Children’s dairy mix Baby

For feeding young children, breast
feeding. Продукты бренда «МBUTЛЮТКBUT»®
питание для детей с рождения до трех лет. Before use
mixture or feeding
проконсультироваться со специалистом.

Mother’s milk is the best food for the baby, but
often due to the health of the mother breastfeeding
becomes impossible. Then she comes to the aid of a mixture of
newborns. And here it is important to choose a product that fits
child in all respects.

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recommendations on the choice of infant formula

One of the most popular and sought after mixtures is the nursery.
молочная  смесь «Baby» от ООО «Нутриция». For the most
The company provides two small products: milk formulas and
baby milk. Development and updating of the product
carried out in accordance with the latest research
medical community. Due to the presence of prebiotics
GOS / FOS mixtures are as close in composition to breast milk as possible.

Baby formula and milk “Baby” is a guarantee
European ingredients, no preservatives, no added
sugar, no dyes, no artificial additives, no

Молочная смесь сухая МBUTЛЮТКBUT 1
Молочная смесь МBUTЛЮТКBUT 2
Детское молочко МBUTЛЮТКBUT 3
Детское молочко МBUTЛЮТКBUT 4

Milk formula “Baby” for newborns

Milk formulas for babies are produced by the company in two

  • �”Baby” number 1 (Dry milk mixture adapted from
    prebiotics) – intended for use from birth.
  • �”Baby” number 2 – manufactured for babies from six months.

В состав смеси №1 помимо деминерализированной
whey, vegetable oils (palm (palm oil
necessary to approximate the fat component of the mixture to the fat
the composition of breast milk.), rapeseed, coconut, sunflower,
Mortierella alpina), skimmed milk, and maltodextrin are included.
lactose, vitamin complex, fish oil. Inositol, nucleotides, choline,
taurine, soy lecithin, L-tryptophan and microelements.

�”Baby” number 1 contains the necessary for proper development
the nervous system omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, as well as
GOS / FOS prebiotics (galactooligosakhara, fructooligosakhara),
Natural Dietary Fiber Facilitating Digestion
in composition close to prebiotics of breast milk
(т.е. помогают правильному развитию собственной здоровой
intestinal microflora. This complex of prebiotics provides
regular soft stools in babies).

Состав смеси «Малютки» № 2 отличается от
infant formula with the birth of the presence of L-carnitine, as well as other
combination of vitamins and microelements developed in
according to the age of the child. В составе Малютке № 2
more casein proteins that are digested longer
and better feed the child. This mixture is more high in calories. Contains
smart iron – iron in optimal combination with zinc and vitamin
C for better absorption of iron, which is important for prevention
iron deficiency.

Mixtures are different from products from other manufacturers lack
preservatives, dyes, sugar and artificial
additives. There may be traces of gluten.

It is important to remember that the mixture must be prepared.
just before feeding the baby and not keeping the rest

Baby milk “Baby”

Baby milk from LLC “Nutricia” is also available for
two age categories:

  • Baby milk “Baby” № 3 для детей от 12 месяцев.
  • Baby milk “Baby” № 4 для детей от 18 месяцев.

The list of ingredients is almost identical to what is used.
in a mixture of number 1 and number 2. However, L-cysteine ​​and
L-isoleucine. For the rest, only the proportions of the elements change, which
is a prerequisite to ensure full and
balanced nutrition of the child. For example, a special combination
zinc, iron and vitamin C helps the baby’s body absorb everything
items with maximum benefit. May contain traces
gluten free.

To the main components of “Baby” No. 4 in addition to L-tryptophan
added extra vitamins and minerals. May contain
следы gluten free.

Watch the video: what is gluten

The price of the mixture Baby

The product is available in two weight categories: 350 g and 700

The price for boxes of 350 g varies from 190 to 230 rubles, and for
700 grams from 340 to 450 rubles, respectively. Cost depends on
pricing of a particular store, so it’s worth checking
the presence of mixtures in several retail outlets or online stores.
Some of them offer product sets. For the purchase of two
boxes of 700 grams buyer receives a discount.

