Children’s play houses for cottages and houses(plastic, wooden, inflatable)

Making houses from pillows and blankets, making huts out
branches – one of the favorite activities of children of different ages. And for
baby, and for a preschooler such a house is his personal
space. A child can retire there to play,
draw, read a book or just sit alone.
Having a little corner is very important for children:
real objects and imaginations they create their own
�”Secret” world, the entrance to which adults usually
is prohibited.

Children's play houses for cottages and houses

Manufacturers of children’s goods, armed with the knowledge of what
want kids, offer a lot of different options for play houses
for kids. Depending on the desires and possibilities, you can choose
game house for every taste.

Playhouses for garden or plot

If in the summer you go to a country house or live in a private house and
have your own plot, game house can be equipped directly
on the street. Street games are much more useful for a child than sitting
houses. The playhouse, installed directly on the street playground, will be
additional incentive to go out, and this is very important for
modern children who are used to spending time with cartoons or
games on the tablet.

�”Street” game houses are plastic,
wooden and inflatable.

  • Plastic houses. Plastic houses consist
    from prefabricated panels. The walls, roof and doors of such a house are easy.
    attach to each other and just as easily understand the case
    of necessity. To care for such a house is elementary: it is easy
    wash with warm water and soap, so no consequences for children
    games he is not afraid. A huge plus plastic houses except them
    mobility and storage compactness is diverse
    design. The plastic house can be chosen as for a tender girl (with
    cute patterns in pink, etc.) and for
    tomboy boys (for example, in the form of a pirate ship). Such
    houses are even two-story. If you wish, you can choose a house
    �”Game features” which are complemented by slides, swings and
    other children’s joys. Children’s play houses are made from
    non-toxic plastic, so the direct sunlight they are not afraid.
    In general, such houses are very resistant to all weather conditions.
    Usually in plastic houses there are chairs and a small table,
    but if the size of the house allows – there may appear another

Read the prices, read reviews and book a house
можете в интернет магазине


and in the store

игровой домик корабль
игровой пластиковый домик
пластиковый детский игровой домик for дачи
пластиковый игровой домик for дачи
  • Wooden houses. Wooden houses are
    more “capital” and less mobile. By and large,
    wooden house on the site – it is a stationary structure, which
    is there all year round. The advantages of wooden houses are that they
    are more durable and environmentally friendly compared to plastic.
    True, if you will buy a wooden house, and not to make it
    do it yourself, save money: a wooden house will cost
    much more expensive than plastic. Wooden playhouse gives large
    opportunities in terms of interior decoration and the creation of “furnishings”. With
    If you wish, you can make a full-fledged house with a bed, a table,
    chairs, shelves on the walls. You can also turn the house into
    the whole game complex with swings, slides, horizontal bars and
игровые деревянные домики
игровые деревянные домики for детей
игровой домик for детей из дерева
игровой комплекс
игровые деревянные домики for детей с качелей и горкой
игровые деревянные домики for детей с качелей и горкой
игровые деревянные домики for детей фото внутри домика
игровые деревянные домики for детей фото внутри домика

We build a house with our own hands:

  • Inflatable houses. Inflatable House – Budget
    option, and more suitable for the smallest. Soft inflatable
    the walls are usually very pleased with the kids, who recently began to walk.
    In addition to the house itself, an inflatable play complex may include
    yourself fence, slide and other elements. The main advantage of this
    the house is its affordable price and low risk of being injured during
    play time. Unfortunately, the first item has a downside: how
    Any inflatable structure, such a house can last for a short time.
    It can be accidentally hooked with a sharp object, or an animal can
    pierce the house with claws.
детские игровые надувные домики
Детские надувные центры
игровые надувные домики for детей
игровые надувные домики

Read the prices, read reviews and order
inflatable cottage / complex / trampoline can the Internet



and in the store

Надувные батуты можно посмотреть тут

Playhouses for a children’s room

Considering that the children’s room has limited space,
the main criterion of a children’s house for the room is its
compactness. But even so, gambling house options for
Children can be found abound.

  • Cardboard house. Cardboard game house can
    easy to do with your own hands. For this we need several
    large cardboard boxes and fantasy. This house can be decorated
    appliqués or wrapped in a cloth. To design a house can
    �”Attach” and the kid himself: its surfaces are ideal for
    drawing paints and markers, so that the first creative samples
    the child can do without damage to the wallpaper and the door to the apartment.
    The cardboard house is quite fragile, so it is best suited
    for the youngest children. The situation in the house can also
    do it yourself
Игровой домик из ткани
Игровой домик из картона

Watch the video:

  • Пластиковый домик — еще один удобный вариант
    for игр в квартире, но только в том случае, если позволяет
    space. Even the smallest plastic game houses
    достаточно габаритны, но они все равно очень удобны for помещения:
    the house is disassembled and takes up little space during storage
    practically no damage is terrible, and he himself looks very
    аккуратно и заманчиво for ребенка.


  • Игровой домик в комплексе с кроваткой
    the perfect solution when you want to combine business with pleasure. AT
    In this case, the space of the room is not used horizontally, but
    vertically: this design is something like
    bunk beds, only instead of one of the “floors” – a room
    for игр. This complex can be equipped with a slide, ladder,
    полками for книг и игрушек, гамаками и канатами. Turns out
    This fabulous corner where the child can sleep and actively
    spend time in different games.
Детская кровать с игровым домиком фото
домик кровать
Кровать двухэтажная с домиком наверху
Кровать с домиком и горкой
Двухъярусная кровать с игровым домиком внизу
Кровать двухэтажная с домиком наверху
  • Игровая палатка – очень компактный и
    экономичный вариант домика for ребенка. The simplest tent you can
    build wooden slats or plastic tubing and fabric.
    The design of such a tent resembles a wigwam; therefore, if desired, its
    can decorate accordingly. Except triangular
    wigwam tents there are tents with a metal frame
    rods covered with thick cloth. The forms of such tents are the most
    various: from the simplest house with four walls and a roof
    до пиратских кораблей и комплексов с туннелями и labyrinths. Such
    tents are very easy to fold flat
    store them very easily. Another plus of such a tent is easy
    you can make a ball pool, pouring there a few hundred
    plastic balls with a diameter up to 10 cm. Games in a ball pool –
    массаж всего тела for ребенка и море веселья.
игровые домики for детей
игровые домики-палатки for детей
игровые палатки for детей
игровые домики-палатки

Buy a tent with home delivery can be online

A playhouse is a thing that every child should have.
Houses are interesting to children from the year up to the school itself, therefore,
most likely, one house can not do, because in every age
Your games and activities: a house that is great for one year old
деткам, будет скучным for ребенка 6-7 лет. ATыбирая игровой домик
for ребенка, учитывайте его возраст и интересы, и не забывайте, что
домик должен быть безопасным for игр.

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ATидео обзоры игровых домиков

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