Child at 4 months (development calendar)

Baby in 4 месяца

The fourth month of a baby’s life is a time of great change,
especially in psychological and emotional development. Most
children to this age have experienced painful moments related
with colic. The work of the gastrointestinal tract has become stable and
now the kid is more and more immersed in the world around him, learning
respond to it and learn.

Physiological development at 4 months of life

Height and weight

A child at 4 months still has a large weight gain, in
force of low motor activity. The child can dial for
this month up to 750 g. Normal body weight in 4 months is 6 – 7
kg (± 1 kg), height 60–63 cm (± 3 cm).


У ребенка в четыре месяца продолжают угасать
reflexes of the newborn:

  • Based on the unconditional grab reflex of Robinson
    purposeful grasping is formed: the kid grabs objects,
    who sees in front of him and holds in his hand. Good expression
    This reflex promises rapid development of fine motor skills.
  • Reflex Moreau: if you slap sharply on the surface on which
    the child is lying, then he throws his hands in the sides with the open
    palms, and then again collects them on the chest. This reflex
    starts to fade away in 4 – 5 months, therefore, in some of the babies on
    four months later, it may still persist, but someone already has not
    will be.
  • Bower crawl reflex: a child lying on his stomach is trying
    crawl, if you create a support in his heels. From 4 months is observed
    extinction of this reflex, but if you stimulate it, then by 5 months
    the baby will be able to crawl on its own.
  • By the end of 4 months the child should not be observed:
    • Talent reflex: hold your index finger along
      spine of the child, left and right 1 cm from the midline,
      top down. In this case, the baby bends the back;
    • as well as Perez’s reflex: holding your finger over the spinous
      отросткам позвоночника top down. The baby bends back
      and screams (do not do it yourself!).

The presence of these reflexes after 4 months can talk about
neurological disorders and requires examination
a neurologist.

Basic skills

In addition, the normal physical development of the child in
this period is characterized by the presence of the following

  • The child easily turns from belly to flank and to
  • Lying on the tummy can rise on the handles, leaning only
    on your palm and keep your head up.
  • He sits down when he is tightened by the handles and confidently holds
    head But do not forget that his back is not yet strong, so
    It’s too early to land the baby.
  • When supporting the child for the armpits, he rests his fingers
    feet and repelled by the surface.
  • Hypertonus in hands disappears, but in legs it can still
  • Ladoski baby almost all the time disclosed. He can stack them.
    together, clap for something.
  • Able to hold the object in hand for almost half a minute. Knows how
    you need to shake the rattle so that it rattles.
  • The child can purposefully shove a finger in his mouth.
  • When feeding, the baby itself supports the mother’s breast.

Emotional development in four months

  1. The baby’s complex is getting more and more vivid: in response to
    mother’s voice, he actively moves the arms and legs, smiles,
    babbling Can pronounce sounds similar to “p”, “b”, “m”, as well as
    open vowels “o”, “a”. Now the child can notice the reaction
    in the form of laughter or a smile, not only on someone’s face, but also on a new
    a toy Scarce learns his name and begins to react to it.
  2. The child’s thinking begins to set
    cause-and-effect relationships, for example, after seeing mother’s breast, baby
    pauses and looks at her in anticipation of feeding.
  3. A baby at 4 months is already able to experience fear, joy,
    insult, curiosity.
  4. The kid begins to pay more attention to his body, he
    considers pens, plays with them, pulls a leg in his mouth. To kid
    like to feel your face, hair. Loves to look at her
    reflection in the mirror.
  5. The child already recognizes all relatives and friends, while
    highlights mom. He fully embodies her with him, therefore
    needs constant tactile and emotional contact with her.
    He is happy if his mother is fun and sad or crying if she is in
    bad mood.
  6. With outsiders, a child behaves at 4 months
    wary. If a mother, for example, wears a hat or glasses, he will not
    recognize her. And after she removes them, the baby will be very surprised and
    will not understand how this could happen. Baby can
    get scared or get interested in seeing a stranger.
  7. Intensive psychological development of the baby at this age.
    associated with a new step in visual and auditory perception. Baby in
    4 months not only sees, he looks at the subject,
    which is moving. But if he disappears from the field
    зрения, то кроха сразу забывает про него. If a
    show him the disappeared object again, the baby will recognize him.

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be able to baby in 4 months


Vision малыша становится восприимчивее к цвету. To kid сначала
like yellow and red, then green and blue. Bright and
pure shades perceived by the child better than halftones or
multi-color combinations. Therefore, it is important not to overdo it with bright
toys. It is better to buy those that contain no more than 3 – 4
colors. Flowers saturated with flowers will tire faster


Развитие ребенка на четвертом месяце жизни

Hearing для ребенка становится важным проводником в окружающий мир.
The baby is already turning its head in the direction from which sounds are heard.
He distinguishes the voice of the mother from the voice of the father or other relatives.
Understands that he hears the voice of a friend or stranger.
The kid listens when playing music, shakes his head in
tact, may prefer some kind of melody or song. High tones
unpleasant to the child, and low and rhythmic soothing. But
while the crumb only distinguishes a few whole tones. Therefore, in
четыре месяца ребенку лучше включать произведения в исполнении
single tool. Better if the melody is rhythmic, under
which you can clap in front of the baby in your hands or beat a tambourine.

