Children’s inflatable and frame pools for the summerto give

As you know, the sun, air and water are better friends of the children.
If there are almost no problems with the sun and the air, then
it is difficult to arrange a child’s stay on the water. Far from
all country cottages are close to water bodies, but even if there are
pond, you may have problems with swimming. Most often either
water purity leaves much to be desired, or there is no water in the reservoir
normally equipped beach where you could come with
child, or the child is afraid of “big water”. From all these troubles there
One salvation – own pool in which the baby can
splash around on your health. By the way, the pool is not only
opportunity to acquaint the baby with water, but also a great option
отдыха для подростков и даже adults. So, if holidays are ahead
in the country, and swimming is not where – we are learning how to choose a pool for
different goals and ages.

The content of the article

  • 1 Inflatable pool
    • 1.1 Pros
    • 1.2 Cons
    • 1.3 What are inflatable pools
    • 1.4 How to choose an inflatable pool
    • 1.5 How to properly use and store an inflatable pool
    • 1.6 How to repair a pool
    • 1.7 Where can one buy?
  • 2 Frame pool
    • 2.1 Pluses frame pools
    • 2.2 Cons of frame pools
    • 2.3 Types of frame pools
    • 2.4 What to consider when buying a frame pool
    • 2.5 General recommendations for choosing a pool
    • 2.6 Where can one buy
  • 3 Dry pool – an alternative to water and health benefits
  • 4 Видео: Как выбирать надувные бассейны для детей

детские бассейны to give

Inflatable pool

Because of the affordability, inflatable pools have become the most
популярным видом бассейнов to give. Depending on the size and
shape, an inflatable pool can be convenient for crumbs up to a year, and
for the adult public. In order to rest in the pool pleased him
Owners, when choosing, you need to take into account all the nuances.


  • It can be installed anywhere: at least on the site, even in
    indoors. (in the room of course if the pool is small)
    No special requirements for terrain and surface inflatable
    the pool does not have: in the heat it can stand on the street and be filled
    water, and in cool time the pool can be brought into the room and
    fill with plastic balls;
  • Inflatable pool он мобильный: его можно легко перемещать как
    on the territory of the site (including in the inflated and filled with water
    form) (again, if it is a very small pool), and for his
    outside (you can take with you to the beach or bring home);
  • To bring the pool in working condition, you do not need anything
    supernatural: you can inflate it with a special pump,
    которые часто идут в комплекте, или воспользоваться
    car pump. The small pool can be inflated even
    mouth Blown off the pool, too, is elementary;
  • Inflatable pool не нуждается ни в каком обслуживании:
    to clean the water and wash the pool itself, you can do it yourself;
  • Almost completely safe for the child: if correct
    choose a pool in accordance with the age of the crumbs, there is nothing for him
    it will threaten, but it’s impossible to get hurt about the soft sides;
  • In large pools you can teach children to swim;
  • The range of inflatable pools is so large that you can
    choose a pool for every taste and wallet, any shape, color and
    volume. Prices for inflatable pools are very affordable.


  • Inflatable pool легко может выйти из строя: его можно прорвать
    a sharp pebble, twig, or accidentally can catch a claw
    pet. Even if there was no mechanical damage,
    in a few seasons, the pool can unravel at the seam – this
    operating costs that cannot be circumvented;
  • Поскольку никакие systems очистки воды на надувных бассейнах не
    they are supposed to change the water often, almost every 2-3
    of the day If there is no water at the site, it will be problematic.
    (но есть специальные циркуляционные насосы с фильтрами);
  • Из-за отсутствия systems подогрева воду в бассейн надо наливать
    beforehand so that she can warm up before bathing.
  • If the pool does not change in time, water can multiply.
    algae appear tina, forming a raid on the walls and bottom.

What are inflatable pools

There are so many inflatable pools that make the right
choice, not understanding how they differ between themselves, just
is impossible. What is the difference inflatable pools?

Size and depth

  • Small pools have a diameter of about 1 meter and a height of the order
    25 cm. They are comfortable for children up to 3 years, especially if you are planning
    do not install the pool on the site, and take to the beach.

The most popular manufacturers of small inflatable pools
are intex and mondo. The range of prices for them from 425 to 1360 rubles per
depending on the brand and design.

  • Medium inflatable pool with a diameter of about 1.5 meters and a height
    35-42 cm. This pool is also convenient for movement and is ideal
    Suitable for several babies over 2 years old.

You can choose a medium pool from Smoby, Mondo, INTEX or
Bestway. Issue price from 864 to 2600 rubles.

