Children’s hysterics: how to calm the child for 2minutes

Hi, today we talk about children’s hysteria. With this
столкнулся практически каждый родитель, а справились  единицы.
We will talk about their causes and what needs to be done.
родителям  для того, чтобы прекратить истерику ребенка за
считанные minutes.

Psychologist, creator of the First Children’s Academy and School
professional parents, business coach and mom fours (for two
with her husband) children, Marina Romanenko talks about the true causes
истерики малыша и том, как прекратить детскую истерику за 2 minutes
at any age.

What is hysteria? Causes

I think it is not necessary to look in the directory to understand
определение  истерики. Все родители  сталкивались с тем,
when their children cry out loud, fall to the floor and hear neither
one sensible argument, and here you can call it hysterical, and
it happens at very different ages: in a year, in 2, and in 10 years. AND
the causes of hysterics, as a rule, (now I will tell my parents that
I do not want to hear) – this is when we ignore them.  AND
when the children once may have approached us, second or third, something
we were asked or looked, or pulled us, and we are not at them
responded, they choose the ways that we have to
отреагировать и, как правило, — это плач, падание,  что-то, на
that we just have to respond.

At what age do tantrums begin?

You may encounter the fact that your child has a tantrum
it will even begin literally before the year, but the peak, if you take all
children in the world – a half to two years.  This is the moment when
они делают это часто, с удовольствием  и результативно. 
AND очень важно понимать,  как правильно на это реагировать,
чтобы  в считанные minutes ее просто локализировать и изменить
child’s behavior so that he does not have to resort to this

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(hysteria of the upper and lower brain) and the correct reaction

What to do to stop the tantrum?

There is a simple, universal algorithm that will
работать с любым  возрастом, который позволит вам прекратить
истерику вашего ребенка меньше чем за 2 minutes. It consists of only
five points.

  1. «Отреагировать» После как услышали плач
    baby, quickly turn your head to the side where he cries.
    Разговаривать  запрещено.
  2. «Присоединиться» Если он прямо перед вашими ногами, значит
    go down to him or if he is a few steps away, go to
    him Talking is prohibited.
  3. «Анализ ситуации» Посмотрите на выражение
    the faces of your child. He may cry for various reasons. He can
    to be angry, in despair, that can never reach you,
    upset about something, you consider this emotion from his face and ask him
    – “Are you upset? You’re angry? У тебя что-то  не получилось?» AND
    it will be the kind of bridge that will allow your child or
    nod back, or disagree with you, but you already
    included. AND если вы это сделали, переходите в следующий пункт —
  4. «Глубокий анализ ситуации» AND здесь вам
    you need to understand the reason – what happened ?! You can think one thing, but
    a child’s head may be completely different. Just ask – “What
    It happened? Tell me.  I want to know, I want to help, or say
    me what you want.  AND дети начинают с вами
    to interact.  Здесь очень важно не оценивать  то,
    что они говорят, не критиковать  и не пытаться тут же давать
    advice that they need to do something else.  Just listen.
    Just ask the next question – “Anything else?” When your
    The child will speak out, go to point five.
  5. «Ответить ребенку» Вы можете быть не
    agree that he asked you for candy, chupa chups, I don’t know
    iPhone because everyone in the class bought it. If you are not with him
    agree, and tell them honestly – “I do not plan this for you
    do, I understand you, but do not plan. Therefore, therefore,
    because.  ANDзвини».  If you agree, then say –
    �”My God, thank you for telling me, now I understand exactly how
    I do. Come on, let’s go do it. ”

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hysterical: advice from a psychologist


How to understand a child who cannot speak?

There is one very important point. ANDтак, если ребенок не
he is also hysterical, try to offer him
answer options – “Do you want it?” Specifically, show not
ask, and show on some object, food or what he
wants. «ANDли это, или это — покажи мне». AND даже маленький ребенок
годовалого возраста начнет показывать  что он хочет, а вы
more will understand it. As soon as you started, he responded to you,
This means that you have included it in the conversation. That’s our way
physiology that the tantrum will subside as soon as you logged in
dialogue with your child.

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hysterical babies

How to prevent a tantrum?

AND знаете, последнее, что мне хочется сказать – как вообще не
to allow hysterical child. There is only one option not
To allow a child to be hysterical is to never ignore him.
Это  не означает, что your time must be devoted
to kid. It simply means that if you hear it and can
respond to it, respond immediately because you do not know
насколько важно для него ТО, для него, внутри,
 on his scale of importance values ​​that he wants to you
address or say.  If he does not hear the answer from you alone
time, second or third, he will choose a way that you do not care
придется  отреагировать. So react from the beginning, and
истерики, как таковые,  пройдут вообще.  You will forget that
it is.

Or maybe just do not need to pay attention?

Many books advise parents not to pay attention to
поведение детей, когда они падают в истерике  или плачут, с
so that if you respond, it will continue.  But,
честно говоря, давайте просто порассуждаем  логически: если
вы, взрослый человек, чего-то действительно очень хотите,  а
you are ignored again and again, you will turn the world around to get
what you want.  And your children do the same. 
Therefore, the only way is to start responding to them quickly and
never ignore.

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