Children’s rocking chairs and deck chairs

Happiness settled in your house !!! To complete
harmony is not enough just a few minutes of time for yourself
дополнительной пары рук и «снотворного» :) для малыша. Make your life easier, free your hands, take
baby, shake it called miracle assistants: child seats,
rocking-chairs, chaise lounges, cradles-bouncer.

Baby lounge chairs – soft motion sickness


Sun loungers, lounge chairs – practical and versatile
devices for the newborn. They help parents
put the baby to sleep, are a place to play, equipped
stands stabilizers and can be used as chairs
for feeding or child seats. Due to its small size, you
you can easily move them around the apartment, and your baby will be in the zone
visibility. All models are made of natural materials and
equipped with reliable wide seat belts. Online store
Babadu offers a wide range of lounge chairs, consider
features of three models:

Кресло-шезлонг Жители саванны Tiny Love

  • Кресло-шезлонг Жители Саванны Tiny Love — это
    bright and practical rocking chair for babies from birth to 9
    months (up to 11.5 kg). The model is equipped with cute hanging
    toys, a special teether for the first teeth, pleasant
    music accompaniment. Discount price: 5,138 rubles
  • Шезлонг Mia Savana Rosa Пег Перего
    An elegant model that will help to rock the baby. Lightweight
    aluminum frame and compact dimensions when folded
    allow you to take it on trips. The back has three fixed
    Positions: sitting, reclining and lying down. Can be used from birth and
    up to baby weight 9 kg. Price: 5 260 rubles.
  • Шезлонг Leaf Curv Nuna (Нуна) — стильная
    modern model, its bed in form resembles a wood sheet.
    The mechanism of motion sickness is a pendulum. This lounger is suitable not only
    for the baby, but also as an ordinary chair for the children of the eldest
    age, withstands up to 60 kilograms and will serve you
    many years. Price: 11 800 rubles

Another assortment of chairs and lounge chairs

Rocking chairs – great sleeping pills for the baby

From the first days of life to one year, your baby will be comfortable himself.
feel in a comfortable rocking chair. These devices offer
different modes of motion sickness, have a remote control, musical
escort. When a child is awake it is entertained bright
hanging toys. Power is possible from the battery or network.

Кресло-качалка green plush MamaRoo

  • Кресло-качалка Растем вместе Фишер Прайс
    very reliable and practical, made of quality materials,
    it is possible to seat a child up to three years old (up to 18 kg). There are two
    backrest positions and the ability to sway independently.
    Powered by batteries, remote control located in the legs
  • Электронное кресло-качалка MamaRoo
    A modern device that will free up the hands of parents will entertain
    and calm the baby. The main function of the chair natural motion sickness
    in the rhythm of parental hands. You can set the swing mode on marine
    waves, jumping kangaroo, adjust the intensity. During
    waking baby will be happy to consider bright
    toys on the turntable, and the melodious sounds of nature will calm
    the most naughty baby. Managing MamaRu’s chair is very simple, with
    panels at the base or remotely from your smartphone, powered by
    network. Will serve your child from birth to 18 months. Price 19
    000 rubles
  • MamaRoo green plush (зеленый плюш МамаРу)
    electronic rocking chair, organizes the leisure of the newborn and
    beautifully rocks him before bedtime. The seat is adjustable in
    several positions, five modes of motion sickness: back and forth,
    up-down, left-right. If you are not satisfied with the built-in melodies
    sound system, you can connect music or fairy tales from external
    carriers. Rotary arc toys are at optimum
    distance from the eyes, one side painted in black and white
    (especially the sight of newborns). Can be used from birth,
    maximum weight – 11 kg. Power supply network. Price: 16,000

Choose a different color, carefully study
characteristics, buy your favorite model chaise lounge MamaRu you
can in the online store Babadu Магазин
periodically arranges sales and promotions, delivers
goods in major cities of Russia for free.

See how it works:

Feedback from our customers:

Марина (Красноярск) «Кресло Мамару использую со
second week of the baby’s life (now my son is already 8 months old). He can
spend in it up to two hours a day. In general, I recommend to me
life made it much easier. “

Наталья (Москва) «Когда покупала, боялась, что
rocking chair will take half a flat. But no – with all
The functionality of this item has been very compact. Case
fully removable, you can quickly remove it at any time and
wash, lightweight design, bright colors. Our whole family
happy with the purchase. “

Ленчик (Москва) «Качалку MamaRoo нам подарили
parents. We would not dare to make such a purchase. Rocheochka was three
weeks and somehow did not go at first. Then you plant – sits 30 minutes
quietly, and then as soon as he screamed, then you calm him down for half an hour. Then
shouted somehow five minutes, fell silent. Has approached – lies, looks on
balls handles waving. After 20 minutes, fell asleep. In general, it helps
swing somewhere in 8 cases out of 10. “

Светлана (Тула) «Дитюсе исполнилось два месяца,
no rest I was gone. Seeing Mamarushka live, stopped
your choice on it. In this miracle of technology, everything is thought out to the smallest detail !!!
Belts do not restrict freedom of movement, in a hammock like mom’s
handles. The toys are very stylish, just for newborns, and
music as close as possible to the sounds that
baby heard in the womb. I’m fascinated !!! “

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