Child 1 year (development calendar)

Time passes unnoticed. Most recently your toddler appeared on
light, and you carried a little ball in your arms. Now it does not recognize:
the baby has changed dramatically externally, he knows and understands a lot.
Child development at 12 months is even more focused on
knowledge of the world. This period is transitional, therefore
somewhat complicated for the baby and parents.

The content of the article

  • 1 What is new in the physical development of a one year old baby?
    • 1.1 What is new baby at twelve months?
    • 1.2 What’s new in mental development:
    • 1.3 Test for the development of children in 12 months:
    • 1.4 Child development by months. 1 year / 12 months video
  • 2 Mode – sleep and nutrition
    • 2.1 How to help your baby grow
    • 2.2 Games
  • 3 Child development calendar by months (select month)

What is new in the physical development of one year old baby?

развитие ребенка в 12 месяцев

В  12 месяцев ребенок имеет вес 9.5 – 10.5 кг (±1 кг) и
height 74 – 76 kg (± 3 cm). Weight gain and length significantly
no different from the previous month.

What is new baby in twelve months?

  1. Goes to handle or independently. But can continue actively
    crawling on all fours.
  2. A child of 12 months can take two small ones with one pen.
    subject, and two – three or a handful.
  3. Surely gives the subject to an adult and releases it. Knows how
    grab a button on your clothes with the help of bent big and
    index fingers.
  4. The baby can already squat or sit down without support.
  5. A child’s motor development in a year allows him to build
    a tower of several cubes and put the rings on the stick.
  6. The kid continues to learn gestures, except those that are already learned
    (cm. ребенок в 10 и 11 месяцев), еще может: послать воздушный
    kiss (if you teach him), kiss your mom, blows on
  7. At 12 months, the child tries to eat with a spoon
    independently, provided that you show it to him and
    let you do it yourself.

Byдробно: что умеет ребенок в 1 год

What is new in mental development:

  • By the year the child understands more than 20 words and knows the names
    items that sees around every day. Word pronunciation yet
    vaguely reminiscent of the due, the syllables can be interchanged in places
    Not all letters are spoken. Kids put several values ​​in
    one word.
  • A 12-month-old baby starts reaching out to other kids, but
    do not know how to communicate without conflict.
  • Now the crumb understands how and with whom in the family you can
    to lead. He feels the softness of the mother and allows himself to be naughty or
    even manipulate it. He knows that with dad is not a ride.
  • With a child by the age of 12 months it becomes more difficult to play, he can
    set some of your own, not acceptable to you, the rules in games
    and persist in what you can not do: throw sand, pull
    by the cat’s tail.
  • In children from about this age begins to appear
    long-term memory. Kids can remember what was happening
    yesterday or a few days ago. There are people who already being
    adults are able to remember themselves in a year old.
  • When a baby listens to music, it tries to sing along and while standing –
    to dance
  • Performs simple requests. (see baby at 11 months)
  • Approximately, starting from the 9th month, but most often in one
    year, children may have a difficult transitional moment when
    They look like they do not look like themselves and change drastically – this is
    crisis of the first year. How does it manifest itself:

    • Difficult to accept (disobedience, stubbornness);
    • A sharp increase in autonomy (refusal of assistance);
    • Touchiness and tearfulness;
    • Contradictory behavior (a child may get annoyed when
      something does not work and wait for help from you, but immediately abandon

Any mom has questions: why did the baby start like this?
behave? What is it: harm or did I spoil it? Not стоит
worry too much and react violently to change. Here are the reasons
due to which the baby’s behavior changes:

  • The child is gradually formed will, which is increasingly
    begins to face the will of an adult, because of what arises
    protest from the kid.
  • The child’s worldview changes completely from the age of 12 months:
    aware of the first signs that he is a separate person, that
    parents are adults who are allowed more than him.
  • With the acquisition of more and more skills, the child
    self-confidence grows and he is increasingly
    independence. At the same time, the baby can not yet evaluate
    adequately its capabilities, distribute power, foresee the situation.
    Byэтому ребенок как бы переоценивает себя и из-за этого терпит
    failures, which, of course, bring him out of himself. Baby can’t
    to accept the thought: “that he is unable to do what he wants,
    because mom can do it. ”
  • Bans are perceived by the child as an obstacle for adults to
    the knowledge of the world.

