Climax in women – what is it, signssymptoms, age of onset and treatment of menopause

Climax in women is a natural physiological stage of life.
every woman, when against the backdrop of natural hormonal age
changes appear signs of involution of the reproductive system. AT
various sources, climacteric adjustment, lasts up to 10 years.
Proper organization of life, special diet, psychological
help, in some cases, drug therapy, create
decent quality of life for a woman experiencing temporary
the difficulties.

Let’s take a closer look: what is it, in what
age comes menopause and what characteristic signs for him, and
also that women are most often prescribed as a treatment for
restore hormonal levels.

What is climax?

Климакс у женщин

Климакс — это закономерный физиологический процесс перехода
female body from the reproductive phase with regular
menstrual cycles to the phase of complete cessation
menstruation. The word “menopause” comes from the Greek “klimax”
– a ladder expressing symbolic steps leading from the heyday
specific female functions to their gradual extinction.

AT среднем начало климакса у женщин приходится на возраст 40-43
years old. However, there may be cases when they begin at 35 and 60
years old. Therefore, physicians single out such concepts as “early
menopause and late.

In some women, menopause has a physiological course and not
causes pathological disorders, in others pathological
the course leads to the development of menopausal (climacteric)

Menopausal syndrome in menopause in women occurs with
26 – 48% and is characterized by a complex of different
endocrine, nervous and cardiovascular disorders
systems, which often disrupts normal livelihoods and
working capacity of women.

Menopause periods

AT климаксе выделяют несколько важных периодов:

Premenopause It starts when the first sign of menopause appears and
continues until the last menstrual bleeding. This
стадия наступает у женщин в возрасте после 40 years old.Она
characterized by a decrease in the production of estrogen by the body, which
manifested as irregular menstruation, changes in character
discharge (they may increase or decrease). Any
physical or psychological discomfort this stage is not
delivers. Длиться она может до 10 years old.
Menopause Afterдняя менструация. True menopause is considered
If after the last menstruation during the year they are no longer
It was. Some experts consider it more correct to calculate
menopause after 1.5 or even 2 years.
Postmenopause At the third stage, the hormonal hormone finally ends.
restructuring, the ovaries completely stop producing hormones,
estrogen levels are consistently reduced by 50%, of the level
reproductive phase. The age involution of the organism continues.
Это ранняя постменопауза (1 — 2 года).ATсе органы, функционирование
which depends on sex hormones, are subject to gradual
hypotrophic changes. So, for example, notes:

  • reduction of pubic hair,
  • the uterus becomes smaller in size
  • there is a change in the mammary glands.

ATопросы качества жизни женщины во время менопаузы стоят
quite acute and relevant. Special attention is paid to
the following parameters: physical and mental well-being,
social and role functioning, as well as general objective
the perception of the state of their health.

There are several types of menopause:

  • premature (after 30 and up to 40 years);
  • early (from 41 years to 45 years);
  • timely, considered normal (45-55 years);
  • late (after 55 years).

Premature and late menopause usually are pathological.
After обследования и выяснения причин отклонений от нормы
treatment is prescribed. With the timely onset of menopause
in some cases, it is only necessary to alleviate concomitant

The reasons

Climax is called a genetically programmed transformation.
female body during which extinction occurs
reproductive function. The ovaries are rapidly reducing production
hormones, the menstrual cycle is upset, the likelihood
fertilization of the egg with sperm decreases with each

For most women, the starting point of menopausal
period is taken 45 years of age, coinciding with the appearance
first clinical manifestations of menopause. As a rule, after three or
five years (that is, by the age of 50) the menstrual function is final
ends, and the climax clinic becomes brighter.

Early menopause is the process of manifestation of symptoms.
менопаузы в возрасте до сорока years old. It may occur as in
fifteen years old and thirty-nine. The main reason is
impaired hormonal regulation, due to which menstruation
pass very irregularly.

There are inherited and acquired causes of early

Genetic causes of early menopause:

  • Defect of female X chromosome.
  • Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome.
  • Ovarian dysfunction under the influence of the X chromosome.
  • Other hereditary disorders

Acquired causes of early menopause:

  • Гормональные заболевания (щитовидной железы, сахарный
    diabetes, others);
  • Gynecological diseases, including infectious;
  • Chemotherapy;
  • Obesity;
  • Depletion (anorexia)
  • Not rational hormonal contraception;

AT каком возрасте у женщин начинается климакс?