  • The large pool is suitable for children over 6 years old, its size –
    diameter from 2 meters and depth from 50 cm. Popular manufacturers
    large inflatable pools are INTEX and Bestway, there are such
    pools from 1200 to 3500 rubles.

The form

  • The round pool is a “classic of the genre”. He can be any
    size and depth. Depending on the brand and dimensions of such
    the pool will cost from 350 to 3500 rubles;
  • A rectangular pool is usually a family option.
    pool, so it is large in size and has a decent depth.
    Basically, these pools are produced by INTEX and they cost about 4000
  • The pool in the form of a toy or animal is designed for the most
    little ones. These pools have a minimum depth and cost
    1500-2000 rubles. We are pleased with such pools all the same company.
  • Pool in the form of a gaming center with slides and inflatable toys
    suitable for school children. Depending on the equipment and
    the size of the gaming complex, it can cost from 2500 rubles (INTEX),
    up to 34,000 rubles (Little Tikes).


  • Conventional inflatable bumpers have almost all pools. Their
    minus – they easily bend under pressure, so “hang” on
    they or sit, leaning, will not work;
  • Bumpers с «ребрами жесткости» более устойчивы, но встречаются
    much less often. The option of a pool with reinforced sides is
    Intex. This is an average pool worth 1544 rubles.


  • Inflatable bottom is especially important for young children to
    he did not feel the pebbles and irregularities. Famous pools with
    надувным дном являются бассейны Intex. Depending on the size and
    формы, такой бассейн может стоить от 500 до 2600 rubles;
  • Most of the pools have a flat bottom. This option is more
    suitable for older children, because it is more convenient to run on it.


  • Most swimming pools for toddlers are open and
    adults. Their минус в том, что находясь долгое время в воде под
    the scorching sun, you can unnoticed get sunburn, so
    for such a pool in case of strong heat you need to come up with
  • Rooftop pool is ideal for toddlers. Such
    pools can be small and medium in size, and the roof can
    to be as simple as protection from the sun, and an important element of the game
    designs and designs. Famous pools with an awning are produced by the company.
    INTEX, their cost is from 1000 to 2700 rubles.


  • No drain available pools of small volume. Even without this
    options to drain water from them is not difficult with a bucket;
  • Pools with drain valve are swimming pools for grown-up children.
    and adults having a large volume. For example, the pool of intex depth
    76 cm and a diameter of 366 cm, will cost 9390 rubles.


Buying a pool with accessories in the kit is much more convenient,
because it eliminates the need to search and buy them additionally.
Important accessories for the pool:

  • repair kit in case of damage;
  • a pump (preferably with a water filter);
  • cover that can cover the pool, while no one is swimming
    (it will help keep the water clean and less likely to change it);
  • ladder (if the pool has high boards and the child cannot
    he himself overcome them);
  • water heater (need not to have to wait until the water
    warms up on its own, or heat it up specially before filling
  • rubber mat-bedding for swimming pools with flat
    bottom (to soften the bottom).

As we have said, the most popular manufacturers of inflatables.
The pools are:

  • INTEX;
  • Bestway;
  • Mondo;
  • Smoby.

Of course, manufacturers of inflatable pools on the market much
more, but only well-known and proven companies guarantee
quality and safety of their products.


Photo of inflatable pools

детские надувные бассейны
детские надувные бассейны с горками

How to choose an inflatable pool

  1. Pool size must be age appropriate.
    baby It concerns, главным образом, высоты бортов: до 1,5
    лет – бортики 15-17 см, от 1,5 до 3 лет – бортики до 50
    см, от 3 до 7 лет – бортики 50-70 см
  2. Bumpers у надувного бассейна должны быть широкими. It concerns
    pools of any size, because wide sides keep better
    форму и более безопасны для baby
  3. When choosing a pool, consider factors such as space availability.
    under it and the availability of water: if in a small pool it can
    pull up buckets, then a large pool in such a way to fill
    will be problematic, therefore it is important that the hose with access
  4. It is more interesting for babies to splash around in the pool in the shape of an animal or
    game complex, so if the child is under 3 years old – pay
    attention to such models. In addition, the pool for the little ones
    it is better to choose with a roof so that the little ones will not be burned in the sun.
  5. The inflatable bottom of the pool is much softer and more comfortable, therefore
    inflatable bottom pools “win” compared to other
  6. Do not forget the pool accessories: they are all necessary and can
    need at the most unexpected moment, so it is better to immediately
    acquire the entire set of “utility”.
  7. If you choose a large “family” pool, choose a model
    with a “splash pool” – a special department for kids.

