Choosing a breast pump and learning how to do it.decant chest

Many future mothers, preparing for the birth of their baby, in advance
make a shopping list, trying to take into account all the important little things,
who in the future will help them in caring for babies. In this list
Breast pump is most commonly used – a special device for
expressing breast milk.

The content of the article

  • 1 Types of breast pumps: what to choose
    • 1.1 Pump action
    • 1.2 Breast pump in the form of a syringe
    • 1.3 Piston (cylindrical)
    • 1.4 Electric breast pumps
    • 1.5 Electronic
      • 1.5.1 Видео: выбор молокоотсоса
  • 2 Rules of pumping breast pump
    • 2.1 Preparation for pumping
      • 2.1.1 Видео: сцеживание молока
    • 2.2 Board instructions for nursing mothers
      • 2.2.1 How to use a breast pump (video number 2)
      • 2.2.2 Why is it impossible to pump breast pump?
      • 2.2.3 Видео: Как собрать молокоотсос Avent
      • 2.2.4 Where to buy

молокоотсос Avent

Why is the breast pump, not the hands, because the breast can be drained and
hands? Modern breastpumps help you save a lot
time and save your strength.

The choice of these devices today is so wide (the functionality
differs from each other in the mechanism of its work, price,
properties, convenience, etc.) that women simply run up
eyes. Чтобы не мучиться вопросом, какой молокоотсос самый
the best and which one to choose for comfortable pumping
молока, следует know, какие виды этих аппаратов

Types of breast pumps: what to choose

(Photos are clickable)

Дешевая модель помпового молокоотсос
Помповый молокоотсос
Milkотсос помповый с грушей
Помповый улучшенный
Milkотсос поршневый
молокоотсос электрический

Абсолютно все молокоотсосы делятся на два вида по принципу их
Actions: manual, that is, mechanical, and electrical.

Manual breast pumps are not as expensive as their electric
analogs. They can be divided into:

Pump action

The simplest of the existing devices. Consists of nozzle on
chest and rubber pump (or pear). When expressing milk like this
the device a woman needs to often compress the pump to create
определенный вакуум вокруг соска и вызвать tide of milk. Milk
поступает при каждом надавливании на chest.

  • Плюс модели – низкая цена. Price of pump action
    breastpumps start at 90 rubles for the simplest models.
  • Минусы – за счет постоянного механического
    squeezing the pump quickly gets tired hand, with frequent use
    there is the likelihood of cracking nipples. Milk тянет

Pump action молокоотсосы есть без бутылочки и с прикрепленной

Milkотсос в виде шприца

The device consists of two cylinders, where the inner
applied directly to the nipple itself, and the external one
moving forward or backward. This option is the most common and
popular: it is easy to clean, easy to use, small in size

Piston (cylindrical)

This type of breast pump consists of a silicone nozzle on the nipple
with a special lever attached to it and a bottle in
complete set. For decanting it is enough to press the lever, tightly
pressing the nozzle to the chest.


  • thanks to silicone nozzles, decanting piston
    breast pump resembles natural breastfeeding that
    improves lactation;
  • rapid pumping. For 10 minutes, it is decanted to 150-200 ml. (At
    manual pumping it takes up to 40 minutes);
  • silent operation;
  • possibility of sterilization of all parts of the breast pump;
  • relatively low price and a huge selection of different


  • fragility of parts. With very frequent use of the lever
    breast pump may break.
  • A woman’s hands get tired quickly when pumping.

Philips AVENT Manual Breast Pump – Overview

Electric breast pumps

In addition to mechanical models, to facilitate the process of decanting
существует и электрические. Use any model
electric breast pump lactating mom will not make any

The principle of the device is not to manually create a vacuum.
around the nipple, and using a special motor. A woman
just press the button and the device will start its own


  • the ability to memorize the pumping mode;
  • There are models with two-phase mode. First, the device works
    in the fast and gentle mode, gradually moving to the slow and
    deep pumping. This mode allows you to maximize
    accumulated breast milk;
  • есть модели, которые позволяют одновременно сцеживаться с
    both breasts;
  • easy to disassemble, parts wash and sterilize;
  • electric breast pump suitable for permanent
    use, as it does not injure the nipple and does not contribute

Despite the undoubted advantages of electric models, they have
and certain shortcomings. These include a very high cost and
noise when using. Such a breast pump can hardly be used.
next to the sleeping child.


This is a microprocessor controlled breast pump,
которое полностью контролирует выделение молока и ритм
squeezing Work from the socket or battery. Are standing
accordingly expensive.

сцеживаем из двух грудей одновременно

Example of expressing a breast pump of two

Видео: выбор молокоотсоса

Having decided on choosing a breast pump, a woman faces
how to properly prepare for decanting and how
to maximize the expression of breast milk.

Rules of pumping breast pump

During the feeding period, most moms have to face
with a situation like decanting. To protect yourself from unnecessary
risks, every mommy must know how to properly express breast with
using a breast pump so as not to harm yourself.

Draining груди молокоотсосом процесс абсолютно не
shameful, it does not need to be afraid or shy!

