Chickenpox у взрослых — симптомы и лечение,incubation period, photos, first signs

Chickenpox у взрослых — это заболевание, вызываемое герпетическим
virus of the third type. It is diagnosed in about 10% of cases and
accompanied by severe high-risk
complications. It is important to know how pathology manifests itself in an adult.
age to take the right measures for her therapy.

In the article, we will look at how chickenpox is transmitted, which
the incubation period, the first signs and symptoms in adults, and
also treatment and quick recovery recommendations

Features of the flow of chickenpox in adults


Adults rarely get chickenpox, as most of them
already suffered this disease in childhood. But if the person escaped
infection in childhood and became infected as an adult, then the disease
It can be very difficult and cause various complications.

The main way of introducing chickenpox is airborne. Virus
is very volatile, and even one-time delivery is sufficient for infection.
indirect contact with the patient during the rash.

Infection occurs in patients in the following cases:

  1. A person in childhood did not suffer chicken pox.
  2. For several reasons, the patient’s body does not produce antibodies to
  3. Contained in the dorsal ganglia in the latent state Varicella
    Zoster intensified due to depression of the immune system
    the patient.

Chickenpox у взрослых людей имеет свои особенности:

  • adults harder to suffer the disease;
  • сильнее, чем у детей, выражена интоксикация;
  • temperature rises to 40 degrees and above;
  • сыпь появляется лишь на 2-3 день болезни;
  • rashes are numerous and can cover the entire surface of the face
    and torso;
  • in half of adult patients, elements of the rash suppurate,
    pustules are formed;
  • in the place of deep inflammation remain scars – pockmarks;
  • 20-30% of patients have complications.


Withчиной заболеваемости ветряной оспой является заражение
Varicella Zoster virus (HSV-3, or herpes simplex virus 3
type). In the incubation period, which lasts 2 weeks, the symptoms
adult chickenpox may not be observed.

Virus способен вызывать не только ветрянку, но и другое
заболевание с крайне неприятным течением – опоясывающий лишай
(more about depriving a person). This can occur in
case of prolonged asymptomatic carriage
Varicella Zoster.

The only possible way to transmit the chickenpox virus among
adults, however, as among children, is
airborne, which becomes possible with coughing, talking and

Despite the fact that this virus is very contagious and easy
airborne, it is not characterized by high
survival outside the human body. After entering the body he
becomes active and the person is contagious a couple of days before
obvious symptoms of the disease – fever,
rash and itching.

Faster disease spreads contribute to
following factors:

  • high density of people in the room;
  • lack of preventive ventilation and regular wet
  • non-observance of personal hygiene rules (hand treatment with soap after
    visits to public places).

What is the incubation period?

Incubation period ветрянки у взрослых длится 1,5 – 3 недели с
the moment of infection. During this time, the pathogen is introduced through
the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract in the blood and lymph,
from where it spreads throughout the body, rapidly multiplying.

Sick chickenpox most often those who have immunity
weakened, for example, after having just suffered severe
заболевания, проведенного treatment, подавляющего иммунитет
(for example, after chemo- or radiotherapy of malignant

Иммунитет к ветрянке вырабатывается после перенесенной
infections. It is believed that post-infectious immunity provides
lifelong protection against infection. However, some people fix
repeated cases of chicken pox, which is associated with a weakening of the immune

First signs

What are the symptoms and first signs of chickenpox in adults?
Chickenpox begins as a cold, flu, with general intoxication:

  • Slight temperature. With появлении вышеописанных симптомов
    there is also a slight increase in temperature. it
    является начальной стадией сопротивления организма virus.
  • Violation of movement coordination. Occurs due to headache
    fever, malaise.
  • Общая слабость organism.
  • Nausea is possible.

The course of the disease is accompanied by a lack of appetite, a violation
sleep, a constant feverish state – the peak of which,
characterized by a sharp rise in temperature, accounted for the first
сутки развития infections.

Chickenpox in adults is quite difficult and
manifested by a number of symptoms. To avoid
development of complications, it is necessary at the first signs
pathology contact a specialist and start
complex therapy.

Symptoms ветрянки у взрослых, фото

Like any infectious pathology, chickenpox is different in adults.
developmental stages pathological and clinical manifestations.
Thus, the average duration of the virus incubation period is
14 days.

Symptoms of chickenpox in adults:

  • In most cases, the disease begins sharply and sharply.
    Although some people feel unwell some days before
    of this.
  • Breaking pain in joints and muscles.
  • The temperature increases and keeps up to 40C, it is accompanied by
    chills, increased weakness.
  • The patient has enlarged lymph nodes – ear, inguinal,
    submandibular and axillary, they become painful when
  • The undulating course of rashes that continues on
    10 days.
  • Initially, small red spots are formed on the skin, which
    after a few hours, watery blisters (papules) develop,
    passing into vesicles (wet sores). This whole process
    accompanied by severe itching in addition to chills and heat. In place
    vesicles quickly form drying crusts.
  • Excessive rash on the skin, mucous membranes cause unbearable itching.
    A rash may appear in the upper respiratory tract, in the
    genitals. When a combed wound infection occurs,
    the situation is complicated, there may be scars or scars.
  • And during the first week a new portion of the rash and fever
    may appear several times.

