Choosing the best feeding bottlesnewborns

Since the appearance of the baby, parents try to surround him
due care and attention, to ensure proper care, create
ideal conditions for its growth and development. The selection is also important.
quality products for a newborn child. Kind of it
applies to the first dishes for the baby. So, bottles for
кормления новорождённых используются абсолютно всеми
parents, regardless of the method of feeding (HB or IV).
If the baby is breastfed, the bottles may
useful in cases where mom needs to absent himself. Then she
decanting breast milk beforehand, after which dad or grandmother can
no problem to feed the baby. If the child is artificial
feeding, then without a few bottles and not do. This
Children’s dishes are also necessary for making up the baby with some water. AT
due to the urgency of using this item of utensils
young parents the question arises – how
to choose the right bottle for a newborn baby and what
should pay attention when choosing.

The content of the article

  • 1 Criteria for choosing a feeding bottle
    • 1.1 ATидео галерея: как выбрать бутылочку и соску
  • 2 Best Baby Bottle Manufacturers
    • 2.1 ATидео галерея: бутылочки разных производителей
    • 2.2 Bottle Nipples: What to Look For
  • 3 Additional recommendations
    • 3.1 ATидео: кормление из бутылочки

бутылочки для новорожденных

Criteria for choosing a feeding bottle

When choosing baby bottles, first of all, you need to pay
attention to the quality of manufacturing of these products. To
protect the child from defective products, it is recommended
purchase bottles and accessories in pharmacies or nurseries
specialized stores. On such a product must
be a certificate of quality.

Preferring one model or another, you need to consider
a few points:

  • size / volume;
  • the form;
  • material;
  • manufacturer.

The size. AT первые месяцы жизни дети выпивают за
один раз не более 90 мл молока и 50 мл воды (ссылка на статью:
сколько ребенку нужно молока / смеси в 1 месяц
). Therefore, on
первое время можно купить для кормления небольшие бутылочки –
volume from 80 to 150 ml. They are compact and do not cause trouble
operation. Some mommies also think it’s better to choose
wide models, rather than narrow ones, as it is convenient to keep them when
feeding and just rinse and process.

бутылочка антиколиковой формы

Антиколиковая форма бутылочки

Форма. Wondering what form a child should be
bottle, many parents disagree. Some believe that
the most optimal is the so-called “anti-colic”
curved. Others believe that you need to acquire
bottles of standard cylindrical shape. The highlight
which young parents should take into account when choosing
form, is simplicity and convenience when washing and processing. the main thing
– so that this item of dishes can be well and quickly washed.

Material. Equally important is that
material of which capacities for baby food are made.
The most common material for making this nursery
cookware is plastic.

Преимущества пластиковых бутылочек:

  • ease;
  • fast processing;
  • variety of models.


  • when boiling plastic can release harmful to the body
  • plastic bottles need to be changed frequently;
  • with prolonged use in plastic can be formed

There is a more reliable material for the manufacture of children’s
посуды – стекло. However, glass bottles are not
so often found on the shelves of children’s supermarkets. None
however, they are quite popular due to their durable use
and being able to sterilize them for a long time without
health concerns for the baby. Their only negative – they are pretty
severe and careless handling can break.

Orienting in size, shape, material of children’s dishes,
It is important not to forget about the manufacturer. Parents prefer to buy
bottles of proven and recognized brands.

ATидео галерея: как выбрать бутылочку и соску

How to choose a baby feeding bottle and pacifier on
her, what you need to be sure to pay attention when choosing how
содержать бутылочку в чистоте и другие популярные вопросы
parsed in the video below.

View video

Top Baby Bottle Manufacturers

The best baby feeding bottles are supplied as follows.

  • Philips Avent – именно данной
    Firm mothers prefer when choosing children’s dishes. Products
    This manufacturer has a wide neck, compact,
    anti-colic valve. This product passes all the necessary procedures.
    testing and certification.
  • Dc. Brown – ещё один излюбленный бренд.
    ATогнутая форма бутылочек данной фирмы позволяет добиться
    antikolikovogo effect. Products Dc. Brown have a unique
    ventilation system with duct that impedes
    ingestion of excess air during feeding.
  • Nuk – признан молодыми moms as
    best manufacturer due to high quality workmanship and
    strength. Almost all models have a bright coloring, attracting
    attention of both parents and little nonsense.
  • Chicco Nature
    manufacturer, taking care of maximum compliance process
    feeding to breastfeeding. This effect was achieved with
    using a special physiological nipple that makes feeding
    newborn simple and enjoyable.

Photo gallery of bottles of different manufacturers

Бутылочка Chicco Nature
Бутылочка Chicco Nature
Бутылочка Dc. Brown
Бутылочка Dc. Brown
Бутылочка Nuk
Бутылочка Nuk
Бутылочка Philips Avent

ATидео галерея: бутылочки разных производителей (comparison)

View video

Philips AVENT

Dc. Brown

Chicco Nature

Avent or NUK? Who will win?

Bottle nipples: what to look for

ATо многом то, как новорождённый будет пить молоко или водичку из
Bottles, depends on the correct choice of nipples. Most children
Bottles are produced together with suitable in size and other
parameters nipples. None менее, в некоторых случаях дети
scrupulous about those or other nipples: some babies
Normally perceive standard silicone nipples, others
take only soft latex. AT таком случае мамам нужно
watch which nipple is best suited and like it specifically
her baby

ATыбирая соску, важно правильно подобрать и размер отверстия, от
which depends on the flow of milk. Pharmacy specialists or
baby stores will help you choose the best nipples for
bottles depending on age and individual preferences

Additional recommendations

Читаем также: Как приучить ребенка к

  1. Buying feeding bottles, do not forget to get
    brushes to wash them. Thoroughly wash baby dishes from
    residual milk or milk mixture is needed after each feeding
  2. When processing, you can use a small amount of funds
    for washing children’s dishes.
  3. The most thoroughly needed to wash the hard to reach places – the bottom
    and bottleneck, as this is where residues can settle
    milk This is an enabling environment for development.
    pathogens and can trigger disorders
  4. Brush for washing baby bottles should be used
    exclusively for this purpose.
  5. Before each use baby container
    boil for 5-10 minutes or
    простерилизовать в стерилизаторе (См ТОП-9 современных
    стерилизаторов для бутылочек (рейтинг)
  6. Do not forget to change baby bottles, nipples,
    brushes for washing.
  7. For breastfed babies, there will be
    2-3 small bottles up to 80-100 ml are enough. They
    will be needed for drinking some water, and later – juice and children’s
  8. For the “artificiality” will need more bottles:
    4-5 volumes up to 180-250 ml for milk formula and 2-3 volumes around
    80-100 ml for water, juice, baby tea.

Thus, choosing a feeding bottle for a newborn,
it is necessary to approach this issue with full responsibility and
seriousness Choosing the right dishes for baby food affects
for no problems when feeding the baby.

We read on how to choose:

  • vybor

    A complete list of things for the newborn;
  • ATыбираем молокоотсос (учимся им сцеживаться);
  • ATыбираем соску;
  • ATыбираем подгузники;
  • ATыбираем слинг;
  • We buy the first dishes.

ATидео: кормление из бутылочки

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