The main reasons that cause them to express:

  • У вас крайне много молока, поэтому во избежание
    it hardens in the chest, you need to get rid of excess
  • Your breast milk is not enough for feeding.
    baby, so pumping you need to
    стимуляции лактации;
  • You need to attend an important event where it will be impossible
    provide access to your child’s chest or your baby stays home without you
    with grandma, dad and they need to feed the baby;
  • The child refuses to take the breast, but milk drinks from the nursery.

Вариантов может быть масса…

Preparation for pumping

Before you express your milk with a breast pump, check out

  1. Wash your hands with soap and wash your chest with warm water.
  2. If possible, drink a glass of warm water or tea to improve
    tide of milk.
  3. Carefully read all instructions enclosed in your
    breast pump.
  4. If you use the breast pump for the first time, be sure to
    boil and let it dry. Then collect all the pieces and
    Prepare sterilized dishes to collect milk.
  5. Before starting the process, select the desired size funnel itself
    the nipple should not be flush with the wall of the suction device, otherwise
    pumping will be slow and painful. The nipple should be moving forward.
    and back without obstacles, so you need to leave room for it
  6. For large breasts or large nipples, it is recommended to choose
    funnel with the largest diameter.
  7. To make the chest better fit to the funnel, moisten the skin with moist
    a towel.
  8. Find a place that is most convenient and suitable for such
  9. Begin to express milk at the most convenient speed, even if
    she is the most powerful. The main thing is not to forget to constantly stimulate
    tide of milk.
  10. Slight chest movements can be stimulated in front of
    the procedure itself and during it.

Preparation is completed, you can start decanting

If you feel the slightest difficulty pumping, do not
forget that pumping is an artificial process, imitation
feeding. You can achieve a positive result by
The production of a hormone decanting called oxytocin. For this
enough to take a warm bath, drink hot tea
(preferably with milk), put a warm towel on your chest or
Just take a look at your baby’s photo. Already in time
the hormone prolactin will start to work out, it depends on it,
how much milk you can pump.

Видео: сцеживание молока

Board instructions for nursing mothers

It takes 10-15 minutes for each breast pump
chest.  Если сцедились быстрее, не
останавливайтесь — продолжайте еще несколько минут.

  • To facilitate the process, it is better to lean forward slightly, but not
    too. Such a position will allow the lobules to more easily pass milks and
    Mom will be much easier to collect.
  • Supporting and slightly raising the chest with one hand, the other
    Attach and firmly press the nozzle of the breast pump to the nipple. Nipple
    should be in the middle of the nozzle. In turn the funnel
    must fit snugly to the nipple, otherwise the necessary vacuum will not be created,
    and the pumping process will be difficult.

(The photo is clickable)

сцеживаем молоко молокоотсосом
Nipple должен быть по центру, воронка герметично и
плотно прилегать к груди
Нажимаем на поршень и сцеживаем молко
Нажимайте поршень (если молокоотсос
  • При использовании механического прибора – начинайте нажимать на
    lever or pump for decanting with an electric breast pump
    just click on the button. There is no need to squeeze the chest,
    so as not to injure the nipple. If, after all, pain takes place,
    check whether the funnel of the breast pump is properly positioned and whether
    in the middle is the nipple. With a state of severe discomfort
    you should stop pumping and after some time start
    process again.
  • It should be cried until the breast softens, and not
    no more probing seals. Before the end of the process yet
    once massaged the chest from the armpit to the center, driving
    milk residues from the side slices. At this pumping over, you can
    use milk immediately or freeze it.

How to use a breast pump (video number 2)

Why is it impossible to pump breast pump?


Итак, как выбирать молокоотсос и как лучше
сцеживаться женщине уже известно, а как быть, когда
breast pump can not be decanting a drop of milk?
although imitation, but still a natural process and if in your chest
if there is no milk, no breast pump can pump it.
Having studied the pumping technique and the rules for handling such a device,
It can be concluded that you will not be able to drive away milk if:

  • Broken tightness between nipple and funnel. When hit
    Air breast pump will not work properly.
  • Застой молока (еще называю лактостаз — прочтите об
    ). If the chest is very dense to the touch, there are
    painful areas, it will be difficult to express the milk quickly. In that
    случае поможет длительный массаж груди (См статью как сделать
    массаж груди
    ) руками и осторожная стимуляция сосков для
    улучшения tide of milk. You can also try to attach to one
    груди ребенка, а к другой поднести breast pump.
  • You are not prepared for the procedure itself: oxytocin is not

In general, it takes about 15 minutes to express one breast.
min Depending on how complex and narrow dairy
ducts, the collection period may be delayed. After any machine
pumping milk will be collected manually. It is necessary for
higher quality and maximum collection.

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bottle sterilizers (rating)

Видео: Как собрать молокоотсос Avent

Схема молокоотсоса

Схема молокоотсоса

Где купить

Read prices, read reviews, select and buy
молокоотсос можете на сайте интернет магазина акушерство.ру —
67 types of breast pumps.

Top 10 breast pump rating

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