In adults, chickenpox is more complex, for example,
intoxication is stronger, fever is longer, high probability

Easy form
  • satisfactory general condition of the patient;
  • no signs of intoxication;
  • rashes appear no more than 3 days;
  • there is an increase in temperature to 40 C.
  • moderate severity of intoxication;
  • body temperature not exceeding 39 ° C;
  • pain;
  • rash occurs in copious amounts.
Heavy form
  • severe intoxication of the body;
  • severe rash in all parts of the body and mucous membranes;
  • поражением нервной системы, головного мозга.

When it starts to pour, you need to carefully monitor the amount
vesicles, constantly smearing them with ointment or gel from scratching.
Сначала появляется пятно, а после — пузырек с водянистой
fluid. The top of the pimples is depressed in the center. You can not rip off –
there is a greater likelihood of aggravated complications.

What chicken pox looks like, photos in adult patients can
repel: maculopapular rash with this disease looks like
very distinctive way. It is important to notice the differences in the photo before
и после болезни, чтобы понять, каким образом высыпания

фото: ветрянка у взрослого на лице

фото 2

Stages Description
Incubation period For an adult chickenpox, this is the time since
virus in the body before the first
signs of disease – quite long and lasts up to 3
weeks. At the end of this period, communication and stay in one
a room with an infected person becomes dangerous for people
previously not ill with chickenpox.
Prodromal period The release of the virus in the blood. Symptoms: повышение температуры,
deterioration of general condition, weakness, loss of appetite.
 Period of rash The active phase of the disease, when the virus is localized in the epidermis.
It is characterized by the appearance of rash and itching, which is accompanied by
temperature increase
Period of formation of crusts Elements of the rash dry up. The body is actively produced
anti-vein antibody that binds to the virus
and recovery.

Itching for chickenpox in adults is usually quite pronounced.
intensely so patients are combing the elements of the rash that
provokes the development of intradermal atrophic scars.


How many days does the adult chickenpox last?

Toward the end of 2 weeks, the blisters will “sit down”, dry out and begin
crumble, leaving circles of soft pink skin in place,
sensitive to temperature extremes. If chicken pox
proceeds with complications, the treatment period can last 1.5-2
of the month. Mostly severe with subsequent complications
observed in immunocompromised patients.

Is re-infection possible?

Repeated chickenpox in adults is possible, especially in people with
immunocompromised. Repeated disease usually
proceeds in a milder form.

Find out how chickenpox begins in children


Adult chickenpox is dangerous to health both by itself and
the occurrence of serious complications. Scars in place
bubbles is a visible cosmetic defect of the skin. Chickenpox
can cause complications in people at risk. To such
categories include:

  • pregnant women,
  • smoking people
  • patients with weak immunity,
  • suffering from chronic lung disease except

The older the person, the more difficult the chicken pox can be.
The particular danger of chickenpox in adults is for pregnant women.
women since chickenpox suffered during the first months
pregnancy, can lead to severe pathology or fetal death,
and in the last trimester of pregnancy can contribute
premature birth or development of a congenital baby

List of possible complications:

  • arthritis;
  • encephalitis;
  • heart disease;
  • renal impairment;
  • hepatitis;
  • abscess;
  • serious suppurations;
  • pneumonia;
  • damage to the lymphatic system;
  • skin diseases;
  • sepsis (blood poisoning).

In order to avoid the consequences of the skin, it is important
provide thorough personal hygiene, eliminate combing and
hitting the nodules of pyogenic microorganisms.


Which doctor will help? In the presence or suspicion of development
this disease should immediately turn to such
as an infectious diseases specialist and therapist.

In the presence of characteristic rashes diagnostics of chickenpox
adult is not difficult. In addition to visual inspection by a doctor,
the patient also donates blood for antibodies to Varcelle Zoster.
The ratio of indicators allows to determine the stage of pathology.

An adult infected with chickenpox is already at the end of the incubation period.

How to treat chickenpox in adults?

Treatment of chickenpox in adults should be carried out only under
observation of the doctor, self-treatment is strictly prohibited because
in different forms of the disease different

Important rules during treatment:

  • observe bed rest;
  • to speed up the removal of toxins to increase the amount consumed
    fluid. It is best to drink berry fruit drinks, fruit compotes,
    green and herbal teas with lemon and honey.
  • in severe cases, do not refuse hospitalization;
  • в остром периоде мочить высыпания не следует. With
    you can take a warm shower to relieve your condition, but
    steam and do not rub the skin, so as not to disrupt the formed
    dry crusts.
  • it is very important to observe hygiene during the illness
    requirements – to constantly change bedding, clothes, wash hands,
    process nails to prevent recurrence of rashes.
  • oral cavity after each meal should be carefully
  • не контактируйте со здоровыми людьми во время заразного period

Preparations for chickenpox

The most important aspect of treatment is to
pathogenetic and etiotropic therapy. For these purposes

  • antiviral agents (acyclovir according to the tablet and
    local application);
  • use of immunomodulators – stimulating agents
    the production of endogenous interferons (proteins that have
    antiviral effect);
  • Antihistamines. Required to eliminate symptoms
    itching and other manifestations of hypersensitization.
    Назначают Супрастин, Цетиризин, Лоратадин и другие
  • Жаропонижающие drugs. Ibuprofen, Panadol.
  • Antibiotics for chickenpox are prescribed if doctors
    diagnose the accession of a secondary infection, for example,
    infection pustules.

