Choosing a postpartum bandage (+ learntie up the belly)

Bandage – a special device that helps support muscles
belly for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes. Bandage can be prenatal
and postpartum. A puerperal bandage will remove the extra load from
spine, will reduce back pain, will quickly bring the tummy into
normal, restore the tone of the abdominal muscles, with caesarean section
secure the seam, support and strengthen the muscles of the abdominal wall.

The content of the article

  • 1 Types of postpartum bandages
  • 2 Choose a bandage
  • 3 When and how to wear
  • 4 Postpartum bandage do it yourself

послеродовой бандаж

Types of postpartum bandages

Universal bandage. The most economical, because
его используют и как дородовой, and postpartum. He imagines
is an elastic tape, one end of which is wide, the other – narrow.
After childbirth, the broad side supports the belly, narrow dress on
lower back. Price from 300 to 1000 rubles.

Ribbon – belt. Represents a broad, up to
30 см шириной, эластичную ленту с плотной вставкой в области
belly. It covers almost the entire abdomen, tightly diminishes
him. It is fastened on “flypapers”, the diameter of the bandage can be
to regulate. Плюсы: не очень дорогой (от 500 до
1000 r), well flattens the abdomen, after cesarean section
well fixes a seam, serves as a prophylactic
postoperative hernia. Minuses: во время ношения
can bully to the upper abdomen, creating discomfort when walking,
especially if he is wearing pants. Popular
марки: Фэст, Bliss, Chicco.

Bandage – panties (grace). This type of bandage
made in the form of cowards. On the stomach there is a dense inset. In
many models on the sides there are different levels of fasteners,
allowing you to adjust the density of the makeup. There are models with clasps
below, they allow you not to remove the bandage while committing the toilet.
Плюсы: прекрасно держится на теле, не задирается,
does not slip, well flattens the stomach. Allows you to wear tight
clothes, as almost not noticeable. Minuses:
requires daily washing.

Существуют также корсетные трусы (с высокой
талией) и бермуды (с удлиненной линией бедер). Their
pluses: except the abdomen, waist and hips are tightened, cleaned
displays of cellulitis, extensions, the figure gets beautiful
proportional shape. The minus is the same as for cowards – graces:
daily wash. Цены от 600 до 3000 р.

Бандаж – юбочка. Represents a broad
an elastic tape with a fastener – “flypaper”. Wearing a skirt,
covering the waist and thighs, well diminishes them.

See photo: types of puerperal bandages

универсальный бандаж
лента пояс
трусики грация
бандаж юбочка

ATыбираем бандаж

Distinctly refer to the choice of bandage. Wrong,
he will bring the hostess only inconvenience and grief. Recommendations
The following will help you avoid mistakes when purchasing.

  • Carefully approach the selection of size.
    Inоружитесь сантиметровой лентой и измерьте объём талии и бедер в
    their widest point. On the packaging bandage necessarily have
    size table, where you will find the size that suits you
    to the standards. It is even better if the pharmacy is allowed to try on a bandage in front of
    purchase. So here you just do not make mistakes with the choice of size.
    Bandage-panties buy a size larger than usual for you. Inобще,
    postpartum bandage in size must match those clothes
    which was worn by a woman before pregnancy. In those cases, if she
    gestation period recovered by more than 12 kg, the bandage should
    choose one or two sizes.
  • Choose a bandage that contains natural fibers.
    (cotton), elastane, microfiber.
    Then the body when tightening
    will “breathe.” A good postpartum bandage is made from tight
    elastic fabric, good fixes, but do not squeeze the stomach. is he
    must pass air and absorb moisture well.
  • Pay attention to the clasps. If they
    multi-level, it will allow you to optimally adjust the degree
    fitting bandage.
  • Consult how best to wear each type.
    Determine for yourself what will be for you
    more convenient.
  • Buy a bandage at the pharmacy. AT
    specialized pharmacies and stores will help you choose
    size, try on a few models. Thanks to this you can
    purchase the model that suits you best.
  • Do not take from friends or buy already worn
    As a rule, his material has already stretched over time.
    partially lost elasticity and will not be so
    effective as new.

If the bandage is easy to put on and take off, you are comfortable in it, you are not
you feel the seams and fasteners, so you can buy.

When and how to wear

Do you need a bandage and when you wear it, you
tell the doctor. First you need to consult, because there is
some contraindications.

