Children’s jumpers: from what age you canuse. FOR and AGAINST jumpers

More and more children’s exercise machines are becoming available for
parents. У многих возникают вопросы: «Необходимы
ли детские прыгунки моему малышу?»
, «Будет ли их
использование способствовать укреплению мышц ног ?»
«Когда можно сажать ребёнка в прыгунки?».

The content of the article

    • 0.1 Principle of operation of jumpers
  • 1 “FOR” and “AGAINST” jumpers
  • 2 С какого возраста можно использовать
    • 2.1 Types of jumpers
      • 2.1.1 By fastening method
      • 2.1.2 Fixed in the doorway (photo beginning of the article):
      • 2.1.3 For spring element
  • 3 Selection Criteria
  • 4 How to secure
    • 4.1 Recommendations for use
    • 4.2 Contraindications
  • 5 Frolkov S.V. Therapeutic Massage Specialist
    и реабилитации: прыгунки for детей. Pros and cons

Jumpers are a simulator consisting of a seat,
fixed with springs or rubber bands on different types
constructions. Being in them, the child touches the floor and
begins to actively jump, obeying innate reflexes

ребенок в прыгунках

Putting a child in jumpers is recommended no earlier than 6
месяцев на 7-10 минут

Types of jumpers (фото кликабельные)

ребенок в подвесных прыгунках
Подвесные прыгунки
Малыш в обычных подвесных прыгунках
Обычные подвесные прыгунки
Ребенок в прыгунках с основанием
Прыгунки с основанием

Принцип работы прыгунков

�”FOR” and “AGAINST” jumpers

Attitude towards jumpers of doctors, specialists in early development and
moms are different.



  1. Give pleasure to the baby and the joy of parents at the sight
    laughing chada.
  2. The development of the vestibular apparatus.
  3. Strengthening the muscles.
  4. Broadening horizons (baby sees much more new things
    than from the floor).
  5. Increased activity of lethargic children.
  6. Allow parents to do household chores while baby
    is in jumpers.



There are downsides that stop parents before buying.
this simulator:

  1. The child is restricted in movement compared to crawling.
    Only the lower part of the body works;
    monotonous jogging movement. Despite the visible activity
    movements, the baby gets less stress than when crawling.
  2. Increased risk of injury. There is a possibility of stressing
    door jambs and fallouts with the wrong selection of models and poor
    fastening in the seat.
  3. The risk of curvature of the lower limbs and spine due to
    excessive loads on immature bones.
  4. Improper development of lower extremity muscle tone.
    The calf muscles develop, while the load on the core
    the walking-quadriceps muscle is negligible.
  5. The appearance of jumper addiction. The child when jumping gets
    adrenaline rush. He feels the thrill of new information.
    and very quickly gets addicted to such pleasure.
  6. The brain is not developed and not ready for this type of movement and with each
    jump he has to recycle a large amount of information.
    But this information is useless for the baby’s brain, because further
    the person does not use this type of movement.
  7. Repeated jerking may result in
    anchoring this type of movement in the brain, which prevents
    proper formation of the skill of walking.
  8. Loss of the slider period leads to underdevelopment of the arm muscles,
    what affects not only physical, but also mental development
    (the hand zone in the gray matter of the brain is more than 60%, and
    legs less than 10%).

Having so many hazards when using
jumpers caused by their incorrect use by many parents.
Therefore, it is necessary to strictly observe the mode of their use.

С какого возраста можно использовать

Many manufacturers recommend using jumpers with 3-4
month of age (when the child has learned to hold his head), supplying
Such models provide additional support in the armpit area.

Most doctors are categorically against such an early
use jumpers because the baby’s spine gets
overload during such jumps, which can not only break
its development, but also lead to injury!

The generally accepted “allowed” age for sitting
ребенка в прыгунки считается 6 месяцев
(ребёнок уже
learned to sit down), but this may hinder the development of skills

The safest in terms of impact on development is considered
the use of jumpers at the time when the child is just trying
walk That is, his brain is already ready for a vertical position,
there are initial skills of pushing off the whole foot, muscles
lower limbs are strong enough and developed. It is at this time
jumpers will bring not only great joy for the baby, but will
promote the development of his new skills.

