Children with virus names

As it turned out, the coronavirus pandemic affected not only people’s lives, but also on their consciousness. COVID-19 has set a “fashionable” trend называть новорожденных тематическими именами.
Names of children in the midst of a coronavirusОдной из первых в этом спискеbecame baby girl Covid Bryant (Covid Bryant), born March 15 in the Philippine city of Manila. About it the newly-made woman in labor told on her twitter, for several hours, the news “blew up” the social network with a flurry of “likes”, positive and negative comments, reposts.
The relevance of the name of the baby is 2 in 1. It is associated with the events of the latter months – coronavirus and the death of the legendary basketball player “Лос-Анджелес Лейкерс” Коби Брайанта.
Names of children in the midst of a coronavirusCorona из индийскогоUttar Pradesh State was born March 22, in a few hours prior to the introduction of a curfew by the local authorities in connection with epidemic in the country. A close friend gave the idea of ​​the name Crown to parents relative Nitesh Tripati, explaining this choice by “association residents around a common misfortune and enthusiasm together to fight with infection. ”
Another case is also registered in India, the state of Chhattisgarh. March 27 with the help of a Caesarean section were born twins – girl Corona and boy Covid. Kids weigh 2.9 kg and 2.7 kg, respectively. Vinay and Prity Verma married couple spoke about their decision: “So we tried to make the birth of our children and ease anxiety and fear in the midst of a pandemic. Although it’s possible that later we can change our mind and rename our twins. ” Twins Crown and Covid
In other countries, such coronaviruses are also registered. names like Covid Rose (Covid Rose) and Coviduvidapdap (Koviduvidappadp).

The boy Kovid from the Russian city is excluded from this list Novokuznetsk. The news was an April Fool’s viral joke, which was submitted by KuzPress media.
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