ATременные показатели климакса индивидуальны, the last
menstruation in a woman is called menopause, whose onset is
среднем происходит в возрасте 50 years old. If this happened before the age of 45,
Menopause is considered early, up to 40 years – premature.

AT яичниках каждой женщины генетически заложено определённое
the number of follicles, depends on it the time of occurrence
климактерического syndrome

The fact is that female hormones have a beneficial effect on the entire
the body as a whole and women with late menopause have a healthier heart
and the vessels are often smooth and clear skin, healthy hair and

But есть у позднего климакса и существенные минусы. For example,
such women risk of oncological illnesses increased in
repeatedly. They are shown every six months to undergo tests on
the presence of tumors in the body.

How menopause begins: the first signs

  • Menstruation is often delayed and irregular. Their
    profusion and duration several times stronger than
  • Sweat is formed too often and in large quantities,
    there is a constant sensation of heat.
  • ATо влагалищном отверстии ощущается дискомфорт, неприятная
  • Permanent sleep disturbance.
  • The mood changes dramatically, frequent depression.
  • Feelings of anxiety and gratuitous anxiety.
  • Blood pressure also changes dramatically.

Symptoms of menopause in women

Klimaksa can occur in women at different ages. At the same time, in
If necessary, treatment is selected taking into account
symptoms that may also be different and have different

Symptoms of menopause:

  1. Menstruation ceases to be regular, shortened and
    become less abundant in most cases,
    Thirds of women, on the contrary, become more intense.
  2. Необоснованные перепады в настроении, склонность к
    irritability, depression, tearfulness, aggressiveness,
  3. Headaches: dull, present in the neck from the very
    am; similar migraine conditions; sharp and strong
    локализующиеся в области висков и лба.
  4. Tides Violation of thermoregulation and frequent feeling
    Heat is the main symptom of menopause. At first such complaints can
    last a slight time interval, but over time they
    appearance and intensity only increase.
  5. Sleep disturbance. Some women may experience insomnia.
    some, on the contrary, increased drowsiness. Trouble sleeping
    it is better not to decide on your own with medication, but to turn to
    to the doctor.
  6. Fluctuations in the level of female sex hormones during menopause
    manifested by tenderness of the mammary glands, pulling sensations
    lower abdomen and emotional swings.
  7. Exchange and endocrine disorders. In women in the period
    menopause is often marked by a change in eating behavior,
    improvement or deterioration of appetite, weight gain, delay
    fluid in the body, leading to the formation of edema.
  8. Chest pains. Breast pains can be cyclic and
    non-cyclic. Cyclic pains coincide with the time of menstruation.
    in childbearing. However, for women after 45 such pains
    are a sign of hormonal disorders.
  9. With the onset of the predclimax period, almost all
    the fair sex complain of a decrease in sex
    desire and libido, the inability to get an orgasm, as well as dryness
    internal walls of the vagina. This process is naturally related and
    partial or complete disappearance from the female body
  10. Vaginal dryness. The symptom is usually accompanied by itching,
    is the cause of pain during intercourse.
    ATозникает в результате изменений структуры слизистой оболочки
    влагалища под воздействием hormones. At the same time there is also
    decrease in sexual desire.

Other manifestations of menopause include:

  • change in taste preferences and sensations;
  • dry mucous membranes of the mouth;
  • pain in the joints, bones and muscles;
  • shortness of breath, tachycardia;
  • migraine;
  • visual impairment (pain and dryness in the eyes).

ATсе неприятные симптомы исчезают после непосредственного
the onset of menopause.


Climax is not a fast process, it develops over
a long time. Usually, menopause itself occurs only after
пару лет после проявления первых symptoms.


Diagnostics климакса происходит в первую очередь на основании
complaints of patients that appear as menopause approaches.
The presence of any concomitant diseases complicates the diagnosis,
as under them the symptoms of menopause may not recognize, and the state
health worsen. Showing consultation of an endocrinologist, a neurologist.
and necessarily a cardiologist.

At the consultation, the doctor will ask questions:

  • age when the menstrual cycle began to fail
    the last menstruation, nature of menstruation,
  • what symptoms bother you
  • Do your close relatives of women have breast cancer?
    или внутренних половых органов,
  • transferred operations.