Important points when buying and using mixes

It is better to get milk mixes from the checked sellers. Than
the higher the sales agent’s rating, the greater the chance of correct
storage of goods in stock. Also at purchase it is worth paying
attention to the production date. Selection directly in the store
preferable to order goods via the Internet.

You should not move on to the next in order number of the mixture
�”Baby” before the child reaches the corresponding

You can choose and buy the mixture in the Internet

  • — Молочные смеси
  • Бабаду.ру — Молочные смеси Baby

Плюсы и минусы смеси «Baby»

The advantages include the price (not expensive mixtures), excellent
solubility, due to which the nipple is not clogged. Often precisely
This product helps moms whose children are allergic
reactions to mixtures of other manufacturers. Some call
excess sugar negative product quality, but the composition of all
смесей Baby соответствует самым высоким европейским

Cooking method

On the box you will find a way to prepare the mixture and a table.

способ приготовления смеси малютка

Таблица feeding ребенка смесью Baby 1 (до 6

Для приготовления смеси руководствуйтесь таблицей и
consult a pediatrician. 100 ml of prepared mixture = 90 ml of water
+ 3 scoops dry mix.

таблица feeding малютка-1

Таблица feeding молочной смесью Baby

Таблица feeding ребенка смесью Baby 2 (с 6

таблица feeding малютка-2

Таблица feeding молочной смесью Baby

Таблица feeding детским молочком Baby 3 (с
12 months)

Таблица feeding детским молочком Baby № 3

Таблица feeding детским молочком Baby №

Таблица feeding детским молочком Baby 3 (с 18

Таблица feeding детским молочком Baby № 4

Таблица feeding детским молочком Baby №

В целом сочетание цены и качества, многочисленные
positive reviews and availability make mixes and baby milk
«Baby» отличным в выборе питания для ребенка с первых дней его
of life.

  • Официальный сайт смесей Baby
  • Контактная информация: 8 800 100 33
  • BUTдрес: 143500, Россия, Московская обл.,
    г. Истра, ул. Moscow, d.48.

Reviews from the forums

anuta1985. My daughter was eating from 3 months
молочной смесью «Baby», когда стало накладно покупать детские
a mixture of foreign manufacturers, I wondered what it can
replace. On the TV was the transfer control purchase of dairy
mixtures, were presented mixtures of 6 manufacturers and what was my
удивление когда «Baby» заняла первое место, были проведены ряд
research that showed that our domestic baby
meets all requirements, and does not harm the health of our kids !! BUT
One of many important things is its price !!

beauny The best for my daughter
mixture. For me – also the cheapest. It so happened that
almost from the first month I had to feed my baby
a mixture. She gained weight badly and screamed all the time. we
then tried many mixtures, expensive, publicized and not
highly. And not one approached, dear ones of course approached by
quality, but for the price is absolutely not profitable. BUT дочь тем временем все
screamed. It is clear that in the first 3 months they are disturbed by the tummies,
but not round the clock!
So, in the nearest store
bought “Baby 1” (which is recommended for kids from 0 to 6
months) They tried, and on the same day they slept all night in peace! After
of this we began to get better confidently and it became our permanent
choice. Now we have already switched to “Baby 3”, which is recommended
for tots from 1 year.
Compared to others, the mixture
«Baby» на мой взгляд, более сладкая, видимо приятней на вкус,
because having tried it, the daughter reluctantly drank others, did not finish
bottle, and “Baby” all drank. It even differs in color –
slightly yellowish. Well dissolved. No draft. And the chair after her
normal and regular, which is important.

ilji4yova9433. «Baby» с рождения
intended for feeding young children contains all
essential vitamins and minerals on the package is a sign
quality and mark “does not contain GMOs”, which already has
product. But there are also disadvantages, it may not be suitable for a child,
cause constipation. But as everyone knows, not everyone can afford
дорогие, импортные смеси вот тогда» Baby» идеальный выход для
many moms. I myself am a regular customer, because: 1.
I trust more domestic producers. price in relation to
other mixtures are relatively adequate. available for sale. If a
I would be asked if I would change “Baby” to another more expensive mixture,
I most likely answered no than yes. Not one has grown on these mixtures.
generation and hope this tradition will continue.

More reviews can read on the site

Palm oil in infant formula. Opinion

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