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  • What is omega-3 fatty acids
  • How to choose a high-quality and effective drug with
    omega-3 acids?
  • All types of preparations containing omega-3 contain
    additional ingredients rich in this acid.
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  • Natural sources of omega-3 acids

If you need to take omega-3 fatty
acid capsules, then most likely you will need to choose
drug among a huge range. What are these supplements for?
which drugs are best for adults, which manufacturers
to trust – Russian or foreign? All detailed information about
Omega-3 fatty acids you get from our article.

What is omega-3 fatty acids

Every day we eat foods that consist of
proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Omega-3 fall into the latter category,
this is a group of polyunsaturated fatty acids: eicosapentaenoic
(EPA), docohexaenoic (DHA) and A-linolenic (ALA). First two
substances are considered indispensable for human health, get them
can only be from animal products, while
ALA is also found in plant foods (flax seed oil, nuts
walnuts, chia seeds).

Omega-3 fatty acids are involved in virtually all
systems of our body:

  • Помогают в работе сердечно-сосудистой системы,
    clear the blood vessels of cholesterol and help prevent
    the occurrence of blood clots;
  • Укрепляют нервную систему, помогают
    cope with depression, anxiety, stress and nervous
  • Улучшают работу мозга, улучшают память и
    cognitive function;
  • Helps maintain bone strength
    and accelerate their healing;
  • Замедляют процессы старения, т.к. contain
    natural collagen;
  • Normalize metabolic processes in

In the people, this dietary supplement is called fish oil, but drugs,
containing omega three fatty acids, have more advanced
composition. Pharmacies have a huge range of omega-3 supplements.
fatty acids enriched with vitamin E, curcumin, oil
fenugreek, fucoxanthin, thistle, green tea extract. Everything
These additional ingredients help in proper absorption.
omega-3 acids and increase their effectiveness.

омега 3

In the international medical practice the norms of daily
use of drugs with omega-3 acids. In childhood
the daily dosage is 100 mg of the drug, and for adults it
increases to 1060 mg. However, there are such states
the body, in which the need for omega-3 drugs
increases even more.

If for the prevention of deficiency of this substance is assigned
dosage of 1060 mg, then with increased physical exertion and
diseases of the cardiovascular system take about 3000 mg.
Pregnant women are prescribed an even greater
omega-3 concentration.

Pregnant women are strictly forbidden to take any
medical preparations without consulting a doctor.

Omega-3 drugs are best taken with food, which
will avoid such an unpleasant phenomenon as belching with
unpleasant, specific “fish” smell. Store such drugs
It is necessary in the refrigerator or in a dark, dry and cool place.
Getting into the heat and under exposure to sunlight, the drug quickly
oxidizes and loses its beneficial properties.

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How to choose a high-quality and effective drug with омега-3

  • The price of drugs in pharmacies is not a guarantee of their quality,
    It also includes the cost of transportation, advertising and
    colorful, attractive packaging. First of all, should
    advise to choose supplements containing the best raw materials of high
    degree of purification.
  • An important role is played by dosage forms in which
    Omega-3 preparations are produced. Omega-3 is best absorbed
    acids in the form of free fats. Omega-3 in the second place
    triglycerides, and the third – omega-3 in the form of ethyl esters.
  • As part of the most effective drugs with omega-3 acids
    the concentration of EPA and DHA should be maximized. It is these acids
    most important and beneficial to our health, so they should
    be listed in the composition in the first place.
  • The label will indicate the content of essential acids EPA and
    DGK (EPA and DА) separately. You need to calculate their total amount.
    and compare it with the minimum daily intake of omega-3 acids (1000
    mg). If the total EPA and DHA is less than 1000 mg, you need
    will take these drugs several times a day. It is not quite
    convenient, especially if you lead an active lifestyle.
    Therefore, if such a regimen is not convenient for you, you can
    pick up products with higher content of EPA and DHA.
    Judging by the reviews, Finnish supplements are very popular.
  • Buy only those products whose components have passed.
    high purity and clinical trials for example
    Norvesol. Pharmaceuticals have introduced special quality standards
    which you can check the authenticity of drugs. Not worth it
    buy supplements without GMP and GOED markings on packaging.
  • Omega-3 acids oxidize very quickly. Do not buy drugs
    no vitamin E – this component slows down the process of omega-3 oxidation
    acids, it retains their maximum benefit.

Article in topic: How to accelerate the metabolism (metabolism) for
losing weight at home?

For your convenience, we have prepared a description and a table with
a comparative analysis of the ranking of the best popular drugs,
containing omega-3 acids. You can compare the concentration
substances contained in them, the amount of packaging and the average cost.
The best option in terms of price and quality is noted in
the table.
For your convenience, for each drug we
added links to the largest proven online store iherb,
where you can order them with delivery at very competitive prices and
read real reviews.

  1. Jarrow formulas, Max DHA, 90 Capsules. (~ 815 r.) MAX DHA contains
    omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil that undergo thorough
    purification and concentration by molecular distillation.

    Jarrow formulas
  2. Life extension, Omega Foundations, Mega EPA / DHA, 120 Capsules
    (~ 952 p.). More concentrated contents of EPA and DHA than in
    большинстве обычного рыбьего жира Омега-3 (720 и 480 mg).

    Life extension
  3. Carlson Labs, Super Pearls with Omega-3, 1,200 mg, 100 + 30
    soft tablets (~ 1133 p.). 1200 mg of omega-3 (600 + 400). Produced by
    according to standards of the Food and Drug Administration
    United States (FDA). Caught in the wild.