A mandatory gynecological examination and laboratory

  • Estrogen blood test
  • Исследование фолликулостимулирующего и лютеинизирующего
  • Гистологический анализ эндометрия матки,
  • Cytological examination of a vaginal smear,
  • Basal temperature measurement
  • Identification of anovular cycles
  • Ультразвуковое исследование малого таза и брюшной

Why do you need menopause diagnostics?

  • Late pregnancy planning;
  • differential diagnosis of menopause and other diseases;
  • detection of complications and diseases associated with menopause;
  • examination before prescribing hormone replacement
    therapy and contraceptives.


Climax – a natural state at the appropriate age. But
it is fraught with the threat of new diseases, among which
tumors, endocrine disorders, anemia. However when
A woman has a severe climacter, treatment is necessary. Even
if its manifestations do not cause much discomfort,
regular visits to the gynecologist should be maintained.

Treatment может включать в себя следующие моменты:

  • homeopathy;
  • herbal medicine and traditional methods to stabilize
  • hormonal therapy;
  • treatment of concomitant diseases that have just arisen or
    chronic in acute form;
  • use of bioactive food additives in the form of pills or
    tablets for menopause, for example, “Bonisan”.

General recommendations

We give general recommendations for the treatment of menopause:

  • proper nutrition with plenty of fruits and vegetables
    (food enriched with vitamins);
  • mandatory presence in the daily diet of dairy
    products (cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, sour cream, etc.);
  • the exclusion of fatty, spicy and salty foods;
  • refusal of bad habits (smoking, alcohol);
  • fitness, gymnastics, recreational exercise or
    daily walks in the fresh air, on foot or
    на велосипеде;
  • reduce the consumption of tea and coffee, which is better replaced by
    herbal tea;
  • принимайте витамины;
  • wear clothes made from natural fabrics;
  • соблюдайте правила личной гигиены.

Preparations for menopause

The first thing a woman needs to do in the menopausal period
contact your local gynecologist for advice. After
diagnostic specialist prescribes medications for
menopause, which reduce the number of hot flashes, normalizes the sleep phase,
remove irritability.

Hormone replacement therapy. According to experts
the most adequate treatment for menopausal syndrome
is hormone replacement therapy. Her appointment
It is advisable if a woman in menopause
complications such as:

  • cardiovascular pathologies,
  • central obesity
  • severe osteoporosis
  • type II diabetes, etc.

Hormone therapy as a treatment for menopause pathology
contraindicated in patients suffering from:

  • раком эндометрия, яичников, молочной железы;
  • coagulopathy (coagulation disorder);
  • impaired liver function;
  • тромбоэмболиями, тромбофлебитом;
  • маточными кровотечениями неясной причины;
  • renal failure.

Non-hormonal drugs (Chi-Klim, Estrovel, Klimadinon). If by
For some reason, hormonal therapy is contraindicated in the patient,
then use preparations based on natural plant
phytoestrogens. These are biologically active food supplements.
Their activity is much lower than that of hormones, but safety
above and almost no side effects.

In addition to hormones, a number of other drugs are prescribed: vitamins,
phytopreparations, calcium preparations (for the prevention and treatment of
osteoporosis), tranquilizers, antidepressants, bisphosphates, nootropics
other. The feasibility of the use of certain drugs for
menopause is determined by the attending physician.

Proper nutrition

Despite the unpleasant symptoms accompanying menopause
women, when prescribing the correct treatment and following the principles
healthy lifestyle can significantly reduce the degree
severity of the main features. Upon reaching the age
menopause attention should be paid to the right

Proper nutrition при климаксе базируется на таких

  • it is necessary to reduce portions, but increase the number of receptions
    food up to 5-6 times;
  • eat regularly at the same time;
  • you need to drink up to two liters of clean water;
  • dishes should be steamed, baked or stewed, but not
    in any case, do not fry (taboo is introduced into the pan);
  • as much as possible vegetables and fruits should be consumed in raw
    the form;
  • eliminate or minimize salt intake;
  • exclude from the diet “harmful” products, and include a wide
    range of “useful”.

Selecting products for your diet, you need to make sure that
the body got vitamins and minerals. Especially vitamins A, E, D and
C, group B, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

It is necessary to strongly limit or remove the following from the diet.
products and dishes:

  • salt, sugar;
  • convenience foods, fast food;
  • lard, fatty meat, lard, margarine, spread;
  • alcoholic drinks;
  • sausages, smoked meats, offal;
  • coffee, chocolate, cocoa, sweets;
  • hot spices;
  • sweet soda, juice from the package.