In the period from 4 to 6 months it is very important to talk with the baby,
comment on everything you see at home and on the alley, read and
tell him tales, show pictures with words (cards
Domana) is all a guarantee that the child will start to speak earlier.
It is useful to develop the ability to speech imitation in the child.
Повторяйте за ребенком звуки, которые он babbling After some
time the child will begin to repeat for you too.

If a не умеет

All that baby can in 4 months of the above
may appear a little earlier or a little later, but there are skills
the absence of which during this period of development should

  • The child does not capture and does not hold objects in his hand.
  • Does not roll over on the tummy from the back (how to teach
    roll over).
  • Lying on the tummy does not rise on the handles.
  • When pulling up the child by the handles, when he lies on his back,
    head tilted back.
  • Does not rest on toes when held vertically
  • Does not react to other people, does not show emotions: not
    smiles, not angry, not laughing, not surprised. Not happy
    if you play with him.

Food and sleep


If a малыш находится на грудном вскармливании, то
it is preferable to continue feeding him on demand. Not worth it
count the number of feedings and worry about how much eats
baby, if he has a normal weight gain, and mom
enough milk.

Opinions of pediatricians are increasingly reduced to the fact that up to 6 months
it is not necessary to introduce lure, as breast milk and modern
infant formula fully satisfies the needs of crumbs in all
vitamins and microelements. Some doctors give old-fashioned advice.
Moms from 4 months to introduce juices and fruit purees, which allegedly
компенсируют недостаток некоторых витаминов у baby As already been
The above is said, the baby gets everything he needs with breast milk and
mixture, and from juices increases the risk of allergies, and
also increases the acidity of gastric juice, which leads to
frequent regurgitation.

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As for fruit purees, it is better to introduce them only after
vegetable: first, because after the sweet food, many children
refuse to eat a vegetable tasteless mixture, and secondly, in vegetable
mashed potatoes (cauliflower, zucchini) contain more fiber, which
preferable for the first feeding.


When artificial feeding allowed the introduction of juice with 4
months. You need to start giving it from a few drops to 20-30
g per day, diluted with boiled water 1: 1. (About the first juices)

Feeding the mixture can also be done on request, should
get about 6 – 7 feedings per day, and the volume of the mixture
be 1/7 of the weight of the child, that is, up to 1 liter per day,
about 150 – 160 ml per feeding.


How many children sleep 4 months: the need for sleep in children 4
Months is 15 hours a day, at night – 10 hours, and the rest
Time is 3 daytime sleep. Some babies can already sleep all
night, but most often until you have to wake up 2 – 3 times for

The best time to lay at night is 19-21 hours later
a child at this age will already be too tired. Gradually need
set and sleep mode, if the baby will fall asleep in
certain hours, then not overtired and will be ready for the night
to sleep


How to help your baby grow

Развитие ребенка в 4 месяца особенно зависит от
close contact with the mother.
Since specific games for
no kids at this age yet Развитие ребенка в 4 месяца

the most important thing for them is constant communication, acquaintance
with the outside world. If possible, wear the crumbs everywhere with you.
hands, in a carrier, sling or in a wheelchair. Do not use yet
�“Kengurushku”, the spine of the baby up to 6 months is not ready yet
such a way to travel.

Join the child in dialogue. Let you not yet
understand that the baby “speaks”, it is important that the child feels that
you listen to him, talk to him. Tell your baby about
everything you do at home, show items, explain, for
what they need in action. Call the colors of the things you
show the child. For “grabbing” games, use not only
toys, and various safe items that you can touch,
remember, sniff and throw.

Scarce probably already learned all the toys purchased at birth and
it’s time to update them. Now he is interested not only in rattles.
To kid в четыре месяца понравятся резиновые пищалки,
small dolls, musical toys with buttons, soft toys with
ball filler. For the development of tactile sensations and small
motor skills are well suited mats that can be made
from the multicolored patches of different textures (velvet, silk,
velveteen, wool).

Games with baby

Spend play activities with your child:

1. Игра в «Ку-ку!»: вы закрываете глаза или
hiding behind the back of the crib, and then peeking, saying “ku –
ku, and here I am! “.

2. «Ладушки»: усадите малыша на колени,
take his hands and show how to clap your hands, saying:
Ladushki – Okay, Where were you? By Grandma.

The game contributes to a faster disclosure of the palm that
activates the development of the brain and fine motor skills.

3. “Goat horned”

�”There is a goat horned for the little guys,

Who does not eat porridge, does not drink milk,

Butts, butts, butts …! ”

This game of fright make-up is very popular with kids, because
causes not fear, but laughter.

4. “Soroka –vorona”

The game, stimulating the work of the gastrointestinal tract. To the center
palm projected points responsible for the small intestine, hence
start a circular motion clockwise, saying:
�”Soroka – crow cooked porridge, fed children.” On the word “fed”
need to stop between the ring and middle fingers – this
projection of the rectum. Then, gently squeezing the fingertips
alternately, starting with the little finger, continue to sentence: “This
gave, gave it … “. Each finger corresponds to a specific
organ: little finger – the heart, nameless – the nervous system, the middle –
liver, pointing – stomach. The thumb is responsible for the head
the brain, so it must be properly battered, saying: “And this
not given!”

Continue to massage and harden your baby. Spend
gymnastics, helping to master the baby turning on
belly and other skills.

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Child 4 month

The fourth month of life. Child development calendar


Full calendar of child development in one article
�“Development up to a year by months”

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