Chlorhexidine and napkins can not be with himuse when caring for babies

Update: February 2019

Pediatricians strongly recommend not using it.
chlorhexidine antiseptic wipes for caring for
infants, especially newborns. Therefore, when choosing
baby care products parents should be very

One child in the USA and 3 premature babies in the UK
died as a result of careless use of chlorhexidine. With
external use of this antiseptic in newborns as
minimum can cause chemical burns, as well as other severe

The skin of infants is very delicate and when processing any active
chemicals absorb intensively and
absorption into the blood of any means for external use.


In the UK, in addition to the dead 3 premature babies suffered
28 babies who appeared before 32 weeks. Children’s skin was treated
chlorhexidine antiseptic wipes before installation
catheters. The easiest complication after this was cutaneous erythema.
or burns in most children, the most severe – respiratory and
renal failure.

Салфетки с хлоргексидином опасны для грудных детейAfter
this case in the uk the agency for the control of medical
products and drugs encourages doctors and parents
apply antiseptics for local use strictly according to indications
and in the lowest possible concentrations.

This applies to the use of chlorhexidine wet wipes, and
also diaper moistened with this antiseptic.

Also today it is considered not safe to use.
ion exchange drugs such as chlorhexidine, iodinol for
treatment and treatment of bedsores in older people (see how to treat
bedsores). These funds destroy leukocytes, change
the permeability of cell membranes, reduce cellular protection against

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