Types of jumpers

By fastening method

Фиксируемые в дверном проеме (фото начало

  • With nails or hooks. The cheapest models, but their
    The main disadvantage is the unreliability of fastening. Also needed
    drive nails into all the shoals where you want to use jumpers,
    or fasten them only in one place;
  • With clips for jambs. More expensive models that
    can be rearranged to different doors. But they are suitable for doors with
    protruding strong platbands.
виды креплений прыгунков

Fasteners: using nails, hooks or clips for

Все детские подвесные прыгунки имеют общие недостатки:
the danger of baby strikes on the shoals
jumper lines.

Закрепляемые на ножках или подставке (фото в
the beginning of the article). The most mobile models that you can
use even on the street. Often they are complemented by a tabletop with
developing elements. Disadvantages: safe sustainable models
занимают много пространства (до 4м2), что не подходит for
small apartments.

By spring element

  • Eraser is used on cheap models, but rather
    wears out than springs. May cause injury to persons.
    take away.
  • Springs are more durable. But when choosing spring jumpers
    care must be taken that the springs are covered with a cover during
    Avoid pinching baby skin.

Criterias of choice

  1. It is necessary to take into account the types of attachment jumpers based on
    possibilities of your apartment: the area of ​​premises, the presence of strong
  2. By price. The cost of jumpers varies greatly:
    от 600 до 2000 рублей за подвесные модели и до
    3000 до 8000 за мобильные модели.
    the cost of jumpers increases due to the presence of additional
    options (developmental table, music), not always necessary for the baby.
    The main thing that should influence the price: the presence of a certificate
    security and famous manufacturer.
  3. For how many months are you planning to use jumpers.
    Mobile jumpers can be used from 6 months.
    Suspended jumpers are safe from 9-12 months.
  4. When choosing outboard jumpers, pay attention to the extra
    elements in the seat design (wide fixing tapes,
    возможность подгонять сиденье под размер малыша, валики for
    back support) and for the presence of a wide strut above that
    prevent the lines from becoming tangled.
  5. When choosing mobile jumpers, make sure they are

How to secure

Перед покупкой уточните как крепятся прыгунки, чтобы дома
it did not come as a surprise.

Крепление с помощью крючка
Прыгунки закреплены на крючок
зажимы прыгунков на косяке
Прыгунки закреплены с помощью зажимов
  • Если Вы выбрали прыгунки, закрепляемые на гвозди, то необходимо
    make sure the strength of the wall, which will have the weight of the baby: the wall
    should not be drywall or fragile. Jumpers can be hung
    on the dowel or hook into the wall hook.
  • Крючок можно использовать и for крепления прыгунков к потолку,
    what allows to hang up a design in any place of the room, but not
    only in the doorway.
  • Jumpers fastened with clamps are fitted only
    for дверных проемов, но они позволяют обойтись без вбивания в стены
    nails and hooks. The clamp comes with a set of jumpers and represents
    собой скобу с регулировкой под разную толщину стен for крепкой
  • After installing the entire structure, perform a strength test.
    weight greater than the weight of the child. Press down with your weight.

Recommendations for use


  1. Choose a model that fits your baby. You yourself
    решаете, во сколько месяцев посадить ребенка в прыгунки.
    But when buying, you should not rely on the manufacturer’s recommendations, but
    on your kid’s specific abilities.
  2. Do not leave the child unattended. Although jumpers are created,
    In order to temporarily free the parents, they should be placed in such a way that
    all the time to see the baby.
  3. Before first use, adjust the height of the jumpers:
    the foot must rest fully on the floor.
  4. Baby feet should be shod or can be placed on the floor under
    jumpers massage rubber mat.
  5. It is possible to use jumpers no more than 20 minutes a day, starting from
    5 minutes, gradually increasing the time spent in the simulator.
  6. Do not sit in the jumpers immediately after a meal.



  • Age less than 3 months, when the child does not hold
  • Congenital and acquired neurological diseases.
  • Orthopedic disorders.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the skin in the area of ​​contact with
    jumpers seat.

Взвесив все �”Behind” и �”Vs”, выбрав подходящую модель и соблюдая
recommendations for use, you bring a baby not only
pleasure, but also benefit!

Further suspended jumpers can be used as

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возраста можно use. Pros and cons ходунков

Frolkov S.V. Therapeutic Massage Specialist и
реабилитации: прыгунки for детей. Pros and cons

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