Cleansing facials at home,black, with clay, lemon, from black points

Update: October 2018

Skin cleansing is the most important step in skin care,
which is relevant at any age. Simple washing sometimes happens
not enough for deep cleansing of pores, while masks that cleanse
face skin, perfectly cope with this task.

You can perform deep cleansing procedures as follows.
in the following way:

  • contacting a beautician and taking advantage of salons
  • using purchased ready-made masks available for home
  • taking advantage of popular recipes and preparing healthy
    Composition yourself.

In the article we will tell about the most affordable option and
We will provide the best recipes for skin cleansing masks that can be
do yourself at home.

A few simple rules about preparing skin for cleansing.

If there are no special problems with the face, such as black dots,
constant fatness, etc., preparation for the mask is removal
cosmetics, washing the skin with clean water with suitable type of foam
the dermis.

If there are such phenomena as dilated and clogged with skin
lard pores, persistent fatty deposits, eels and comedones, the dermis should
prepare for cleansing so that the mask really works. So,
How to clean the face before the mask:

Steam bath

A great way to expand and open the pores, remove small
pollution. For its preparation take suitable dry or fresh.
plants. Herbs are covered with boiling water for 10 minutes under the lid and then
Substitute the face under warm steam so that there is no discomfort and
burning sensation. The head is covered with a towel for better effect.
5-10 minutes is enough. If the steam bath is done right
facial skin becomes slightly red, pores become visible on the general


  • suitable for oily skin and combined type
    calendula, chamomile, sage, tutsan;
  • when dry face recommended leaves of raspberry, black currant,
  • with the normal type of dermis, you can take mint, string and


This is a mechanical preparation for cleansing that will help remove
dead epithelium. 1 tbsp. кофе мелкомолотого смешивают с 1 tbsp.
sour cream, and gently cleanse the skin with this mixture of circular

Attention! It is impossible to carry out cleansing procedures when
inflammatory processes of acute nature on the surface of the skin
cover! Also, you can not apply a cleansing composition to the skin about

What effect to expect

  • Pores are freed from black spots, dirt and greasy accumulations.
    secret, become less noticeable externally and taper slightly behind
    account of cleansing from the contents, which improves the appearance;
  • In addition to dirt, the dermis is freed from toxins, heavy
    metals, slags, i.e. becoming healthier;
  • Improved oxygen consumption and its penetration into
    intercellular space, which means that the exchange and
    energy processes occurring in the skin;
  • In addition to cleansing, the skin receives vital moisture and trace elements –
    for example, if you add a couple of drops of olive oil to the mask or
    wheat germ, you get an anti-aging mask with effect

Of course, the most affordable and simple option is cleansing.
face mask at home. As a rule, home cleansing
face mask consists of the most accessible components and is
effective if you apply it at least 1 p / week.

For different types of skin

For oily dermis and with a tendency to fat  lkz ;bhyjq rj;b

2 tbsp. mix freshly chopped apple with starch (1
tsp.) or with one protein. Apply the mixture to the face area and rinse.
in 15-20 minutes, then it is recommended to moisten the dermis with suitable
cream This recipe is recommended not only for cleansing, but also for
normalization of the activity of the sebaceous glands.

For combined dermis

  • WITHмешать 1 белок и 2 tbsp. semolina or cornmeal to
    homogeneity. Soak for a quarter of an hour and wash with warm water.
  • WITHмешать 1 tbsp. ground oat flakes with the same volume
    low-fat sour cream (up to 15%), add 2 drops of apple cider vinegar and
    lemon juice, take 15-20 minutes.

dry skin

4 tsp. shredded radish mixed with sour cream (1 tsp),
apply the mass for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water, then put
on the face a towel soaked in cold water. After leaving should
apply a nourishing cream.

For нормальной кожи

Take 1 equal part of cottage cheese, cream 10% and carrot juice.
Apply for 20 minutes, then wash with clean warm water.

Simple cleansing masks

with yeast

For очищения пор, универсальная. 1 tsp yeast diluted in
молоке (подогретом) в объеме 1 tbsp. Apply and rinse clean
water in 20 minutes.

