Child skills at two months

Что умеет ребенок в 2 monthа

Those who have recently become parents are always worried.
about the health of your baby. Despite the special pace of development
each child, this process is still subject to a common, long
identified patterns. After the crumbs have a period
adapting to a new way of being, his body and psyche
begin to actively improve, changing almost

В два monthа ребенок уже демонстрирует такой прогресс
in all areas that it is impossible not to be surprised. That’s about it
age and we’ll talk today. This article will help parents
понять, что должен уметь ребенок в 2 monthа, и оценить первые
success of your baby.

The skills and abilities of the child in the second month of life

  1. At 2 months, the baby is well and confidently holding
    Being in the hands of an adult, he sees the world in
    new perspective, which, of course, is of great interest, so
    the child can turn his head to the right and left, considering everything
  2. In conjunction with the previous skill in a child appears as
    called the reaction “what is it?”. In 2 months this is a reaction
    precisely for a sound stimulus: when a baby hears a sound, he
    turns the head towards its source.
    Obviously, the child reacts to the voices of close people, and he gives out to them
    one more reaction, this time emotional. It’s about smile
    (more details – in the next paragraph).
  3. From the second month, the emotional begins to develop.
    One of the most vivid emotional reactions of the baby –
    smile in response to the voice or the appearance of a loved one. First
    Smiles of children are usually involuntary and occur in a dream. Unlike
    them, a two-month-old baby’s smile is definitely expressing him
    the joy of intimacy with an adult. Baby enough to hear my mother’s
    voice to smile happily, because mother is an island of stability
    and security in an as yet incomprehensible world.
  4. Выражать свои эмоции ребенок в два
    monthа умеет уже не только с помощью улыбки.
    his emotional reactions are increasing: evolving
    mimicry, intonation. At this age, even a child can cry
    different expressions, depending on the cause. It may be
    angered, summoning, plaintive weeping. Parents and those who
    spends a lot of time with baby, quickly learn to identify emotions
    and the mood of the child.
  5. Big shifts are observed in the development of vision.
    The two-month old hornet already knows how to focus on the still
    subject. Watch the subject look, he learns a little later, and in
    2 months he is ready for a long time looking suspended from above the crib
    a toy By the way, the best object to consider is Mom’s
    face, but since it’s hardly possible for mom to stand for long,
    склонившись над кроваткой, выберите подвесную a toy Successful
    Option for a child of 2 months – a bright ball, about the size of
    human face. The complex shapes and small details of the toys in this
    the age is completely nick what.
  6. At the age of 2 months you can already talk about the availability
    prerequisites for the development of speech.
    In addition to crying, the baby begins
    pronounce the first sounds. These are short vowels that sound
    occasionally. The child himself is usually very surprised.
    sounds played, freezes and listens. With time
    sounds will be longer, and will be pronounced more and more often.
  7. By two months, the child’s coordination improves.
    Muscular hypertonia characteristic of
    newborns, in the absence of neurological pathologies passes to
    the end of the first month, and at 2 months the child can already make
    arbitrary movements of the arms and legs. Moreover, it is born
    called scientifically called scientific language. Externally
    this can be seen as trying to reach the toy, which
    is in front of the baby. No matter how simple this process may seem
    adults, for a child, this task is still difficult. Baby needs with
    eye to determine the distance to the subject, to stretch out
    the right side and the right length. Attempts to do all this
    appear just in 2 months.
  8. Lying on his back, the baby is actively exploring their pens and
    legs, which often come into view.
    If a
    put a rattle to the child in the handle – it will firmly grip it too
    will consider. Many kids in 2 months are already trying
    try a new item on the tooth. If a погремушка издает какой-то
    sound – the baby listens and learns to link movements
    own pens and sound, that is, he begins to understand that
    rattle strumming because he shakes it with his own pen.
  9. Strong muscles of the back and neck allow two months
    lift the baby’s head and hold it for a while
    on the stomach.
    Often the child tears off all limbs altogether.
    from the horizontal surface and makes pens and legs
    movements resembling swimming.
  10. Speaking of swimming. In 2 months baby really
    able to swim a few meters under water.
    «плавательные» навыки и еще присутствующий рефлекс
    breath holdings are just the basis of infant swimming.
    If a вы являетесь сторонником такого вида физнагрузки, или если
    there are some indications for water lessons, two months – the most
    time to start.
  11. The kid is already getting used to the standard sequence of actions that
    occur during the day, so you can be puzzled by the formation
    day regimen. The order of the week is enough for the child
    learned to fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning at the same time
    time. At 2 months, the child is already able to distinguish the day from
    nights, and this skill needs to be fixed.
    A little later it will be possible
    line up and day mode. Details about the mode of the day:
    approximate mode of the day of the child in 2 months.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Развитие ребенка во второй


Now we see what a big step in the development made by the baby.
When you are with a child every day, it is difficult to notice
the emergence of new skills, so parents sometimes can not clearly
увидеть, что умеет ребенок в 2 monthа. Relying on this
list, everyone will be able to evaluate the development of their baby and help him
in mastering new skills.

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