How to properly use and store an inflatable pool

Inflatable pools are made of very short-lived
materials (PVC, vinyl, leatherette, rubber), so you need to
keep them away from mechanical damage (sharp objects, claws
pets). In addition, these materials “do not like” the cold,
direct sunlight – this is also best avoided.

When it comes time to clean the pool – you need to drain the water, wash
pool and dry it properly in an inflated form. Then the pool
can be blown away (by pump or by hand), folded and removed to
next summer. Keep the pool better in a special bag, in
dark and dry place. If you notice that the pool needs repair –
need to hold it before cleaning storage.

How to repair a pool

If for this model of the pool there is no special repair
kit, you can buy repair kit for car tires. A place
Damage should be rubbed with sandpaper and degreased. Cut off
patch of the right size, remove the protective film from it, press
to the place of damage and clamp clamps for a time not less

Where can one buy?

You can buy inflatable pools in the online store

Frame pool

Photo frame pools


Such бассейны имеют деревянный или металлический каркас –
base of the pool, and a polymer bath.

Pluses frame pools

  • Does not have any requirements for the terrain and the plot
    There is no need to prepare for installation, so that the landscape is not spoiled
    it is necessary, the main thing – to find a flat platform.
  • As a rule, frame pools are sold complete with all
    the accessories necessary for use and maintenance (pump,
    filter, litter, etc.).
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Frame pools more “solid”: have a longer period
    services are not afraid of mechanical damage, more resistant to
    Compared to inflatables, all elements have a secure fit.
  • In large pools you can teach children to swim.
  • The pool is universal: in bad weather you can make it

Cons of frame pools

  • Hard bottom of the pool that requires a flat surface for
  • If there is no awning in the pool, it will be necessary separately.
    Buy and install.
  • Design options are limited: in fact, frame pools
    differ only in the colors of the boards and drawings on them.
  • Higher price compared to inflatables.

Types of frame pools

The form

  • Round pools – the most common type
    frame pools.
  • Square pools are also popular, but more traumatic for
    children due to the presence of corners.

Dimensions and depth

  • The small pool has a diameter of up to 1.5 m and a depth of 25-30 cm.
    This pool is suitable for children under 3 years. Famous manufacturers
    – Bestway and INTEX, price run from 900 to 2700 rubles.
  • The average pool has a depth of about 40 cm and a diameter slightly larger
    1.5 m. A variant of this pool is the Bestway pool, which
    worth 3157r.
  • A large pool can have a diameter of up to 4.5 meters and a depth of about 1
    м. Such бассейны стоят от 12000 до 38000 рублей.

What to consider when buying a frame pool

To him necessarily need accessories:

  • pump for large pools to pump and pump
  • awning for creating shade and closing the pool from dust and debris,
    while no one is swimming in it;
  • repair kit;
  • special vacuum cleaner to clean the bottom of the pool;
  • mat on the bottom to soften it;
  • ladder, if the pool high side.

General recommendations for choosing a pool

  1. A pool, like any children’s product, must be of high quality and
    safe. It concerns его деталей, креплений, швов, материалов и
    used for decoration paints.
  2. The pool should not exude a sharp unpleasant smell. Of course u
    inflatable pool will smell rubber, but it should be quite
  3. The pool should not have traumatic details and
  4. In the pool, the child will not just sit and play and
    splash, so make sure that there will be comfortable (soft bottom,
    the presence of pens, seats).
  5. It attracts not only water, but also the view of the pool itself: it must be
    interesting to the child, so pay attention to the design and availability
    various entertainment “lotions”.
  6. Approach the choice of the pool thoroughly, do not be lazy to read
    reviews and compare different models so as not to throw money at
    wind, and buy a really standing thing.

Where can one buy

You can buy frame pools in the online store

Dry pool – an alternative to water and health benefits

бассейн с шариками

If swimming is not the season, or the weather does not have, inflatable
swimming pool can be turned into a ball, filling it
small plastic balls. Such entertainment no less
useful than playing in water:

  • the child receives a light massage of the whole body, improving his exchange
    substances, the work of the nervous system, heart, blood vessels and respiratory
  • develops and strengthens the musculoskeletal system,
    improves posture
  • baby relaxes well
  • games in a dry pool develop fine and large motor skills

A dry pool can be easily moved around the apartment and beyond.
outside, the most important thing is to be patient to collect
plastic balls flying in all directions.

Water games are of great benefit to the health of the child and a bunch
positive emotions. True to rest in the pool was
really useful and enjoyable, you need to remember to be
там ребенок может только под присмотром adults. Not be superfluous
monitor the water temperature and time spent in the pool,
otherwise, the child may overcool and become ill. If correct
choose a pool and follow all the rules, such a vacation will be in
joy and kids, and adults.

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