Противопоказания: is he противопоказан при
allergies, some diseases of the skin, kidneys, with slow
contraction of the uterus, delayed postpartum discharge (lochia) in the cavity
uterus, stomach diseases. Nor are doctors always allowed
носить бандаж после кесарева сечения (случай продольного шва
или некоторые другие нестандартные виды швов).

Inспользоваться поясом можно уже через два hours after delivery (with
doctor’s permission). After a cesarean, it will ease the pain
the seam area and evenly distribute the load that will warn him
possible discrepancy. But it is usually recommended to start using it.
only in a week (7-10 days). Wear it lying down,
slightly raising the hips – in this position the muscles are relaxed, the belt
will fit snugly to the body. To rise, wearing a bandage,
try slowly. A sharp rise can lead to dizziness,
even fainting.

Tighten the belt so that it is not too clamped belly. If a
feel discomfort, immediately loosen the belt. Usually on the package
there is рисунки с инструкцией, как правильно одевать bandage. AT любом
In this case, you can consult a doctor or nurse.

Dress bandage every day for one and a half months (6 weeks
postpartum period). Be sure to take breaks for half an hour
every 3-4 hours wearing. You can not sleep in it.

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postpartum bandage and how it is useful: the advice of doctors

How long to wear a bandage after childbirth:

DIY postpartum bandage

If a нет желания покупать бандаж в магазине, можно самой
perform postpartum swaddling of the abdomen, or tying. ATам
потребуется плотная ткань длиной три метра и шириной 50 см. If a
there is слинг – шарф, можно использовать его (См как сделать слинг
DIY scarf)

Do not see that the model is tied up while standing on the photo, so simple
it is more convenient to show how to do it, but you need to tie up lying.

Лежа на спине, кладем ткань на талию

Лежа на спине, кладем ткань на талию
Перекрещиваем ткань за спиной

Перекрещиваем ткань за спиной
ATыводим концы вперед

ATыводим концы вперед
Получилось два слоя. The first - wide and straightened the cloth. is heа будет служить карманом, куда «сложим» stomach. ATторой слой will serve as support so that the stomach does not fall вниз.

Получилось два слоя. The first – wide and straightened
the cloth. is heа будет служить карманом, куда «сложим» stomach. ATторой слой
will serve as support so that the stomach does not fall
Завязываем узел. Better on the side so that the node is not on матке. На этой фотографии рука указывает на то, что слоя — два. AND they are different. Широкий и узкий. Должно быть комфортно, нельзя tighten too tight, because when you stand up, the fabric will become еще туже.

Завязываем узел. Better on the side so that the node is not on
the womb. In this photograph, the hand indicates that there are two layers. AND
they are different. Wide and narrow. Must be comfortable, you can not
tighten too tight, because when you stand up, the fabric will become
еще туже.
Запускаем руки под ткань, глубоко в stomach. AND — весь stomach

Запускаем руки под ткань, глубоко в stomach. AND — весь
stomach “lay out” in the pocket, above the second layer, which
serves as a fixative. Do not be afraid to shove hands as deep as possible, often
«родивший» живот — это бездонный мешок.
ATытягиваем живот наверх.

ATытягиваем живот наверх.


Текстовая инструкция:

  1. Lie on your back, lay the fabric on the belt, previously
    straightening her.
  2. Cross her behind your back, pushing the ends forward again.
  3. Now on the stomach turned out a wide strip, it covers
    the belly (the so-called “pocket”).
  4. We put two narrow ends under the belly, fasten them a little
    at the side. It turned out the second narrow band, it supports
  5. We put our hands under a wide strip as deep as possible.
    �”We lay out” the stomach in the “pocket” above the narrow ribbon. Caution
    get up
  6. ATы ощущаете, будто кто-то сзади обнял вас снизу под животом и
    raised it up? It is comfortable to stand, breathe easy, the belt does not press? ATы
    did everything right. Have a feeling of being too tight? Lie down
    tie the fabric again, loosen it a little.

It is necessary to be tied up about 10 – 14 days. If a после снятия повязки
you feel like you haven’t taken it off, you can clean it up

Pros: muscular corset strengthens, internal organs “stand up”
in place, the excess load on the back is removed, the stomach is tightened.
And, of course, making a bandage with your own hands, you are essentially
save your budget.

ATажно не перетянуть!

No matter which model of postpartum bandage you choose.
The main thing is that you wear it and wear it with pleasure and

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