Mask with coal

Mask with coal, для очищения пор. 4-5 tablets of coal crushed and
добавить 1 tbsp. clay green, enter into the resulting powder warm
vodichku to the consistency of sour cream. Apply for 20 minutes and rinse.


from rice flour, narrowing pores

Grind the rice to flour (or use ready-made flour), mix
with honey liquid and lemon juice to obtain a thick mixture, which on
20 min apply on face and clean the skin from the remnants of the mask warm
some water.

with parsley juice for dry and withering skin

Mix in equal proportions fresh parsley juice, sour cream and
oat flour, apply the composition for 10 – 15 minutes on clean skin and rinse
plain water.

cucumber cleansing and moisturizing

WITHвежий огурец, протертый на терке (крупной), смешать с 1 белком
whipped and 2-3 drops of lemon juice. Apply for 20 minutes, rinse with water.
contrasting temperatures.

lemon and honey, cleansing and nourishing

1 tsp lemon juice, honey and green tea leaf after
brew mix until uniform, apply and withstand 20
minutes, rinse with cool water.

sea ​​salt scrub effect

WITHмешать 1 tbsp. меда с 1 tsp shallow sea salt, add
half a spoonful of olive oil. Massage into the skin,
wait 15 minutes. Rinse skin warm, then cold.

Deep cleansing masks

Such care should not be carried out too often, 1 p enough in
a week or two.

with aloe juice

This healing plant not only releases pores, but also moisturizes
and literally fills the dull skin with glitter. Whipped protein mixed with
1 tsp сока лимона и соком алоэ (2 tbsp.), нанести на 20 минут,
then rinse first with warm, after cold water,
acidified with lemon juice. After the procedure it is important to use
nutritious cream.

cottage cheese

WITHкорлупу 1го вареного яйца перетолочь и смешать с мягким
cottage cheese в объеме 1 tbsp. and a few drops of milk, put on
20 мин и аккуратно смыть теплой some water.

cleansing mask

Порошок пищевого желатина 1 tbsp. развести с молоком (1 tbsp.) и
1 tablet of activated charcoal, heat to dissolve on
water bath and hot (not burning!) Apply to
problematic parts of the face, leave for complete drying, then
gently remove the dry film. Mask с желатином эффективно очищает
pores and frees the dermis from dead epithelial cells.


1 tbsp. baker’s yeast diluted with 3% hydrogen peroxide to
monotonous gruel, put on skin for 20 minutes and rinse
прохладной water

sauerkraut whitening face mask

The required amount of sauerkraut chop and for 20 minutes
apply on face, rinse. Natural acids perfectly dissolve
fat plugs and whiten the skin.

with salicylic acid

An effective recipe for cleansing and lightening the skin, as well as for
recovery in the presence of acne. 4 tablets of aspirin peretoloch
powder and dilute with lemon juice to obtain a mushy
состояния, нанести на 10 мин, ополоснуть теплой water


Excellent opens the pores, normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands,
It has a natural antiseptic effect. Not suitable for
dry skin. Tar soap rubbed on a grater, enter
немного воды и взбить до формирования пены, добавить 1 tbsp.
sour cream. Apply and leave to dry on skin, then add
another layer and hold for 15 min. Rinse with warm and then cool.
some water.

with white or blue clay, cleansing the pores and deducing

2 tbsp. clay powder diluted with lemon juice (5 drops.) and
add milk until thick, which is applied before
full drying. WITHмыть теплой water

 Mask-пленка для лица

Желатин 1 tbsp. mix with juice of grapefruit or lemon 100 ml,
put in a cold place until the gelatin swells and apply to the skin
a thin layer, wait until it dries, wash off.

mask – очищение и улучшение тонуса кожного покрова

WITHухие травы берут в зависимости от типа кожи из перечня выше.
WITHмесь трав измельчить, залить кипятком в соотношении 1:3 и
boil for five minutes, cool to a tolerable temperature and apply
gruel on a gauze base, which is laid on the face for 20 minutes.

Choose a suitable recipe, based on the type and condition
skin. Each of the recipes presented will be effective when
proper use and regular use, i.e. Not really
often, but not rarely. Home masks are better than those purchased by the fact that
вы точно знаете, из каких компонентов состоит выбранная вами mask.
In any case, cleansing of the skin is a procedure that
should be carried out regularly and not occasionally.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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