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A huge selection of strollers makes the “Horny” or even more future parents wonder: “what kind of stroller for a newborn is better? “According to what criteria to choose the first “vehicle” to your baby?

What stroller to choose for a newborn in the spring? What a stroller to choose for a newborn in the summer? In winter and fall? What else to consider when choosing: beauty, cost, convenience, practicality, reliability, environmental friendliness, “passability”, sizes, weight, frequency of operation, the number of wheels? In one way or another, all these parameters are important. But without “parental” experience, knowledge of characteristics alone is unlikely help, you need to read more than one or two reviews of “experienced”. Only then “completely savvy” to go for a new thing.

The choice

The choice of models is not so great:

  • Classic carriages;
  • Strollers (“cane”, “book”);
  • Strollers-transformers;
  • Modular carriages (“3in1”, “2in1”, “4in1”);
  • Four and three-wheeled strollers.

Mom with a stroller crosses the roadwayClassic cradles, judging from their name and type, are designed specifically for newborns. They have the shape of a cradle with a hard bottom, fixed to the chassis. In most modern stroller models It is possible to disconnect the cradle from the chassis. Which is quite conveniently.

You can transfer your baby to any room or even use the cradle as a carrier without a chassis (if it allows it the weight). The cradle in such strollers is always facing mother, which allows you to have constant contact with the child. The hood is running mainly made of windproof material.

It has several subspecies:

  • Car seat, which, together with the child, can be transported to a car;
  • “Soft” cradle – the walls of such a stroller fold and can be use as a carry;
  • Cradle with a rising back – the angle of inclination of such a back can be change as the baby grows;
  • Cradle with a choice of chassis – can be purchased lightweight urban option.

Despite the obvious advantages of this option for a newborn there is a couple of “minuses”: the inability to “disassemble” the cradle, bulkiness of the stroller and rather modest storage space.

Strollers, strollers – “books” and strollers “canes” created for children who have already learned to sit and require more review during walks (from 6 months). These two subspecies differ folding mechanism.

The “canes” when folded become long and narrow as a cane they are easy to carry. “Books” fold easily in one go. When folding already wider, albeit the same compact. The cane two pens, and the “book” – one solid. For newborns such strollers are not suitable.

Strollers-transformers combine two types at once: cradle and stroller. These are called strollers. for growth. “A special transformation mechanism allows you to turn such a stroller from the “cradle” into a stroller. Profitable and practical. However, such models have significant disadvantages: bottom strollers not firm enough for a fragile spine a newborn. The hood in such a stroller is not solid, respectively any breeze passes. The transformation mechanism itself can be unreliable or too sophisticated. At the same time with the stroller choose child seat in the car.

How should the development of a premature baby take place by months – read the detailed instructions.

In a wheelchair, safety is the main thing. Read about this publication. the possibility of concussion in a child.

Optimal option

A stroller that combines many functionsModular strollers are the most profitable investment. The essence of such “transport means “the same as that of” transformers “, but they are on order is more expensive. In such strollers there are several replaceable full module: carrycot, walking block, car seat, infant carrier. Options depend on the specific brand of stroller.

What else to consider:

  1. The weight of the stroller. Topical advice for mothers living on the upper floors. Not all homes have an elevator. You have to carry a stroller yourself, so you should choose a model easier.
  2. Sizes of a carriage. Wide strollers are comfortable in winter. When baby rolled in a warm jumpsuit and may simply not fit in a narrow cradle. But such a stroller will not go far in every door to the opening. And in the store, the bank, and you just need to fit in the elevator. Therefore, for summer and spring babies it is better to choose a compact pram;
  3. Reliable chassis and good inflatable wheels with iron spokes. Ideal for Russian “off-season” off-road;
  4. Cost. The stroller is a temporary thing so spend fabulous amounts only for the “name” is not worth it.


For us, the ideal option for all seasons was the modular stroller company “Inglesina”. On cold windy days (which happen in the summer), this model was not blown, but thanks to the interchangeable hood with “ventilation” windows – it was not hot in it even in heat. Large wheels on iron spokes easily overcame even the most “off-road” places and winter snowdrifts, there was no shaking.

My husband and I have been choosing a stroller for our future for quite some time. baby. The child is the first, therefore, no practical experience naturally was not. In the end, we decided to stop at transformer. And practical, and at the price of “does not bite.” And did not fail Until six months, the baby traveled while lying down, and then only sitting.

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