  4. Now Foods, Ultra Omega 3-D, 180 gelatin capsules (~ 1903 r.).
    ATыбор редакции!Ультра высокая степень очистки.
    The optimal ratio of EPA and DHA (600 and 300). Additionally
    enriched with vitamin D (1000 IU). The product is flavored with oil.
    lemon. The best choice in terms of price-quality ratio (1 pack of 6
    months). Great reviews.

    Now Foods
  5. Source naturals, Omega 3 · 6 · 9, 30 capsules (~ 511 r.). Complete
    source of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. Attractive
    price but small package.

    Source naturals
  6. Nordic Naturals, Ultimate Omega, Lemon Flavor, 1280 mg, 180
    gelatin capsules (~ 3774 p.). The best selling omega-3 in the US. Without
    fishy aftertaste. Available in the form of triglycerides and
    exceeds the most stringent international standards for cleanliness and
    freshness. High content of EPA and DHA (650 and 450).

    Nordic Naturals
  7. Sports research, Omega-3, Triple Strength, 1250 mg, 180
    Gelatin capsules (~ 2534 r.). High levels of EPA and DHA (678/250) in
    each gelatin capsule. Derived from wild caught
    Alaskan Deepwater Pallock (not grown on
    farms). Advanced molecular distillation and purification.

    Sports research
  8. Solgar, Omega-3 EPA and Docohexanoic Acid, Triple Strength,
    950 mg, 100 capsules (~ 1837 p.). One of the most popular
    preparations.Production since 1947. It has a high concentration
    natural polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA
    (504/378), obtained from the fish inhabiting the cold waters.

  9. California Gold Nutrition, Omega-3, premium fish oil,
    100 gelatinous capsules. (~ 441 p.). Previously this product was
    represented by the brand Madre Labs. He currently belongs
    California Gold Nutrition. 180 mg EPA / 120 mg DHA. Most affordable
    price of the drugs in question.

    California Gold Nutrition
  10. Minami nutrition, Platinum, omega-3 fish oil, tasteful
    orange, 60 soft tablets (~ 2665 r.). Premium supplement
    containing 1100 mg of omega-3 plus 1000 IU of vitamin D3 in one convenient
    soft tablet with a clear orange flavor and without fish
    aftertaste. (756/228 EPA / DHA).

    Minami nutrition
  11. Omega-3 KRILOIL. (ACTION from 1 p.). Oil of Antarctic krill with
    high in omega-3. Phospholipids and
    Astaxanthin makes it more bio-efficient and stable.
    The only drug on our list that is not delivered from
    USA, for those who are not ready to wait for a long delivery.

    KRILOIL Omega 3
Manufacturing firm Concentration of omega-3 acids Number of capsules per pack The average cost of the drug $ Where can one buy?
Jarrow formulas 600 120 14 Order on iherb
Life extension 600 120 15 Order on iherb
Carlos labs 600 130 17 Order on iherb
Now Foods “ATыбор
edition! “
750 180 25 Order on iherb
Source naturals 850 60 12 Order on iherb
Nordic Naturals 250 120 25 Order on iherb
Sports research 1037 180 40 Order on iherb
Solgar 950 100 29 Order on iherb
California Gold Nutrition 300 100 7 Order on iherb
Minami nutrition 850 120 55 Order on iherb

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All types of preparations containing omega-3 contain
additional ingredients rich in this acid.

Consider them in more detail:

  • Fish oil is a natural product that contains not only
    omega-3 acids, but also the vitamins A, D and K2 we need. it
    inexpensive component that uses most often in refined
    form, which is a significant drawback. Omega-3 acids
    containся в рафинированном рыбьем жире в виде этиловых эфиров,
    therefore, they are worst absorbed by the body.
  • Krill oil contains omega-3s that are better absorbed.
    body compared to omega 3 from fish oil. Consequently,
    to get the same amount of omega 3 fish oil you need
    take more. In addition, omega-3 from krill oil does not oxidize.
    due to the content of useful compounds. Krill are Atlantic
    crustaceans, their life is very short, so they do not have time
    accumulate harmful compounds in your body, such as mercury and salt
    heavy metals. Krill oil – one of the best sources of omega-3
    acids, natural and environmentally friendly means. Such an additive
    most commonly found in vitamins from Finland. Order now
    krill oil can be on the stock for only 1 ruble
  • Oil of green mussels is obtained from mollusks living in the area.
    New Zealand Islands. it достаточно редкая пищевая добавка. AT
    It contains EPA-acid, which is very effective in combating
    inflammatory processes.
  • Seal fat is the only dietary supplement with omega-3 acids,
    which can be obtained from mammals. Seals fat
    especially rich in DHA-acids, but omega-6 acids in it are completely
    are missing. it очень важно для современных людей, ведь у нас
    наблюдается избыток этих кислот в the body.
  • Vegetable omega-3 acids are obtained from the seeds of flax, walnuts
    nuts and chia seeds. Omega-3 acids thus obtained
    ineffective for our body. Besides того, они contain
    large amounts of omega-6 and omega-9 acids, the deficiency in which our
    the organism practically does not test.
  • Масла водорослей contain очень высокую концентрацию омега-3
    acids and are rightly considered the most useful additives. Moreover,
    these acids first accumulate in algae, and only then
    enter the body of marine animals. The most valuable DHA-acid
    contained in algal oils in the highest concentration. Besides
    In addition, algae oil is a real fount of iodine and beneficial
    minerals. AT отличии от рыбьего жира, продукт не содержит
    chemical pollution, does not accumulate heavy metal salts and
    mercury. Omega-3 preparations based on algal oils are suitable for
Рыбий жир
Масло криля
Масло зеленых мидий
Seals fat

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