Means for external processing

For external treatment of lesions use:

  • Fukortsin.
  • Furacilin.
  • Boric acid.
  • Psilo balm
  • Calamine lotion.
  • Diamond greens.
  • Мазь Ацикловир.
  • Gel Fenistil.
  • Liniment synthomycin.

It is very important not to use the same when treating a rash.
cotton swab for different types of bubbles. Otherwise
It is likely to infect still unaffected skin.

Accordingly, the following question follows: “On what day can
stop the treatment of wounds and how long should they be smeared? ” Rash should
process as they appear, and until
will cease to form new ones. At this time
you must comply with bed rest, handle the surface of the hands
antiseptic, and monitor the purity of bed and body

In cases where all of the above treatment has not brought
relief and antibiotics do not bring relief, and the patient
convulsions, vomiting, and severe headache begin (which suggests
brain damage) requires urgent hospitalization.


Diet при ветрянке способствует уменьшению воспалительных
phenomena on the skin. With появлении высыпаний в полости рта диета
It has a sparing effect, protecting the mucous membrane from
mechanical and chemical irritation

So, what can you eat when a chicken pox is an adult? In the diet
an adult sick with chickenpox, all dishes should be boiled,
stewed or steamed. They should not be salty,
too sweet, sour, spicy.

The diet should mainly consist of vegetables, fruits,
protein foods and dairy products. Drink alcohol
drinks and abuse of carbohydrate foods with chickenpox

Withмерное меню при ветрянке:

  1. Breakfast: buckwheat porridge or oatmeal in milk without sugar,
    boiled egg.
  2. The second breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese and sour cream without sugar, a glass
    Ryazhenka or kefir.
  3. Lunch: vegetable soup or low-fat, non-concentrated meat
    broth, boiled fish with vegetables or steamed patties.
  4. Snack: a glass of fresh squeezed vegetable juice by two thirds
    diluted with water.
  5. Dinner: cottage cheese casserole or kefir, grated green apple,
    Herbal tea with crackers, baked eggplant or zucchini.

Dietary advice:

  • All dishes are recommended to boil or cook for a couple, and not
  • Vegetables can be eaten both raw and after thermal
  • With тяжелой форме болезни допускается употребление супов-пюре,
    porridge, etc., i.e. any liquid dishes.

Folk remedies treatment

Folk remedies, которые ускорят выздоровление, можно
apply only as an additional therapy to the main
treatment. Use only the following in the fight against chickenpox
recipes are not enough, and therefore replace them prescribed by a doctor
therapy will fail.

  1. A mixture of olive and essential oil of bergamot. Such a composition
    you can lubricate the rash: it relieves inflammation and soothes
  2. If the rash appeared even on the oral mucosa,
    gargling with decoction of sage, chamomile, calendula and
    other medicinal herbs with antiseptic and
    anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. For general recovery, it is necessary to make an infusion of leaflets and
    parsley stalks. Tablespoon of grass collection pour steep
    boiling water, let stand for a quarter of an hour, drain and cool. Withнимать
    50 grams 4 times a day.

Thus, the use of medicines and herbs will result
to easier transfer of an acute condition and fast
recovery. Herbs will relieve inflammation, and medications normalize
general state.

Withвивка от ветрянки взрослому человеку

The illness carried in childhood usually gives persistent
lifelong immunity. But for persons who did not get sick in childhood,
and for those at risk of developing severe forms
disease, there is the possibility of vaccine prevention.

Vaccination is indicated for patients at risk:

  • not previously ill and not vaccinated;
  • suffering from acute leukemia;
  • treated immunosuppressants, including
  • waiting for a transplant;
  • suffering from severe chronic diseases.

Vaccination may be urgent. It is held in
the first three days after contact with a sick person.

In conclusion, we repeat the main points:

  • Withвиваться или нет от ветрянки решает каждый
  • It is advisable to consult a doctor about the presence of evidence and
  • Persons at risk should be vaccinated first.
  • Withвивка защищает не только от ветряной оспы, но и от
    shingles – long-term effects of suffering
  • With the help of vaccines can be carried out and emergency prevention.
    after contact with a person with chickenpox.
  • It is advisable to make this vaccine when planning
    of pregnancy.


Prevention ветрянки у взрослых заключается в исключении
contact with patients. With появлении инфекции в семье, зараженного

  • isolate in a separate room
  • carry out regular airing and wet cleaning,
  • use a medical mask when communicating,
  • wash hands more often.

However, high susceptibility to the virus makes preventive
measures ineffective.

The main task in treating chickenpox in adults is not only
eliminate symptoms and stop the development of the virus, but also
warn of possible complications.

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