Children in public transport: who owes whomgive way

Должны ли взрослые люди give way детям школьного возраста место в
public transport? Russian journalist talks about
the problem of child-centrism in our country.

One of the rules of behavior in public transport is:
�”Give seats to passengers with children, the disabled and the elderly.”
It would seem that there may be questions here – everything is logical. Here is
only whether a young woman who returns home with
work, tired, jump up at the sight of a 10-year-old child? Where
is the age limit at which the child is not able to
stand on his feet a few minutes before his stop? Russian
The journalist shares her opinion on this issue.

Children in public transport: who owes whom give way

After one incident on the bus, I could not stand it and laid out this
Facebook history.

In the evening I returned home. The bus was full of seats
everyone is busy, another 15 people are standing at the railing. We stopped at the bus stop
a woman over 50 (probably grandmother) with a grandson of 9-10. Lady
with a resolute look, she looked around the bus and asked her grandson:
�”Where to sit?”. The boy shrugged and, without showing much desire
sit down, languidly stretched out: “I don’t know.” �”Sit down, sit down,” insisted
granny, there is no truth in the legs! ”

While I watched with interest all this conversation, a woman
deliberately moved to a girl of about 25, sitting on the very
convenient place, and without a shadow of a doubt ordered: “Give in to the child
a place!”. The girl got up, sitting next to a man, too, from sin
stood up far away. Lady с мальчиком заняли освободившиеся места и
drove all the way sitting.

This is a typical Russian mentality, sacredly honoring principles.
child-centrism: all the best for children … and adults somehow
will cost.

If that Madame came to me, I would not have thought to give
a place. An adult child, not even showing signs of fatigue, and
middle-aged woman who is called “grandmother” language is not
turns: for what reason are people tired after working day
должны им give way? Apparently, a young woman, honestly otpahavshaya
full time, did not deserve the right to go home sitting. Like
a man who may be engaged in heavy physical
by work

After the publication of this text on Facebook, a storm began. On
my head fell hundreds of conflicting opinions. First of all,
Some for some reason thought that the grandmother and grandson could be tired and ill
feel yourself Could, of course. Like те, кого они подняли со
their seats.

Secondly, the fundamental question was the question of the sex of the child: if
girl, that’s fine, but the boy still need to be brought up
like a man.

Thirdly, many decided that it was a decrepit 80-year-old
the old woman and one year old toddler. Not! By using the word “grandmother”, I
only indicated the degree of kinship. Dame was not much more than 50
years, and the “kid” is quite pulling for 10 years of age. Here is что,
for example, they wrote to me in the comments.



Agree! Lately every now and then I come across such
situations in transport, in stores, in cafes … Everywhere is the same:
give up the place, skip the queue, serve us first … Yes with
which one We probably also deserve basic respect!
Interestingly, it’s only in Russia that the world is considered to revolve around
child, or in Europe, too, such trends?


10 years is quite a conscious age when the boy already needs
to instill male behavior, not to drive a woman away
so that he sat down. How will he treat the weaker sex when
will increase? So it will adhere to the principles instilled by mom and
grandmother: nothing is more important than your own comfort.


I would not give in either. After all, the boy did not even want to sit down. it
grandmother thought for him and decided. Apparently, most wanted
sit, and here by the way – the child is at hand. it же
universal shield that can cover all your desires.


Of course, if we were talking about a baby who is still unsure
on his feet and can not withstand a long load – then it is clear that
need to give in. But the great child, over which cackles
�“Young grandmother” is a bust. So up to 40 years and will consider themselves
a child.


Notice Grandma raised the girl to give place to her grandson.
Future man! This is how the attitude of a man to a woman is formed. It
formed by such moms and grandmothers who are ready to bring
self and all other females sacrificed to their tired

And then it begins – “all men are goats,” “normal men are not
it remains ”… And where will they come from, if such upbringing. Men
bring up from birth !!!!!


It annoys me even when little children are not put on their knees.
The child is sitting next to his mother, occupying a separate place, moreover, that
they do not even pay for travel. Is it really so hard to take it to
hands and make room for any of the people standing?

And how do you look at this situation? Losing to
a place?

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