Test for the development of children in 12 months:

  • The baby should already be able to crawl, stand with support and make
    few steps if you hold it by the handles.
  • A child of 12 months must use 1 – 2 gestures: waving
    pen, nod “yes” or “no.”
  • A child must speak at least one meaningful word: mother,
  • Should be able to perform simple requests: give, take.
  • In addition, the skills learned in
    previous months. (see baby at 10 and 11 months)
  • By the end of the first year, the child must have at least one tooth or
    swollen gums – evidence that the tooth is growing.

If at least one of the test items is negative, then
be sure to visit the children’s doctor. 

Child development by months. 1 year / 12 months video

Mode – sleep and nutrition

Parents of many one-year-old children are faced with a regime change.
You have to do it because now the child becomes difficult
to lay in the afternoon at the same time, so the naps have
push back This is how the “owls” who wake up in the morning
9 – 10 o’clock, and in the afternoon keep within at 14 – 15 o’clock. In this way,
it turns out that such children begin to sleep in the afternoon once every 2 to 3 hours,
approximately from 14 to 17 o’clock, and their night sleep begins only in
22 hours or even later.


In this regard, it is necessary to teach the child to another mode.
power supply. If the child has gone on one long day nap, then five
once feed it will not work. Such babies eat 4 times,
for example: breakfast at 9.00, at 13.00 – lunch, at 17.00 – afternoon tea and dinner
at 21.00.

If your baby’s regime has not changed, then all
remains the same. (see baby at 11 months)

How to help your baby grow

ребенок в 12 месяцев

  • Continue to carry the baby periodically in your arms. (cm.
    �”Holding” the child in 10 months.)
  • Child development in a year is still aimed at
    improving speech and fine motor skills, so keep up
    classes that develop these functions. (cm. ребенок в 10 и 11
  • The most important skill that your crumb is now acquiring is
    walking. No matter how much you want the child to start walking,
    it is important that he be ready for this. If the baby has mastered the crawling and
    moves easily, you can push him to
    He began to walk, but it was not necessary to wean him. For this:

    • Place your favorite baby toys at a height that is accessible to him.
      As soon as you notice that the baby is up and stretches behind the object,
      move it a little away from the child so that the crumb can do
      few steps towards the goal. Do not rush the baby
      the musculoskeletal system gradually gets used to the new loads.
      Increase the distance gradually.
    • When a child learns to do it yourself
      a few steps from the support to the support, create for him several such
      goals in the form of toys. Let the baby go from one support to
      another: from chair to bed, from bed to chair.
    • It often prevents the baby from making the first step of feeling
      uncertainty and fear of losing balance. Give the baby a hand
      a toy for balance, take a few steps and ask to bring
      you subject This is enough for many children to dare
      walk by yourself.
    • When you go for a walk with a child, pay attention to the child
      other kids who are already walking. Someone else’s example is contagious.
    • Do not abuse walkers, they can form
      wrong posture (for and against walkers). Better to use
      rolling toys or reins. Support the baby’s forearm or
      brush, but not for armpits. When the crumb can take a few steps
      on your own, you can insure the back, supporting by the hood.
      Now try to use less stroller.
    • Falls – an important component in the process of learning to walk. Not
      rush to him immediately after the fall, let the baby try
      get up Help if the child really can’t get up or
      hit and shed tears.
    • If you have, where to walk on the grass, on the sand or just on
      earth, it will be useful to let the child walk barefoot. By
      hard to learn to walk the baby need only special
      children’s shoes. The reason is that when walking in the foot tense
      certain muscle groups that only happens as you move along
      natural surfaces (earth, sand, pebbles). When baby
      walking on hard floor, then the foot is relaxed or not completely
      strained, leading to various disturbances in gait and
      ankle joint It should be noted that the first shoes should not be
      just slippers or elegant sandals, and orthopedic
      correct shoes. It is desirable that they were laced up and with
      high back – for stable fixation of the ankle and with
      heel 5 mm – for the prevention of flatfoot. Of course you do not need
      keep the child constantly in the shoes, but when the baby learns to walk
      – wear.

Читаем статью 10 способов как научить
baby walk


Play with the children in the plot games: everything you saw on
You can beat the walk at home with the help of toys, for example: you
watched as the truck unloaded the body. At home you can repeat it with
children’s machine and cubes. Or arrange a child
fairy-tale performances with the help of a children’s finger theater or
dolls in the form of fairy tale heroes.

It’s time to rebuild the relationship with the child. Organize your
games and activities with him so that they are held together, but at the same
time you let your baby do what he can.
Between you and the child should be sincere trust, only in this
If a baby is able to learn from you and fully develop.

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Child development calendar by months (select month)


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