Menu for the day

Start the day preferably with a cup of clean cool water drunk
on an empty stomach The menu of a woman who has menopause can
look like this.

  1. Breakfast – oatmeal with bran and raisins.
  2. The second breakfast is a salad with fruits and nuts.
  3. Lunch – chicken soup and seaweed salad.
  4. Safe, baked apples with low-fat cottage cheese.
  5. Dinner – boiled fish and vegetable salad.

In between meals can be consumed
dried fruit and drink a variety of juices.

Folk remedies

When treating tides, insomnia, headaches and other
manifestations of menopause successfully used traditional medicine:
decoctions of plants, herbal soothing baths.

  1. Soothing herbal bath. 10 art. l mixture of calamus root,
    thyme, yarrow, oregano, sage, pine buds brew
    in a bucket of water to cool, filter and add to the container.
    A 10 minute procedure will suffice;
  2. Rhodiola rosea Alcohol tincture
    (аптечную) родиолы принимают по 15 капель, разведенных в
    20 ml of drinking water before breakfast and before lunch.
  3. Для приготовления настоя из душицы 2 столовые ложки
    plants pour 400 ml of boiling water and insist in a thermos. Accept
    drink half a glass several times a day 30 minutes after
    food. This decoction is especially effective for neurosis that occurs on
    background menopause.
  4. Lemon. Grind lemons (with the skin) in a meat grinder. Shell 5
    chop eggs to a state of powder. Mix and give
    Brew for 7 days. Take 3 times a day and 1 tbsp. spoon in
    for a month.
  5. Hawthorn. 3 tbsp. spoons of hawthorn flowers pour 3 cups
    boiling water. Take 1 glass 3 times a day.
  6. Irritability will help remove teas and mint-based drinks,
    Melissa, Hypericum and Oregano. These medicinal herbs have powerful
    antidepressant action and help get rid of the nervous
  7. Valerian helps relieve emotional tension, and
    also improve sleep. The broth is prepared according to the recipe above.
    You need to take 100 ml in the morning and evening.
  8. Sage juice will help to cope with high blood pressure. For this
    you need to take 20 ml three times a day for three

Diseases arising on the background of menopause

Discussing menopause in women, symptoms, age, treatment, should
consider in detail the diseases that occur under the influence of
changes in hormonal levels.

Estrogens are not only necessary for fertility. For
of all reproductive age, these hormones protect women from
various diseases, strengthening virtually all structures in
the body. When estrogen levels begin to decrease with
menopause, the effect on many systems.

Osteoporosis With this disease there is a decrease in bone density,
their microarchitecture is disturbed, brittleness increases, due to
which significantly increases the risk of fractures. To occurrence
osteoporosis causes a change in the work of building cells, which
happens on the background of a change in the balance of hormones.
Heart and Vascular Diseases Climax has a major effect on the circulatory system –
all organs suffer, from the heart to the smallest vessels. After
menopause increases the risk of the following diseases:

  • heart ischemia;
  • hypertension;
  • sclerosis.

Most often, menopause leads to increased blood pressure,
which can become persistent and go into hypertension.
This is observed, along with different types of arrhythmias, in almost a third
menopausal women

Uterine myoma Myoma can be of different sizes, single or multiple.
Often occurs on the background of menopause, and after menopause
small myoma nodes are able to self
Ovarian cysts Menopause often has dermoid, endometrioid and
other types of non-functional cysts, as well as polycystic
Frequent urination Structural changes and the urinary system,
reverse process related to sexual. Frequent urging for a little
need at night, recurrent infections, other unpleasant pathologies
will pursue a woman who does not care about saving
own health.


As preventive measures aimed at
prevention of early onset of climacteric changes,

  • Regular examination by relevant specialists – every
    6 months.
  • Timely treatment of pathological processes that have arisen in
    the sphere of the endocrine and gynecological system of organs.
  • The right attitude to receive hormone
  • General hardening.
  • Balanced diet.
  • Moderate exercise.
  • Regular intercourse.

At the first sign of menopause, be sure to go to the gynecologist.
and endocrinologist for a consultation. Take care of yourself, we wish you strong
health and wellness!

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