
showed that Lucky Child clothing is the best alternative to foreign

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