Choose a goat milk mix or:bottle-feeding without colic

Maternal milk is a product recognized as “golden
standard “for feeding children under one year old, doctors agree on
opinion that the transfer of the baby to artificial feeding
recommended only in cases where the entire arsenal of stimulating
lactation of funds proved ineffective. If it’s all the same
happened, the parents are faced with the question of choosing the optimal
composition of food for their baby.

Why can artificial feeding cause colic?

When switching to a mixture, the digestive process can deliver
the baby and his family members have significant discomfort: colic,
regurgitation – common problems

The culprits, as well as a factor in the development of constipation and regurgitation,
alpha S1-casein protein can be a protein component
cow milk based blends. The presence of alpha-S1-casein
provokes the formation of a hard-to-digestible clot in children’s
the stomach, the splitting of which in the intestine produces a large
amount of gases. The result, in addition to colic, are regurgitation,
constipation and other manifestations of digestive disorders.

Mixtures with a predominance of whey (light) proteins on goat
milk without alpha S1-casein – a solution

Goat milk has the greatest similarity to mother’s milk.
Mixtures based on goat milk compare favorably with mixtures from
cow’s milk by the following factors:

  • whey proteins are better and faster digested than casein,
    therefore, nutrition with a predominance of whey proteins contributes
    prevention of constipation, regurgitation, colic;
  • whey proteins stimulate the growth of bifidobacteria in the intestine
  • goat milk protein does not contain alpha-S1-casein.

A mixture of goat milk during digestion forms in the stomach
baby is softer than milk-based nutrition
cows. A soft clot splits faster and easier in
digestive tract, minimizing the risk of intestinal development
colic and other digestive disorders in babies.


In addition to the prevention of digestive disorders, it is important that the mixture for
artificial feeding was saturated with biologically active
substances necessary for the full development of the baby. Besides
vitamins and trace elements in their list contains nucleotides and


Nucleotides ответственны за формирование нервной и иммунной
systems, they are the building blocks for the DNA of cells and
особенно  важны для ослабленных детей  и во время
diseases. Also nucleotides:

  • play a key role in energy exchange;
  • participate in the synthesis of proteins of fats and carbohydrates;
  • improve immunity.

Nucleotides в питании младенцев:

  • increase weight gain;
  • improve physical and neuropsychic performance
  • stimulate the maturation of nervous tissue;
  • promote the development of organs of vision;
  • promote strengthening and development of immunity of the child.

The infant formula up to one year old should not contain
more than 3.50 μg / l of nucleotides.


For children up to 3 months, taurine is valuable biologically active.
substance responsible for the processes:

  • retinal and brain tissue development;
  • maturation and differentiation of tissues of the nervous system;
  • enhance the immune forces of the body.

Numerous studies of foreign and domestic scientists
proved that the deficiency of taurine in infancy may further
cause a decline in the child’s intellectual abilities,
development of hearing loss, poor vision. The optimal content of taurine
in formula for artificial feeding of the baby – from 3.5 to
8µg / l.

Compare the main characteristics of the most popular mixtures,
intended for babies of the first year of life can be clearly, with
help table:

The ratio of the content of whey proteins% Alpha S1 Casein Content Prebiotics Nucleotides Taurine
Breast milk 80/20 +
MD Mil Kozochka 1 60/40 + 3.20 5.50
Nanny 1 20/80 + 1.30 4.30
Mamako 1 50/50 + 2.70 4.82
Cabrita 1 60/40 + 2.63 5.30
Similac Premium 1 50/50 + + 2.5 3.80

Focusing on the data table, you can choose the milk mixture,
which is not only as close as possible to the maternal composition
milk, but also enriched with essential for growth and full
child developmental substances. For example, milk-based formula
MD Mil Kozochka goat milk produced on
high-tech factory in Spain, in addition to e provoking colic
goat milk whey protein, further enriched
taurine and nucleotides. Besides этого, в состав данной смеси входит
a complete set of micro, macronutrients and vitamins that
обеспечивают  полноценное развитие ребенка, укрепление и
development of his immunity.

The right mix for artificial feeding.
baby – the guarantee of his health and harmonious development!

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